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Field report: Who actually needs a hot air fryer?!

Is a hot air fryer really useful?

Is a Heißluftfritteuse really useful? “No” was my first thought when I heard about the “air fryer concept” a few years ago. In the meantime a lot of time has passed and in the last week I spontaneously decided to try out a device myself to get this topic out of my head. As always, I will tell you about my experiences and answer the following questions:

At the end of the post there are My personal conclusion, in which I also tell you, if I am ours Heißluftfritteuse keep or sent back.

How do hot air fryers work??

Heißluftfritteusen are basically no fryers, but small Ovens with convection function. A fan heater generates hot air, which is then distributed by a fan in the unit. Due to the small cooking space preheating takes only 1-2 minutes. Some devices have 2 levels, whereby different foods can be cooked at the same time. Whether this makes sense in practice, as it sounds, I’ll explain later in the post.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot air fryers?

That depends on what you compare the device with. You need of course for the preparation of fries much less fat than in a conventional fryer – compared to (Convection) -Oven there is no difference here.


  • French fries become crisper than in the oven (->with upper- & Under heat).
  • No smell of grease by frying oil!
  • Compared to the normal fryer, significantly less fat is needed (= calories are saved).
  • In contrast to the oven, one must, for example, Do not turn fries, just shake the basket.
  • The oven does not need to be cleaned – the parts can be put in the dishwasher.
  • Good for small portions (for example 1 portion of fries).


  • Relative expensive!
  • An additional device that needs a lot of space! (-> Tip of a reader: She keeps her deep fryer in the oven).
  • The cooking time is often longer than in the oven!
  • Breaded foods do not get really crispy!
  • You can tell that the fat is missing as a flavor carrier!
  • The devices are z.T. pretty loud!

Which foods can be prepared in a hot air fryer?

I have up Instagram once started a survey among my readers. The result: most participants use their hot air fryer only to prepare French fries. In second place was the baking of bread rolls (I would not have thought that). Here I have summarized the places 1 – 10:

  1. French fries, potato wedges, roast potatoes from the previous day
  2. Baking roll (-> 6 hours in about 6 minutes)
  3. Chicken nuggets, fish fingers & Veggie schnitzel
  4. Chicken Wings
  5. spring rolls
  6. meatballs
  7. Whole chicken
  8. Bacon, croutons & cereal
  9. Pizza (-> Accessories required)
  10. Frozen meals (e.g., Schlemmerfilet, TK-Lasagna, TK-Baguette)

How much does a hot air fryer that is suitable for a 4 to 5 member family cost? (And: which model is recommended?)

Familys from my point of view necessarily on one Make sure you have a capacity of at least 1400 g or 5 liters, in order not to have to prepare the food in several stages. In addition, it would be important to me that the removable parts after use in the dishwasher allowed. A branded device that meets these requirements costs around € 150 – € 250. My readers have recommended this device to me:

Philips HD9750 / 90 Airfryer XXL 1.4 kg capacity, temperature adjustable from 80 – 200 degrees. Price: from about 189 € *** winner & according to my readers quieter than the Actifry **

I opted for this device: Tefal YV9601 ActiFry 2in1 1.5kg hot air fryer, Temperature: Not adjustable (-> 150 degrees). Price: From about 159 €

Theoretical advantage: There are 2 levels to to cook different foods at the same time. The downside: If you use the grill plate (above), the fries below are no longer crispy! The mixing arm for the lower area is not bad, but that short shaking of the basket in competing products is not very expensive. I would decide against the 2nd level next time.

The mixing arm of Actifry – a nice gimmick that I can do without!

Princess XXL Hot Air Deep Fryer, 5.2 liters (about 1.5 kg) capacity, temperature adjustable from 80 – 200 degrees, price: approx. 90 €.

Field report: Preparation of fries in the hot air fryer

You can both Frozen deep-fried as well as fresh chips in a “HLF” prepare. The Frozen deep-fried (-> We enjoy the golden longs of Mc Cain and the wave cut fries of Aldi particularly well * unsolicited advertising *) wandering directly into the HL-fryer, where they are now approx. 35 minutes long Be “blown”. Since TK fries have been pre-fried in fat, Saves her compared to the convection oven neither time nor fat. The flavors are good and quite crispy.

Do you want Fries made from fresh potatoes you should make one firming variety use and the cut Thoroughly wash chips, to remove the strength. Thin chips (8 mm) are crispy than thick (12 mm). Before frying, chips should be uncooked, e.g. be dried with a kitchen towel. As oil is suitable, for. Rapeseed or sunflower oil.

Cooking times of other foods:

I was honestly surprised by the long cooking times in the Actifry that I tested. Chicken legs with 1.2 Kg. French fries take about 50 minutes (-> with the chicken drumsticks coming in after 20 minutes and the fries at the end again for 2-3 minutes without the grill plate should be nachgaren so they are really crispy). Further examples of cooking times in the HL fryer:

  • Scrambled eggs: 14 minutes
  • Bacon: 5 minutes
  • Zucchini in strips: 30 min
  • Nuggets, Meatballs: 18 – 20 minutes

Are hot air fryers healthy? And they actually prevent the formation of acrylamide?

If you have your lunch so far several times a week conventional fryer you could actually do that through a HL fryer Save fat. But that would also be possible if you prepare the food in the oven with circulating air function, which also manages without the addition of fat.

How to Get Well After Buying One Hot Air Fryer depends primarily on what foods you prepare in it. As it is, in my experience, primarily fries, nuggets & Co, there are definitely more effective ways to do something for his health. One could use potatoes, vegetables and co. just cook or even better: steaming – with which we would already be on the next topic!

Incidentally, I still find the interesting -> Statements of the consumer center on the development of acrylamide. The report states: Acrylamide can form when carbohydrate-rich foods are heated to over 120 degrees Celsius. From temperatures of 170 to 180 degrees Celsius, the acrylamide even rises abruptly. When cooking in the oven (-> which in my opinion corresponds to the preparation in the hot-air fryer) there is a greater risk of acrylamide formation compared to frying. For devices with circulating air should have a lowest possible temperature which should not exceed the 180 degrees Celsius. Thicker French fries with a soft core are less polluted with acrylamide than smaller ones because the material forms on the outer surfaces.

My conclusion:

To make it short: I just brought my hot air fryer back to the post office. She could not convince me because I could discover no real advantage compared to the oven with convection function. With this I also get crispy chips if I:

  • buy the right brand
  • turn the fries in between and
  • leave in the oven a little longer than indicated (at least 25 minutes).

I can grease fat with this oil spray bottle Amazon Affiliate Link, Nuggets and fish fingers taste better with the pan and because we try to reduce finished products anyway, we have the total Advantages and disadvantages of the device in no relation. Besides, the me has noise disturbed, which strongly reminded us of our electric air pump. Really delicious fries So we continue to be in moderation Pommesbude!

So: Now I am interested as always your opinion on the subject Hot Air Fryer. Do you have a? And if so, do you use them? Or is she in the cellar between the juicer and the Popcon Maker? I am happy about comments!

PS: I have now this basket Amazon Affiliate Link for low-fat Convection cooking ordered, so should me Airfryer recipes also succeed in the oven! &# 128521;

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