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After each further training, the participants are asked about specific quality characteristics. The participants give us and the human and professional quality of the teachers for years top marks.

The scale goes from 1 = very good to 6 = completely insufficient.
The instructors are trustworthy and authentic Grade 1.2
Didactics of teaching Grade 1.6
Practical content Grade 1.6
Imparting the theoretical contents Grade 1.7
Featured methods / techniques Grade 1.4
Seminar documents / Handouts Grade 1.5
Studienbriefe Grade 1.9
Satisfaction on average Grade 1.6

On average, our participants experience their problem-solving skills after training in relation to their problem-solving skills in front Training improved by 59%.

“As Creative Director of a Hamburg design agency I wanted to work more directly with people. The comprehensive systemic training at the HISL for the certified systemic psychological coach was crucial.

I especially liked the high practical orientation. Today I work as a creativity and team coach as well as in my relationship therapy practice. “

Dipl. Communication designer, independent systemic coach, team coach and creativity trainer

“At HISL, I’ve learned a lot of techniques that I use every day in my demanding management job and beyond. Learning at the HISL was always “alive”, case-oriented and experience-oriented and thus had a high practical relevance. This not only taught me systemic techniques, but also assimilated them to skillfully transfer them to different situations. For my current job and my career planning, the really sound education and training at HISL was pure gold! “

Master of International Marketing Management, Head of Category Development Management, major international corporation

“Thanks to the systemic psychological mediation training and the support of the trainers at the HISL, I was able to master my first successful mediation case after half of the training. After graduation, I founded my own mediation company alongside my law office. Today I work with insurance companies and employ over 15 free mediators. “

Sabine Roselt

Lawyer in own law firm, owner of Mediation First

“The systemic education at HISL was really great and helped me a lot to be among the 3 selected in an assessment center with 16 participants. In particular, I was able to use the systemic mediation techniques profitably in the decisive final group exercise. Now I am controller in a large company “.

Martin Timm

Systemic psychological coach and mediator. Controller, German large enterprise

“At HISL, I learned a well-founded systemic education, where the learning was alive and a lot of fun. With the HISL concept, that went along with work and family. After four years, I now have four systemic qualifications that help me daily in my job. In addition, I feel very well-trained for my new relationship-therapeutic practice. “.

Editor, systemic relationship therapist in private practice, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

“During my studies in international management, I also did a systemic consultant training at HISL. I really liked the good structure and the easy and practical learning. The effort was worth it. The systemic counseling knowledge and the coaching tools bring the difference in my everyday life in the management consulting. In any case, I strive to build up coaching. “

Consultant, Business Consultancy Batten & Company

“In addition to work and family, I am deeply involved in systemic knowledge at HISL. For me it was a great achievement and a unique experience. The learning with the many practical exercises and the thoughtful learning concept convinced me. I am now able to provide sound systemic advice and have a new set-up in my job. “

Martina Raabe

Systemic Relationship Therapist, Family Consultant

“My systemic coaching training at HISL helped a lot in my position in international marketing management. The systemic tools that we have been taught to be simple, effective and very vivid, I can now apply every day in my new job in sales management (major customers) for more success and less stress. “

Eva doll

in sales management, major German company

“I very much enjoyed the systemic training at HISL and continued to improve my professional and private life. The systemic humanistic attitude was exemplified and has become very important for my practical work. It was an enrichment for me to get to know sophisticated processes and new tools and to try them out in exercises. This “living” learning has made recording and learning the content very easy; and that led to completely new solutions. “

Matthias Tann

Dipl-Ing. agr., certified systemic coach and systemic mediator specializing in complex mediation (business succession and inheritance disputes in family businesses)

“Learning at the HISL was for me: a lot of practice, techniques demonstrated, practice a lot myself, great fellow students, with whom I could deepen the subject. In addition well put together background material, which gives a very good overview. Four years worth it! After graduation, I opened my practice and had several clients without homepage and advertising. The HISL training has brought me forward professionally and personally. I’m excited about my new job. “

Erika Pratt-Hopp

Dipl. Social Economist, formerly authorized signatory, today: Systemic Consulting Practice, Cologne

“I needed four years of systemic training and further education at HISL in order to achieve my goal as a certified Systemic Relationship Therapist after gaining a thorough knowledge of systemic coaching and mediation techniques. It has been tedious at times, and great at the same time, to immerse oneself so deeply in systemic understanding and application knowledge that it is so easy to prepare the material and learning through demonstrations and practical exercises. For me, my professional future and for my patients, the systemic expansion and foundation has been very worthwhile. “

