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A warm welcome

on the website of the LWL-Klinik Marl-Sinsen.

The LWL-Klinik Marl, Haardklinik, is one of the largest specialist clinics for children- and adolescent psychiatry Germany. We treat children and adolescents with mental health problems, behavioral problems and psychosomatic disorders where hospital treatment is required at 12 wards.

The Haardklinik is located between the cities of Marl and Haltern am See in the "haard" a large local recreation area on the northern edge of the Ruhr area. Good transport links are via the Haltern train station and the proximity of the A43 and A52 motorways given.

The clinic treats children and adolescents from around 6 months in multi-professional teams consisting of: doctors, psychologists, social pedagogues, qualified pedagogues, educators, nurses and specialist therapists. A comprehensive medical and psychological diagnosis is carried out on each patient.

We work holistically across therapy schools, taking into account various methods with the main orientations behavioral therapy and psychology-based psychotherapy supported by systemic, family therapy and conversation psychotherapy approaches and, if necessary, drug treatment. Various non-verbal and functional therapy methods are also used.

Events and news

07.11.2019 listen to your gut feeling

Fiber experts provide information in the Haard dialogue about self-harming behavior

Self-harming behavior among children and adolescents was the topic of the 10th Haard Dialogue in the Marler Specialist Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL). Around 160 interested parties came to the clinic’s ballroom on Tuesday to receive information and to talk to the fiber optic experts.

October 23, 2019 Self-harm as a way out

Haard-Dialog provides information about self-harming behavior in children and adolescents

Scratching your skin or causing burns, hitting your head against the wall or swallowing sharp objects – there are many ways of deliberately injuring yourself. "25 Percent of children and adolescents in Germany try out self-harm, "says Dr. Rüdiger Haas, Medical Director of the Marler Specialist Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Regional Association of Westphalia – Lippe (LWL). Reason enough for a Haard dialogue on self-harming behavior in children and adolescents.


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