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Felt ideas with children are easy to implement. Wet felting is a wonderful way to introduce the outdoor kids to this handcraft. We have a felt guide for you for a colorful chain, which consists of nothing but colorful felt balls consists. The advent wreath can be embellished with the smaller felted balls. The felt balls also look good on the Christmas tree and are real eye-catchers.

“There is a silence of autumn down to the colors.” Don’t worry, unfortunately, I didn’t get this knowledge. The Austrian writer Hugo von Hoffmansthal is said to have said this sentence once. This quote simply says everything about a November day. dreary and gray everything is outside Nature takes a breather. Adults and children need color. The best color to touch. Let us remember the tradition of felting. In late autumn and winter, when there was little to do in the fields, farmers improved their tools, stables and house. It was also the time for handicrafts. Not so much to pass the time, but to use or sell the knitted, chopped or woven fabrics themselves. For our felting idea with children you need a container with water, needle, thread, felting wool and liquid soap.

Filzideen for children: You get into wet felting with little effort.
photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

Wet felting is great fun for the children. The whole thing comes very close to slushing. Another advantage for you as parents: The children have really clean hands after felting. Before the water comes into play, pluck out small bales from the felt wool and have them ready. First, the outdoor kids wet their hands a little with the water. Now the liquid soap is added. Spread the whole thing well in your hands. It may foam quietly. The children are definitely lucky and get motivated.

Before wet felting, you wet your hands and lubricate them with liquid soap.
photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

Now the children take the felting wool in their wet, slippery hands. Again and again presses and kneads the felt wool in the damp hands. Rub it back and forth between the inside of your hands. Again and again bring the colorful “dumplings” a little into shape and again you rub the wet felt. Now and then wet your hands and rub the liquid soap again. You push and roll this colorful ball between your hands. Think about how big or small the ball of felt should be. The children tend to have chains to hang around with larger balls.

Always shape the ball when wet felting.
photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

Felt ideas for children: Wet felting is easier than expected

Look at the wet ball of felt again and again. Somehow this doesn’t really want to be round. Dents show up again and again. No panic! Always take a little felting wool and stuff it into these “holes” in the felt ball. Then you press and roll the ball again between the palms. Don’t use too much felt wool to touch it up, otherwise you’ll soon have a colorful egg instead of a ball. If you want you can also mix different colors with each other in a ball. This also has its visual appeal. The children are now full of energy and felt one ball after the other.

Touch up the “dents” in the ball with additional felting wool.
foot (c) kinderoutdoor.de

When a ball is finished, put it aside and let it dry. You don’t have to put them on the heater. Just let it dry out at room temperature. Here the smaller balls score because they dry much faster than the larger felt balls.

We now let the felt balls dry at room temperature.
photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

The great thing about the felt balls is that you can use them in many ways. In our case we make it a colorful and unique chain. We use thread, needle and pearls to thread the individual felt balls into a chain.


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