Juliane Steffen

Systemic Relationship Therapist, Dipl. Psychologist in a Department of Psychiatry and Psychosomatics

“The teaching letters and self-training units of this systemic psychological distance learning course are very well structured and clearly arranged. The many questions and submissions prompted creative and intense engagement with the topics and the various valuable systematic tools, even during the presence days. I have learned a lot, both personally and for my professional activities. I feel well prepared for the advisory activity. “

Educator in the nursing and education service of a day clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry

Further participant voices from our further education

Very good overall impression, also very good in detail. Well structured, flexibly designed, it will be individually tailored to one (if required). I’m not very fond of presentation training, but it really got me excited and open again.
(J. Schwarze) (Course: Kombi-Fernlehrgang Systemischer Psychologischer Berater)

The practical examples and the own experience of the methods was very lasting and great. I think it’s good to do it remotely
(K. Richter) (Course: Kombi-Fernlehrgang Systemischer Psychologischer Berater)

The Kombi-Fernlehrgang for professionals is highly recommended. Own pace can be considered perfectly.
(Denise St.-K.) (Course: Combined Distance Learning Systemic Psychological Advisor)

I found the course very educational, interesting and varied, the lecturers very authentic, open to questions and very involved.
Well, I also found the high practical part and the practical examples.
(S.S.) (Course: Systemic psychological counselor)

As a supplement and further education of the systemic psychological counselor very enriching and quite demanding
(S.H.) (Study Module II: Systemic Psychological Coach)

An interesting introduction, which has brought a lot of self-knowledge with it. Overall, the documents (study letters + handouts) were very self-explanatory and well-structured. One has felt in good hands with all instructors and the material was conveyed very well and sound. Many thanks.
(Dirk Heydecke) (Course: Systemic psychological counselor)

The contents were well based on training as a systemic psychological counselor. The placement was practice-oriented and found its way directly into everyday work, enriching cooperation with patients.
(Wolfgang B.) (Study Module II: Systemic Psychological Coach)

I found the coaching training very good. I always felt very well advised and cared for. It was very enriching and clarifying for me, both from the knowledge content and the personal development opportunity! The encounter in the peer group and the cohesion I found great!
(V.S.) (Study Module II: Systemic Psychological Coach)

Very lively, a lot of exercise, practical very good exercises, settings, very compact, understandable, interesting. Very appreciative, friendly handling, a lot of joy, humor, joke – many thanks!
(B.) (Study Module II: Systemic Psychological Coach)

The second study module went from breadth to depth. The practical “exam” (until now the first conversation) is the crowning glory for the experience I have taken with me.
(S.R.) (Study Module II: Systemic Psychological Coach)

Varied by the different speakers. Practical lecturers were well prepared, many practical exercises. Well-founded and clear regarding the topic, easy to understand for newcomers.
(Sarah Skibbe) (Course: Systemic psychological counselor)

Very good, demanding, professional, reported from practice
(Daniel B.)

A great achievement, to convey so much knowledge in such a well-structured and understandable form in the short time.
(Doris Poe)

Overall a great experience for me – learning can be fun
(Hanna Stave)

A wonderful basis for my further journey in this field. I am very glad to have decided for it. The lecturers are top class and the atmosphere always relaxed.

Great; helpful; funny; well structured; didactically valuable; Practice + theory always close together; very supportive + encouraging; a valued space that makes practicing very easy; very appreciative; very close -> a lot of content; great flip charts; little frontal
(Madlon Stuhr)

The study is a great professional, personal and private enrichment and has confirmed my long-term goal of working as a consultant.
(Vicky T.)

Always close to the needs of the participants. Especially nice to note that the instructors have deeply penetrated the mediated material and speak from many years of experience. Depth and humanity were especially valuable to me.
(Ulrike Nau-Weß)

I am very impressed by the thought-out mediation concept. It has always been very lively, close and I have always felt in good hands. I experienced it as a fertilizing experience and always had the feeling that it is important for the lecturers to give the customer, us, a lot.
(Janine M.)

I find the study module I very successful because it included a great change between theory + practice / practice. It gave a good overview of the consultation process and enabled a diverse selection of methods. Through the study letters and the peer group, I was able to consolidate what I had learned or reduce uncertainties.
(Sina R.)

I am grateful to have been trained with so much competence and appreciation – this is also due to the instructors.
(Bernadette W.)

