Fever measurement in the butt, even at 16? (Fever, measure)

Measuring fever in the buttocks, even at 16?

Does fever measurement in the butt still make sense at 16? I am currently ill, my stepmother thinks she will measure me in the butt if the fever does not go away quickly, so far I have measured under the armpit.

How should I measure, is better in the bottom than under the armpit, can you measure it yourself or must it be done?

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Has its justification from a medical and health perspective

If you do it correctly or have it measured correctly, it is not uncomfortable. It is best to immerse the measuring tip in a little petroleum jelly or cooking oil so that it is easier to insert. So I was measured up to about 13 or 14 years. After that I had to measure myself and I still do it this way. At your age, you should definitely be allowed to do it yourself and decide how and where you measure!

My family doctor once said in an interview about a sick report that I should continue to measure.

Hope I could help you ;)

Measured under the armpit, add 2 tenths. Then it comes down to something.

You can measure rectally alone. This measurement is much more accurate.

So it definitely has nothing to do with age. It’s about getting the exact temperature of the body. You should always measure the fever where the temperature is the easiest to get, and that’s in the anus. But also in the mouth. And if it is an electrical thermometer and beeps, then leave it in again until it beeps again, because it takes a little more time than 3 minutes for the exact temperature.

But don’t put a thermometer in your mouth that you may have used in the butt before. ;)

Hm. So I measure in my mouth – but not if someone already had the termometer in their arsch xD

As far as I know it is not relevant whether you measure from the butt or the armpits

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Measure fever, fever? In the armpit 37.5 °

Now I also have a question about measuring fever. My daughter (4 y.) Vehemently opposes the rectal method of measuring fever. I don’t want to measure in the mouth because it’s a little clumsy. So some time ago I bought a digital thermometer from GERATHERM ear forehead thermometer Duotemp (costs just under € 40.00). The measured values ​​in the ear are so different that I sometimes can hardly believe it. From a temp. Of over 38 ° it starts to beep.

Now, on principle, I’ve only ever measured her in the armpits, which showed me a reading of 37.5 ° this morning. (It was already a bit warm on the forehead) One should from the rectal value to the armpit u. Add mouth 0.5 °.

So now she has a fever or not? Or slightly increased ^^

40 degrees fever are dangerous in children?

My daughter is sick and I just measured a fever. 40 degrees.

So how dangerous is it now? Shall we go straight to the hospital?

How often fever measurements a day?

hey, i have a strong cold with fever and my friend constantly controls my temperature in the po. he always pushes the thermometer very deep into the butt so that it sometimes hurts, i don’t want that. he always leaves the thermometer in his butt for a long time and always feels my forehead. maybe he worries maxht but I find it strange. if he gives a suppository after a fever then he pushes the thermometer back in again so that the suppository slips better, he says. I do not want that, it is not enough just to feel your forehead and just give juice in case of fever? thanks for the help

The doctor will give me a certificate with a 37.4 degree fever?

So I’m pretty pondering right now. I had a 38.6 degree fever last night, then 38.9 from then we went down again ( And that’s why I didn’t go to school. So then I woke up today, fever, 37.0! After a while I measured again, 37.8 (measured in the mouth) and 37.4 in the armpit. So now my mother and I are quite pondering whether we will even get a certificate from the doctor?

(I have a sore throat and a slight headache)

When do you have a fever and what temperature?

I was sick yesterday
Throat cough ears pain in the forehead cough only phlegm ..
I just measured a fever at 37.4, which is already a fever ?
A cold bath for fever is also good ??

My dog ​​cannot have a fever measured?

somehow I fear that my darling (8 months) is sick. because he stinks of his butt for a few hours .. so flatulence. Were also outside but he did not drop any droppings.

it was the case before and then the shock: at 3 am he started breaking blood, etc. and then went to the clinic. He had a gastrointestinal virus. Now I am afraid that something like this will happen again .. I asked myself alarm clocks because I am afraid not to wake up because I sleep like a stone, unfortunately.

also have the feeling that he is warmer than usual but no chance to measure his fever. But are these symptoms really bad? So if he has flatulence .. or can it be something harmless?

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