Ffh app update: carplay, android auto, chromecast

Major FFH app update – carplay, android auto and chromecast

FFH-app in the car: 35 webradios sorted by preferences.

Radio is the most used content on the road. 90% listen to the radio in the car* and listening to the radio there is now even more convenient.

The FFH app has received a major update and is now optimized for apple carplay (ios, iphone) and android auto. Many new smart features make driving even more fun: a personalized internet radio list with 35 webradios, comedy, podcasts and the latest FFH news at any time at the touch of a button. The car display allows music tracks to be remembered and rated.

Always the latest FFH news

When driving a car, simple operation that does not distract from driving is particularly important. "this is also shown by the current study by VAUNET and the journalism lab NRW: car drivers want to find their radio stations quickly and want intelligent functions. That’s why we built the new FFH app for carplay and android car so that our listeners can always reach their favorite content quickly and without scrolling," explains FFH digital head roger hofmann.

News missed? No problem. on the car radio display is a small globe. Tapping it immediately starts the latest FFH news program.

35 webradios sorted by preferences

The new FFH app automatically sorts the webradio list according to listening habits. Stations that you listen to more often end up at the top of the radio list by themselves.

FFH+: the FFH program with different music styles

The new FFH+ technology is now also available for android auto and carplay. The FFH programs with different music styles have their own section on the car radio.

FFH+ allows you to listen to the FFH program you are used to, enriched with the type of music you like best. FFH+ 80s also features hits from the cult decade. Additional plus channels are available for the 90s, charts or rock.

Get the latest FFH news in your car at any time.

New song heard? Simply remember

Everyone knows it: a song is playing on the car radio that you like and want to remember. The new FFH app brings a heart symbol to the display in the car. Tap on it and the song is already saved as a favorite.

Favorites are synchronized with all devices. At home you can listen to the songs on your laptop or smartphone or download them.

With additional icons you can rate every song that plays. Thumbs up means, for example, the title should run more often.

Favorite podcasts without a long search

Get in the car and immediately listen to the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts: the FFH app has a personalized "my podcasts" section in the car radio. As soon as a new episode of the subscribed podcasts is available, it appears here.

Continue listening in the same place in the car

This is also practical: at home, for example, you start the latest episode of "bulents kronke welt der musik" and then have to go again. In the car, the podcast continues at the same point.

This also works with different devices: the podcasts are synchronized between laptop, computer, ipad, iphone, android smartphone and carplay or android auto.

chromecast brings FFH web radio, podcasts and videos to the big tv screen.

Radio app for chromecast

FFH android app now connects with chromecast. This allows you to enjoy radio programs on your home theater or audio system, or control speakers with your android smartphone.

song information and the cover of the current music track appear on the tv set. All podcasts can also be listened to with the FFH app via chromecast.

Stream FFH videos on TV

The videos of the FFH reporters and presenters can also be streamed to the TV with the FFH app and chromecast. Simply connect to chromecast and start a video in the app.

Development of console and FFH-digital

The developers from konsole labs worked closely with the FFH-digital team on the car and chromecast-update. "the colleagues at konsole are absolute audio and streaming experts," says roger hofmann, explaining the decision to work with the berlin-based agency.

"we can control the menus in android auto and carplay completely via the FFH servers. There are several templates available in the app. So we can change the look at any time without app update and add new features."

the FFH app is available free of charge for android and ios.

* on track study by the VAUNET association and the journalism lab of the lfm NRW on audio use in the car.

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