Feeling chaos – why the roof is falling on our heads!

Feeling chaos - why the roof is falling on our heads!

Feeling chaos – why the ceiling is just falling on our heads

One or the other may have wondered why so few personal pictures and contributions have come from us lately. Both on the homepage, as well as on Facebook. Many of you now know us: We like to write personal stories. This time, we thought for a long time. Should we put it out or not? But in the end we decided to do it.

At the moment we are really shit. We just do not feel well. The ease with which we came back from Southeast Asia has long since completely disappeared. We sleep badly and get up badly. In the morning we hardly get out of bed. The motivation and joy of the day are just about zero. After lunch it usually gets worse. Even though we are in the middle of Berlin right now!

For many, that may sound like a high level of complaining. And yes, maybe it is. After all, we work in places where others go on holiday. After all, we have thereby fulfilled our lifelong dream. And only with our laptops. No factory hall anymore, no field service anymore. Meanwhile we are the bosses. Not only about work, but also about our own lives. Yes, we got out.

But that does not mean that everything is peace, joy, pancakes. After all, the last 8 months have been quite exhausting. We worked a lot. Partly 10-12 hours a day and also on weekends. In Thailand or Indonesia, however, that did not seem so bad. Everything was just right there. In Germany, on the other hand, the ceiling somehow falls on its head. Why it is like that? If only we knew that.

“Actually we should be fine. Actually…”

Instead, at the moment, every day we have the feeling of running head-first against a wall. Everything feels like it’s standing still or even taking a step back. We are as unpowered as we have not been for a long time. I think there is a name for it: hole. Jo, we are in the middle of this hole.

That’s why we did the poll. We really had no idea if what we were doing would eventually come to fruition. And if Love and Compass and everything related to it still makes sense. But YOU have luckily proved the opposite. Your response and participation in the survey was really gigantic. We never expected so many participants. Thank you!

We already knew that self-employment coupled with travel would not be easy. And many of us who have already followed the same path as us, also told us that at some point the point will come when you will question everything. But then it gets so bad and emotional for us, we did not expect that. But if we think about it, how could it be otherwise? After all, our new life is no longer one that is cradled in the cradle. But it is a homemade. One that we have shaped with our own hands and will continue to shape.

One of the problems why it even got so far: We have loaded ourselves too much on the shoulders and we have been far too much. Too many projects at the same time, too many jobs at the same time. And next to it, traveling. That just collides. And huge!

In addition, we have been trying for weeks and months to integrate old and new habits such as sports, meditation or even a healthier diet back into our everyday lives. But it just does not work. It also saps the nerves and gives us the feeling of being completely disciplined. We just miss this little push. A little push that gets us going again.

But there is hope in sight. On Saturday the 17.09 we will fly back to Southeast Asia. First 2 days to Bangkok and then on to Bali. On the island where we lost our hearts. Maybe we will find there again our passion and ease, which has inspired us the last months. No, actually we are sure. There we will find her again.

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