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About Felanitx

Felanitx is a rural town and municipality in the region Pla & Llevant in the southeast of Mallorca. About 50 kilometers from the capital Palma, it is today the center of the second largest wine-growing area of ​​the island. We hope you enjoy using our tips for Felanitx to discover the most beautiful parts of this enchanting place.

History and culture

The first evidence of human settlement date back to the Bronze Age. In the 3rd century BC, Felanitx became known for its stoneware and pottery goods, and later made a name for its wine and brandy production – in 1749 more than 60 distilleries were registered in the region. The place name derives from the Latin word, Fenalicius’, which stands for the extraction of hay. Due to its elevated position and the resulting wide views, the city in earlier times was also of strategic importance.

Today the place is known for the Cultivation of capers, a very popular local ingredient in Mallorca. In addition, the wine industry experienced a new boom after a devastating phylloxera plague had destroyed large parts of the Majorcan wineries in the 1890s. Meanwhile, Felanitx also relies partly on tourism and is home to a lively international population.

Shopping in Felanitx

In addition to good shopping for daily needs in Felanitx also many local products such as Wine and ceramics to select. While Mallorca is known for producing red wine, this area also produces a number of very good quality white wines.

In Sa Placa The weekly market takes place every Sunday, and there are stalls selling flowers and fresh goods every day except Mondays.

Markets in Mallorca

A list of weekly markets that take place all over Mallorca, where many interesting local products and beautiful souvenirs are sold. […] markets in Mallorca

Main attractions in Felanitx

Not far from the town of Felanitx you can literally find castles in the air. This dates back to 1228 Castell de Santueri, which was carved into the rock on the site of a former Saracen fortress. The monastery San Salvador goes back to the year 1348 and was rebuilt in the 18th century. Both grandiose historic buildings hover in lofty heights on the tops of the hills and provide sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Within the city dates the imposing Church of San Miguel from the 16th century. Your entrance can be reached via a spacious staircase. Once it experienced a massive collapse and buried hundreds of worshipers among themselves. A monument in the church commemorates this event.

What you can do in Felanitx

Felanitx has a relaxed atmosphere where you can just stroll around and be enchanted by the sight of golden stone houses and hidden squares. After a walk through the city, a trip to some of the surrounding wineries is recommended – including tasting the local wines, of course.

Vi d`auba winery

Discover the Bodega Vi d`auba and the commitment of Miquel Binimelis, who uses the most natural techniques to produce some of Mallorca’s finest wines. […] Vi d`auba winery

4 kilos Vinícola winery

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When hiking and cycling, the landscape of the region can best open up, here you can find peace even in the high season undisturbed. Routes with different levels of difficulty lead through rather flat, but if necessary more demanding, hilly terrain.

The best sights in Mallorca

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From Felanitx it is not far to the sea, so you can enjoy after a relatively short drive in water sports, on a sailboat or a yacht. The nearest major beach resorts are Porto Colom and Cala d’Or, but also the pretty little bay Sa Nau, which winds inland from the coast, lures with fine, white sand and crystal clear water.

The nautical industry in Mallorca

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The nearest golf course is the 18-hole course Vall d’Or.

Vall d’Or Golf

The 18-hole golf course near the resort of Cala d’Or and the fishing harbor of Portocolom has a spectacular view of the coast. […] Vall d’Or Golf

Restaurants in Felanitx

In the winter months it gets a bit quieter in Felanitx, but you will certainly find a sizeable selection of restaurants open all year round.

Tarragon restaurant

As a top address in Felanitx, the Estragon Restaurant is a wonderfully cozy place to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with fair prices. […] tarragon restaurant

Vall d’Or Golf

The 18-hole golf course near the resort of Cala d’Or and the fishing harbor of Portocolom has a spectacular view of the coast. […] Vall d’Or Golf

Felanitx Hotels

Even as a not so big holiday resort Felanitx offers a remarkable variety of modern hotels, converted fincas and monasteries as well as charming rural hotels in the area.

Son Terrassa Hotel Rural in Cas Concos

Featuring traditional Mallorcan architecture and a fantastic garden, this Cas Concos hotel offers 9 bright and airy rooms, some with private terraces. Reserve now! […] Son Terrassa Hotel Rural in Cas Concos

Hotels in Majorca

Mallorca is the ideal place for your holidays with a variety of hotels for every taste. Beach hotel or boutique hotel, you will find it here.

Events in Felanitx

There are regular local celebrations throughout the year in Felanitx – in May, August, September and October. A graceful custom from the area is also the folk dance ‘Els Cavallets’, in which young men (meanwhile girls also participate) in colorful costumes whirl around and wave handkerchiefs.

Life in Felanitx

In Felanitx live about 15 000 inhabitants, which despite the moderate tourism throughout the year lead a rather lively community life. This city is an excellent choice for people who immerse yourself in the local culture and still want to have contact with the few isolated international residents. It should also be noted that Felanitx from the airport and Palma is not so easy to reach and that you need a car for most travel plans.

Here Mallorca is still authentic and usually there is a whole range of real estate for sale, and at relatively low prices. Small townhouses exist for just 50,000 euros, for various villas, apartments and fincas you have to raise about 250,000 to 750,000 euros. A larger estate or a luxury villa can cost up to three million euros.

The surroundings of Felanitx

From Felanitx are the nearest large coastal resorts Portocolom and Cala D’Or.

Porto Colom

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Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or is great if you want to enjoy traditional holidays. Take a look at abcMallorca-Gu >Cala d’Or

Nearby are also some villages dedicated to wine production, such as Son Macia, Son Mesquida and Son Negre. To the village Cas Concos, famous for its hippie community in the 1960s, it’s only five kilometers. The pretty rural town of Campos is just a stone’s throw away.

Sa Galera in Cas Concos

This Mallorcan mansion hotel offers 20 rooms and suites and despite its proximity to bustling towns and harbors a sense of seclusion. Reserve now! […] Sa Galera in Cas Concos

More places in Mallorca

Places: Discover the cities, villages and sights

The Balearic island of Mallorca offers many interesting cities and villages, as well as the elegant capital Palma. Go on an expedition here!

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