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When it comes to your own wedding, everything should fit. It is understandable if the newlyweds concentrate on their own clothing in addition to the extensive organization. However, the spouses may already have one or more children together.

This applies, for example, to parents who have had divorces, remarry and bring children into marriage. No matter which or how many children are present at a wedding: they should be dressed appropriately.

Instructions for purchase

Children often grow out of clothing relatively quickly and are generally not taken along on many festive occasions. Therefore, you should make sure that the clothing is not only suitable for the children at their own wedding. Clothing should also be suitable for dining in a chic restaurant, other private occasions such as visits or going to church together. In addition, such clothing should sit well with your own offspring and be comfortable to wear. Depending on their age, smaller children will otherwise not feel comfortable and start to complain or cry.

Freedom of movement, putting on and taking off

The freedom of movement of festive clothing is also of greater value than that of adults. Children run around and want to discover everything because they get to know a foreign environment at the wedding. Parents can set up a specific play area for their own children and those of the guests, in which the children can retire. Especially at weddings, whose program spanned from the morning fair Games and Meals dragging into the night, this makes sense. When playing, the children should have some exercise despite the clothing. In order to be able to react to temperature differences, it is better to wear several thin layers on top of each other in children. Depending on the need, these can be put on or taken off using onion technology.

Suggestions for girls

Many parents know very well from everyday life about the nature of the clothing for their children. But festive clothing you don’t buy every day. Parents can therefore get inspiration from online shops like vertbaudet.de, which specialize in children’s fashion. In the warm months, bright dresses with lively color accents are suitable.

For example, the young ladies can be thin, white Wear clothes with orange and red dots or child-friendly patterns such as fruits or plants. A bolero goes with it, protecting the girls’ shoulders in the cold.

Ballerinas are useful, but high shoes are not recommended. Girls often want to appear as princesses, which is why some jewelry and tulle skirts and a small handbag are also suitable. Flowers or bows in the hair give additional accents to the look of small, female guests.

Suggestions for clothing for boys

There are festive sets for boys, such as a shirt, vest and trousers. Black should only be used here at classic weddings. Otherwise, beige or light brown shades go well with check patterns on the shirt. The fabrics should be suitable for young men on linen or cotton, they are high quality and breathable.

If no set is used, dark trousers are, however, appropriate. This can be combined with a sweater. Ties or flies make a neat impression. However, it is really important that these do not push the boys too hard on the neck. Otherwise they become restless. Cardigans, such as wool gabardine, are suitable for the colder months. In summer you can use classic leather sandals instead of linen or leather shoes.

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The dresses and suits look really great. You almost melt there. Find it nice if you are not only interested in your own wedding rings, but also want to make everything perfect. And your own children are definitely part of it.


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