Fight the chaos: with my free daily or

Fight the chaos: With my free daily or weekly plan!

A free daily schedule or weekly plan against the daily chaos!

As you may already know, almost 6 months ago I began to deal more or less seriously with the subject of minimalism.

Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about how that works to clean up better organize and how to keep the order afterwards. 2 things have been particularly helpful to me:

  1. Write things down with the help of lists overview win back!
  2. Split the big mess into small portions and this one systematic approach.

daily schedule

That’s why I have one today Template for one daily schedule I would like to share with you. I was inspired by Judith, whom I met at a seminar last year by Svenja. This plan should help me in the future, focused to be and mindful deal with my time. Without a clear structure, I quickly lose track, start 1000 things, do nothing really finished and wonder in the evening, what I’ve actually done all day.

weekly schedule

There is also a free print template for one weekly schedule – if that is too detailed for you with the daily schedule.


The weekly plan is basically structured like mine diet, you probably already know:

cleanup plan

And while I’m at it, there are 2 more to follow Print templates for cleaning up.
List # 1 comes from my minimalism post on the subject -> Create order

cleaning plan

List No. 2 is about the topic -> Keep order

Now, as always, I am looking forward to your comments. Do you have any other ideas for helpful lists? Or other tips or questions? Then just write me!

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7 comments on “Fight the chaos: With my free daily or weekly schedule!”

I just came across your minimal project. I think great class!
With us it is also less and less of things that we do not need. It is incredibly liberating to carry less ballast with you and opens up undreamt of opportunities to use the time gained.

I’m glad to have found your blog and I’m sure I’ll check back more often.

All the best,

Yes you are right! All the things that you accumulate over the years not only mess up the house but also your head! I hope I can finish my project until Easter &# 128521;
How nice that you like my blog!

Lovely wishes,

Dear Patricia,
a really great contribution, your plans will certainly help me to successfully implement one of my New Year‘s resolutions. I’ve decided to get a little neater &# 128521;
Many thanks and best regards Anja

Dear Anja,
Thank you for your comment – then it fits perfectly &# 128578;

best regards,

Many thanks. Are super helpful in everyday life &# 128578;

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