Fever table: when do babies and toddlers have a fever?

Fever table: When is it fever??

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The level of fever is estimated differently in babies and toddlers than in adults. It is again different how each child reacts to the fever. Some children are sickly even at a temperature of 38 degrees, other toddlers still happily run around. It should be mentioned in advance that fever is not a disease, but rather a symptom that is caused by an illness. You can read exactly when your child has a fever in the lower fever table.

Babies and toddlers are more likely to have a fever than adults. This is because their immune systems are not yet as developed as in older children and adults. Fever is a natural reaction of the body, like its health police. When attacked by pathogens, it increases its temperature, because at high temperatures they cannot multiply so easily. This is an important process for the child’s organism. As a result, he learns to develop defenses. For this reason, you should refrain from giving antipyretic.

Fever table: From when do babies have a fever?

In this fever table you can read when your child starts fevering. If you have a long-lasting high fever, you should see a doctor so that he can determine the cause and prescribe medication if necessary.

Age temperature
0 – 3 months slight fever from 38 degrees
0 – 3 months from 38.5 degrees high fever
3 months – 36 months from 37.5 degrees slightly higher temperature
3 months – 36 months from 38.5 degrees fever
3 months – 36 months from 39 degrees high fever

Fever table: When do toddlers and children have a fever?

Age temperature
from 36 months slight fever from 38 degrees
from 36 months from 39.5 degrees high fever

Are you looking for more information? In our magazine we have a lot of tips about “fever in children”. For example, you will find out which home remedies help with fever and which clinical thermometers are particularly suitable for babies and toddlers.

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