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Dear Mr. Taufenecker I would like to thank you very much for having professionally and quickly discussed and eliminated the cause of my pain. I am now very well. Yours sincerely K.C. 08.04.2015

Already on Saturday morning after the root canal treatment I did not feel the tooth any more and I feel better overall. Thanks again for the quick help. H.H. 30.08.2015

Dear Christoph A big compliment! I had never seen such a pleasant dental practice before. Very nice staff and Mrs. Hemmi really worked very well. I think the orange one is great and clean. One can also say a word of praise. Best regards P.S. 15.02.2016

Dear Christoph At the moment I am in Rasnov (Romania) at the U-23 World Championship. Thanks to your support in the dental field I can smile brightly despite the lack of snow. Sporty greetings J.R. 22.02.2016

Dear Mr. Taufenecker You have done an excellent job, thank you very much. That is why I recommend that you become a dentist again in your next life. I wish you a nice weekend and send friendly greetings. I.W. 18.03.2016

As an older and good customer of Dr. Taufenecker, I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction in this way. As a lowlander with great experience in the field of dental prosthetics and aesthetics, I am very grateful to the whole team for the competent and attentive care. I would also like to mention the attractive price/performance offer. Also the interaction of dental technology and dentist on the same floor in the house is modern and appealing. Many thanks D.L. 18.10.2016

Appreciated practice team under the direction of Dr. Ch. Taufenecker In the summer and autumn of 2016, I was able to count on an extremely competent team for demanding dental treatments (including various new crowns). The almost wordless cooperation between Dr. Taufenecker and the assistants made a great impression on me, which also had a positive effect on efficiency. So the estimated time was kept or even underrun without any problems, without any loss of quality (as far as I can judge at the moment 2 weeks after the treatment!). Obviously the chemistry in the team, including DH and dental technology, is right, thanks to the very good social competence of the boss. He was always in a good mood and even had time for a few personal words. When I was a schoolboy, I was terribly afraid of the dentist. Today, when I’m getting older and need crowns, I gained full confidence in your practice team. It would be a lie if I would look forward to the next treatment. A bit of fear remained, but not before the dentist, at most before the resulting bill! Conclusion: Even if others claim that Hungary is worth a trip, I will continue to go from Säuliamt am Albis to the dentist in Davos! Yours sincerely T.S. 21.11.2016

Competent, friendly, simply great, so that every time you go home satisfied despite previous trembling and have to say: “Wasn’t that bad”. I’ve never experienced a visit to a dentist or dental hygienist as so positive before. The rooms are also super designed with a calming effect and changing clothing through very successful imaginative handicrafts. Kind regards E.H. 20.01.2017

If you are a dentist, then ONLY with Dr. Taufenecker and his team. Thank you very much for the attentive, careful and sensitive treatments! A.V. 14.02.2017

Excellent care Very considerate and prudent. Rating: 1, Outstanding Best Thanks H.L. 31.8.2017

I am happy to take part in the evaluation: I was his 3rd patient when he started in Davos more than 20 years ago. – My teeth were in a terrible condition because the last dentist in Chur had taken my money and had not mended my teeth. – Now Dr. Taufenecker and his dental technician Christoph Andres have made me two partial dentures (top and bottom) including implants. – I am very satisfied, I have had no problems all these years! Also the practice assistants are always very friendly and courteous; so it is quite good for me! I can highly recommend the practice! With best thanks and kind regards U.F. 17.10.2017

Your green plant has something soothing about it! Boss, you are very good at your job and work calmly. Very good, keep up the good work. Y.O.S. 22.11.2017

Very good. B.B. 22.11.2017

Pleasant staff dentist: Very safe, the most efficient I’ve ever been to! O.S. 14.02.2018

Dear Dr. Taufenecker I very much appreciate your advice, the friendly, calm, competent cooperation and the mutual trust between you, your practice staff and me. I was also very impressed by the way you and Dr. Rohner worked together. What makes your bright, beautiful practice rooms so special are the fine, skilfully placed art objects, which make me forget syringes and drills for a short time. I would like to thank you and your staff very much for the very good treatment. J.D. 23.03.2018

I feel very well taken care of and cared for. Thank you E.D. 03.05.2018

I feel very comfortable in your practice and your staff are always extremely friendly. If it were not for a dental practice, I would come to you with pleasure. B.G. 11.05.2018

Dr. Taufenecker, We have already benefited from your services several times. Therefore, it seems important to us to give you our appreciation on these services.

We are completely satisfied with the services provided. In addition, we would like to point out: – The speed with which you respond to our requests; – The friendliness of all your staff; – The quality of the work carried out as well as the explanations given during the consultations; – The pleasant atmosphere of your premises

In short, we appreciate that during our stays in Graubünden, we know that if we have dental problems, we can count on your competence and that of your employees.

Thank you again for these services.

C.B & B.B. 08.08.2018

I also thank your assistants and the lab, I can laugh again and you are a super nice dentist who helps the poor. A.B 24.08.2018

Dear Christoph Liebes Baptismal Eye Team

My wife and I have preferred to be patients with you since the founding of the practice Christoph. During this time, we were also able to get to know and appreciate some practice aids and dental hygienists. I and my wife were always treated with courtesy and love and we can recommend Dr. Taufenecker with the whole team. Thank you very much Christoph and the whole team! With kind regards T.C. 13.09.2018

Always very good advice and treatment! Very friendly service! Always ready to help! All around a feel-good atmosphere! Continue like this… ! Thank you. H.F 27.11.2018

Monsieur le Dr. Taufenecker

A short message to thank you and your staff. Thank you very much for your always charming and professional reception. Thank you very much for the quality of your work, I am very satisfied. With my best regards C.B 24.03.2019

Dear Mr. Taufenecker, dear “Taufenecker-Team”

Once again, you and your team have proven how competent you are at carrying out even the most complex dental treatments. Thank you very much for the very professional care, which I found very pleasant not only from the professional, but also from the human side. The bright and friendly rooms certainly also contribute to the well-being, but the sympathetic nature of the whole team is the most important thing. Keep it up!

Best regards HR.Z. 29.03.2019

Well-being: – Despite states of anxiety! Very good. – Success after treatment always very good. – MEGA employees good! Kind regards M.M 24.06.2019

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