Interesting, instructive, very lively, always practicable, good examples, vividly illustrated, appreciative handling, well picked when asked questions, careful handling, looking for potential (in exercises), given the basis to try yourself, looking forward to the dates, very life-enriching.
(A. Brandes)

Participants voices from our workshops

I found this workshop very good. It helps me with my personal growth and encourages me to work with characters.
He showed me several options with methods.
Very interesting view, reality and truth.
(Dunja Marshal)

Super. Ideal mix of learning and working with my own topics / concerns. ”
Mail: “I wanted to thank you again! For me, yesterday’s workshop was down the class. I learned a lot about it. Also in the group I felt very comfortable.

Educational, entertaining, entertaining, touching, stimulating, in-depth.
(Petra Eickholt)

The very practice-oriented learning with many case studies suits me personally! By observing and hearing what you are doing and saying, a lot of information comes over. “Learning by example or by example”!
And, of course, the numerous possibilities to think along, make your own suggestions and hypotheses, etc.
What was also very important to me is that you keep on intermittently in the “right” places on basic principles & Co. so that it is easy to understand, in a nutshell, hit the nail on the head. So I can remember more of it!
Overall, I found the workshop very good!

I was able to refresh and deepen my theoretical knowledge and have learned something that is very useful to me in the practical work as a coach – can be an essential cornerstone. The training was well structured and took place in a pleasant atmosphere. I feel able to implement that learned here as well in my practical work. Both the case studies and the processing of the participants’ concerns were important and the share in good balance

I liked the WS very much, it was very valuable to me.
I particularly appreciate the numerous case studies and the practice of hypothesis formation. This enables one to take the first steps.
I think it is excellent that Johannes – almost like in a role-playing game – gives insight into the coaching talk.
So not only cases and solutions are presented, it’s more like looking over the shoulder.
This allows the workshop participants a real insight into the practical coaching work including wording.
This workshop is very implementation-oriented. That was especially valuable and important to me personally.

I found the workshop very good! Very practical and a good insight into the practical work of the job in individual coaching – Many valuable tips and pointers for the (future) coach – good relationship between theory and practice – I am fascinated and went home with the feeling, that’s what I want to learn , what more do you want?

I liked it very well. The content was structured so that the steps into the depth of the content were comprehensible to me. So it had a lot of transparency.
You are very personal and individually addressed to the subject-related concerns of the individual. There were exercises in which I could make direct experiences, attunements for quiet self-perception, and thoughts / impulses for reflection.
And last but not least, the quiet, attentive and friendly atmosphere, which I experience in your offers again and again as very pleasant. All in all a big thank you!

Workshop: Introduction to Working with the Family Board

With the workshop was very good & made me curious to get more involved with the topic. The family board is a method to make the connections quickly and clearly visible.
Et al I liked that we could set up our own topics / cases.

I found the workshop very good.
The placement was very practice-oriented and competent. I take a lot with me and am motivated to try myself and to deepen the method further. thank you very much!
(Marko Richter)

Informative / Good working atmosphere / Competent speaker / Power to try out what you have heard.
(Susanne Jancke)

Above all, I found the practical part in the afternoon very good. Good combination of theory and practice. Good atmosphere in the small group. Haber fancy the practical implementation.

Workshop: Systemic Couple Counseling at the Family Board

Super insightful, very well structured, motivating leadership and leadership. Many thanks!
(Katrin C.)

Very nice, informative and practical. Has brought me further.
(Tatiana K.)

Very informative, a lot of input, well structured and managed. Well timed, I like that.
(Susanne O.)

I liked the workshop very well, that theory and practical application alternated. So the learned could anchor well.
(K. boy)

Workshop: dealing with the inner critic

Very touching. The right way to deal with my inner critic, I get a new perspective on any challenges in life and repetitive situations. It could be clarified, why is this and why it prevents me from developing my potential. Expose the inner critic and thus have more resources available, action instead of reaction, following the events. It makes more sense to live your life from the inside out rather than vice versa. (Birgit Hübner)

The seminar on the inner critic has touched me a lot and made me even further acquainted with myself! It was partly unknown and moving experiences that made me feel stronger … a feeling that I have been deliberately looking for for 30 years. I did not know what to look for. More specifically, I did not know what it feels like. That’s why I’ve done a lot, small and big steps. In my search for myself, I even emigrated from Uruguay to Germany when I was 18 years old. I have already suffered from my feeling of inferiority in elementary school and through my studies in Hamburg I hoped to be able to increase my self-esteem. That did not come true.
Through the appreciative training as a coach I enjoyed at HISL, a door in me has begun to open. And through this intensive seminar I believe more than ever to connect with myself. Dear Dag, I thank you very much for the knowledge and the appreciation you show me / us. This gives me self-confidence.

