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Are you already planning your trip or are you still looking for excursion tips for the holiday season? Planning a family vacation is an exciting thing for children. With a suitable travel guide for children, they are well prepared for the trip. The children get to know a lot about the country and its people and they are a practical help in organizing their free time. Whether sights, tips for active leisure activities, tips for going out or excursions – here you will find travel guides for families and children that are specially designed for holidays with children. Guaranteed with a few real insider tips …

World for kids travel guide!

Traveling with children is a great experience. With the World for kids travel guides! is about the things that interest the children: Which animals live in the holiday country? What surprises does the beach offer or a trip to the mountains? What are the strange fruits on the trees? And how do they taste? The young readers are accompanied by Kim and her friends, who tell them the secrets of the holiday country and have many stories about the holiday country in stock. The World for kids! – Travel guides are designed for children of kindergarten and primary school age. They arouse curiosity about the holiday country and invite you to participate in the design of the travel guide itself.

Around the world with Millie

With Millie, author Dagmar Chidolue has created a heroine with whom children can also get to know the world. Millie explores the world with her parents and little sister Trudel. Whether it’s cities of millions like Berlin, Istanbul or New York or continents like Africa or America – Millie has come a long way and experiences exciting adventures on her travels. And of course, unplanned things always happen there. Chidolue with her fictional travel guides to bring knowledge and facts to children in a lively way. The first volume “Millie in Paris” was published in 1991. The children’s book series now comprises more than 20 volumes. The new volume “Millie in Brazil” will be published this year.


Vacation region Germany

Little heroes in Germany go on long journeys and experience exciting adventures, that’s what children’s book publisher Biber is all about & Butzemann specialized. With exciting, magically illustrated holiday stories for children of primary and pre-school age, the Baltic and North Sea, Bavaria and Franconia, the Harz, the Black Forest, the Saarland, the Lüneburg Heath, Leipzig, Berlin and Brandenburg, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt as well as to Rügen and North Frisia. The stories of Lilly and Nikolas or Biber Paul about the most diverse vacation spots all over Germany show sights and excursion destinations and convey interesting knowledge about the respective region.

© Beaver & bogeyman

What are we going to do tomorrow, mom?

Popular holiday regions in Germany attract with numerous leisure activities for every season and for every weather. You just have to discover them. With the guidebooks "What will we do tomorrow, mom?" This becomes a pleasant task: from toboggan runs, butterfly farms, open-air stages to exciting museums, the authors have tested everything and put them together in the guidebooks, which ensures variety on vacation. Here you will find information on admission prices, opening times, changing facilities, suitability for stroller and catering facilities.

© Hinstorff

Little city explorers

Paul and his parents have moved to the city of Leipzig. Not at all so easy in a new and strange environment. But on his excursions he gets to know very special people from Leipzig: in the Clara-Zetkin-Park Paul meets a squirrel named Herr Brushflitzer, in Auerbach’s cellar he meets a cool guy named Goethe and with the rat Conny Lachsack he wanders through Connewitz … story book and city guide for children in one about the special features, sights and playgrounds of Leipzig. With numerous excursion and event tips and maps.

© be.bra publisher

Leopaulino discovered

Lion Leopaulino lives in the Frankfurt Zoo. How he would like to explore the city outside the enclosure. One day the lion sets off and explores everything on its own. A backpack with 10 glitter gold stars is said to protect the green lion on its tour. Every time he discovers, Leopaulino hides one of these stars. Central station, Römer, the stadium, the stock exchange or Eisener Steg – the little lion is a fun way to explore the sights … Together with Leopaulino, the children get to know the city of Frankfurt am Main.

© Leopaulino

Travel adventure with Leo and Rosa

Interesting travel adventures for little explorers: Leo and Rosa come into contact with things from many countries and cultures in their everyday lives. You are curious and want to learn more about it. Leo and Rosa visit the countries to discover the origin of these things. On their first trip, Leo and Rosa explore Italy. The second adventure takes the siblings across Germany, where they get to know many cities and sights. With Leo and Rosa, children get to know well-known locations where there is a lot to see, and discover countries and cultures.

© Trampoline Verlag

Lextra Junior: Out and about in …

Discover the world and learn foreign languages: With the "Lextra Junior: On the move in …" series, Cornelsen Verlag offers (language) travel guides for children from 9 years of age. First words, sentences and idioms, interesting facts about the country and people mixed with puzzles and tasks – children can familiarize themselves with the language and special features of the travel destination in a playful way. There are also short learning units with exercises for reading and listening. Each volume in the series contains an alphabetical register as well as vocabulary and grammar pages. The language travel guides are available for the travel countries Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

© Cornelsen

A trip with children is always an adventure and with the children’s travel guides, planning your trip is child’s play. In addition to the tips and ideas, many offer enough space for individual design, which also contains photos, postcards and other souvenirs.


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