Fever in children – when should you lower the fever?

Fever in children – when should you lower the fever?

Fever in children. Knows every mother, knows every father. I often hear that pretty quickly antipyretic is gripped. But is this really always necessary? I have gathered many facts about fever here. Info, when lowering fever makes sense and what it is for alternatives to the common medicines out there. In addition, my personal tips on how to make my children more comfortable with fever.

I am not a specialist and therefore I followed the leaflet on fever from the Eastern Switzerland Children’s Hospital in St.Gallen (see below, with link for download).

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What is fever anyway?

Basic and important information about fever: Fever is not a disease, but a healthy response to viruses or bacteria. The body reacts just right and tries to defend itself against the "intruders". fever is a great protection mechanism for our body! If you know that, you can go about it much more relaxed and then think twice whether it really is necessary Lower fever. It also sounds motivating and invigorating for the sick child when you say "wow, your body is clever, it fights itself so strongly against the disease with the fever, that’s really great!". An additional positive side effect is that feverish children more likely to accept bed rest and recover more quickly.

At what degree do you speak of fever

The normal body temperature is between 36 ° and 37 ° Celsius. Measured up to 38 ° Celsius (rectally) one speaks of elevated temperature and from 38 ° of fever.

When is it not necessary for the fever in children to be reduced

Often it is not necessary to do that Lower fever. Bed rest, lots of sleep and observation are usually enough. If you have previous illnesses, etc., you will certainly have a personal recommendation from your pediatrician.

You have to Don’t necessarily lower your fever if your child

  • feverish, but responsive
  • it is active during the fever breaks (e.g. may also look at a book)
  • takes enough fluid, or lets water regularly

Every child reacts differently to fever, which bounces on the bed at almost 40 ° C, others lie "flat" much earlier. You know your child best and you should still be unsure; best call the pediatrician. This can calm you down or give tips on how to proceed.

What helps against fever in children or how can fever be reduced?

Of course there will always be situations in which it is necessary to do this Lower fever. For example, if:

  • your child is prone to febrile seizures (in which case you will have received a recommendation from your doctor)
  • your child is suffering extremely from the fever and the general condition is poor

Please see the section below on when to consult a doctor. When it comes to babies, especially when it comes to fever, it is necessary to act very differently and quickly.

Antipyretic drugs or home remedies?

If a measure to Lower fever necessary there is always the question of the right remedy. Everyone here has their personal preferences. I usually try myself first to lower the fever by natural means such as a calf wrap. Of course there is also the option to like medication paracetamol to resort to.

a reel I personally find, however, in addition to effectiveness, a very nice way to take care of the child in the event of illness. I describe to my children while putting on the wrap, that her body works very hard and does it great and that reel supports him at work.

Of course you can reel only apply if the child is open to this type of support.

Home remedies for fever: vinegar socks or calf wraps

Certainly many of you still know the infamous vinegar Socks? I know from a safe source: Correctly applied, lukewarm wraps or socks with water instead of vinegar are at least as effective at fever ;-). But it is always important: The body, including the hands and feet, must be completely warm.

Fever in children: when to see a doctor?

The Children’s Hospital in Eastern Switzerland has published a great information sheet for parents and I have permission to quote from it. You can download the complete information sheet here (and maybe print it out in the medicine cabinet): Note sheet fever

Important: Fever up to 41.5 ° C is usually not dangerous in children (differently with us adults). It leaves no damage to the brain.

  • When the consciousness changes and the child no longer reacts to the parents as usual
  • With red or blue skin spots
  • If the child is sensitive to touch or afraid of light
  • If the child has a febrile seizure that lasts longer than 3 minutes
  • Children under 3 months (in children up to the 6th week of life, a doctor should be consulted if the rectal body temperature is above 37.5 ° C)
  • Children from 3 to 6 months
  • If the child’s breathing is difficult or rapid, even during the fever-free phases
  • If the general condition is bad even in the fever-free phases
  • If the child has a febrile seizure that stops spontaneously
  • If there is pain that does not improve with painkillers
  • Children over 6 months with fever with no further symptoms
  • If the fever is difficult to lower

My tips on how I can "ease" the fever and the general illness for my children

I’ll tell you here my personal wellness tips, that I use when mine Children because of illness and fever lying flat and I want to make your illness as pleasant as possible:

  • I set up a "sick bed" for them in the living room. To do this, I put the mattresses on the floor and make it really comfortable for the child (or mostly the children, since they are often ill at the same time)
  • If the situation permits, hundreds of stories will be read here and a film will be watched
  • The temperature measurement I limit myself to a minimum as long as the children are in the "normal" state of sickness. Especially for small children, who measure rectally, this is not exactly the favorite procedure of the little ones. This has proven to be a great tool for us Nuvita contactless clinical thermometer proven that the temperature is measured at lightning speed in just 1 second. It is wonderful to use Course of fever to watch without constantly "disturbing" the child. Especially exciting for parents who like to take a quick look at the temperature at night. The individual measurements are saved.
  • As we all know, it is at fever important to drink a lot. During the lactation period, my two children were breastfeeding almost continuously and usually recovered very quickly. If the children want to drink nothing or only a little, I try tea alternatives such as apple juice or syrup. The main thing is liquid.
  • A strong broth is usually not spurned by either
  • And the most important thing for my children: cuddle, cuddle, cuddle and sleep a lot. Also reel are now always called when they are sick.

Nuvita, contactless clinical thermometer

The contactless clinical thermometer is used by us to fever History to pursue. The most accurate method around To measure fever is still the rectal measurement. For most children, however, this is an unpleasant procedure, especially from an early age, and patience is often still lacking for measuring in the mouth. For that it has in Thermometer from NUVITA a calibration mode to adapt the device to a reference device (e.g. rectal thermometer). Such is the case with sleeping children thermometer wonderful to calm worried parents and not wake the child up. And what I find particularly cool: the last 32 measurements with date and time are automatically saved. If the doctor has to be contacted at a later time, all measurement results are ready.

Incidentally, the thermometer can also be switched to object mode in order to measure the temperature of the bathing water, milk, food, etc. My children like to measure everything in the house (e.g. the last time the raclette &# 128578; ), but at least they have a positive association with the thermometer and are already familiar with it ;-).

You can buy the Nuvita contactless clinical thermometer in larger Coop branches as well as in almost every pharmacy or drugstore (Pharmacode 7593902) and in specialty baby shops.

It is of course also available online:
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