Impressive and profound. In short, an experience to which I like to remember, but also for the future will take. Thank you very much.
(Christoph Schlemmer)

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly a trusting attitude was built up. It was very unusual and new for me to deal with some issues, I learned a lot about myself and am much more attentive and attentive to many situations.

I came out of this seminar with a number of new and very valuable findings. It inspired me as you introduced us to the topic. It gave me the opportunity to experience for myself what this seminar really is about. The learning effect is therefore absolutely sustainable for me. I will continue to be curious and take the space to research and touch. The seminar was another important step in my personal development.
(Birgit S)

A new way to find me, to feel and grow me. Very interesting and confirmed my curiosity to continue on this path. To perceive the superego, not to fight it, but to integrate it so that I can live. Make clear decisions, what I want and what is important. To follow my heart. Not to criticize others in their way of life, to be interested in the really important things, to intensify that.
(Seer Henrichs)

Participants’ voices for the Coaching Compact Practical Day

Excellent, learned a lot about systemic approach.
Michael L..

Super. Thank you for the great practice-oriented seminar. I have a lot of suggestions and a few tools that I can apply right away.

I really liked the clear structure. I received good impulses from the coaches for my work and from the group. I found the workshop very practice-oriented. Many thanks.
Katrin Sorgenfrey

Very good, in a short time vivid learning, competent and compact, what is learned quickly applicable in practice

I found the workshop to be well structured, highly competent, very well thought-out and practice-oriented. Many “eye-opener”.
Andrea Schomburg

Very inspiring, many new impulses. My expectations of the day were exceeded.

Great, practical, sympathetic, helpful

Wow, terrific! Helpful for profession and in private.

very well! practical! clear!
Maik Smolinsky

The workshop was very practical, so that the content can be used directly in everyday life.
Jasmine S.

Good opportunity for orientation and deepening in the context of training as a systemic consultant: clear structures, many exercise options, very understandable and practical examples

  • Very insightful (I learned something about myself)
  • Nice encounters – good atmosphere
  • Optimal tool for life

Super organized, humorous and appreciative, inspiring, encouraging, exercises in small groups very exciting and helpful, moving and profound even in the brevity. Ladder as a “couple of parents” with mixed gender I think is good, the humanistic attitude has held / worn me.
Madlon Stuhr

  • Very exciting conceptual approach
  • Good thematic treatment, especially in terminology
  • exercise options
  • Convincing presentation

Exciting, humorous overview of the work of a coach.
Well built and helpful practice exercises.

I found the workshop very interesting. The moderators have a good sense of humor and have a good way of making topics transparent.
The exercises were fun and thought provoking.
The workshop was well structured and easy to understand for laymen.
d, g.

Really good. With a depth that I like. Mindful and humorous. The tools explained differentiated explained.
Imke Liffler-Wirtz

Very good, as the focus was really on practical exercises.
Very good mutual additions to the two coaches.
Daniel Baden

Very good (grade 1). Reason:

Many information of many kinds.

High practical part (++), thus a good / understandable mixture between theory and practice.

Very good work between the moderators in the team (tension-free professional interaction)

Very good working atmosphere within the whole group (including the moderators)

Very good, very informative, very nice, happy, gladly again.
Astrid J.

Very sound and practice-oriented. Pleasant atmosphere. Can be implemented directly in practice and in consultation.
Stephan W.

Very well! Practical learning … Learning with concrete action examples.
Holger Bussmann

Easy to understand … Nobody will forget … It is ensured that everyone has understood the content. The exercises are a good complement to the theory.

Very educational. Great atmosphere, good presence, understandable transmission of the learner. Mindfulness to each. We recommend.
Birgit Lehmann

The workshop was helpful for me in learning to approach other people (co-workers) without presenting the solution. I also learned a lot about myself. Thanks a lot for this!

Interesting, good insights, wonderful and clear mediation.

Pleasant, enriching, varied. I am satisfied because I experienced theory and practice in a balanced mix. I feel safe, relaxed and trusting because I experienced equality, freedom and respect. Thank you for (your) presentation, space, attention, time, preparation and follow-up! I also thank you for this investment.

Very eventful. Very educational. Very sensitive. Very good example exercises. Very well received on participant questions. Very pleasant atmosphere.
I got a good idea of ​​what Coaching is.
Jasmine Schwanbeck

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