Fear of the dentist – 6 tips to overcome, dak fit!

Fear of the dentist - 6 tips to overcome, dak fit!

Fear of the dentist – 6 tips to overcome

Your fear of the dentist hasn’t let you set foot in a dentist’s office for years? Do you press your lips tightly together when you smile? And you endure toothache bravely because you hope it will go away on its own? Apparently you have dental phobia.

And you are not alone: ​​According to the German Society for Dental Treatment Phobia, around five million Germans suffer from severe dental treatment fears. For them, even the thought of a dentist appointment is an emotional disaster. We’ll tell you how to overcome your fear of the dentist.

The fear of the dentist begins in childhood

People who are afraid of the dentist often suffer from dentist phobia. Where it comes from is not clear. Often, however, dentist phobias are the legacy of bad childhood experiences with dentists. These experiences lead to palpitations, tremors and sweating on the treatment chair even in adulthood.

Panic about the drill and fear of the dentist

"It is downright panic attacks that anxious patients often attack before the procedure," says Dr. Roschan Farhumand. The dentist and DAK expert can understand why so many people avoid visits to the dentist: after all, it is extremely uncomfortable to be fooled around in your mouth while lying on your back. Especially since the patients cannot see what the dentists are doing. The various devices and the unpleasant noises they cause make you even more nervous. In addition, you cannot speak and the doctor appears to be helpless. "This situation is scary per se," confirms Dr. Farhumand.

Fear of tooth loss

The fear of the dentist is so great that sufferers endure toothache until tooth loss. This often results in a feeling of shame – fearful patients may hardly laugh openly or open their mouths and thus lose quality of life. Nevertheless, their fear is often trivialized, which further complicates their situation. Phobia or fear patients do not have to be ashamed. You should be aware that there is something you can do about fear. We have some tips on how to overcome your fear of visiting the dentist.

Afraid of the dentist? These 6 tips can help you!

When you make an appointment, explain to the team at the dental practice that you are afraid of the dentist. The dentists take this into account and treat you accordingly. You may have to fill out a questionnaire on your first visit. Also state there that you are an anxiety patient.

If your treatment needs to be continued, make several appointments and inform your confidant immediately. You have successfully tricked your fear of the dentist.

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