Final spurt pregnancy – baby, where are you, mom ocllo blog

Final spurt pregnancy - baby, where are you, mom ocllo blog

Final spurt | Soon the time of waiting will come to an end

SSW 38, how time flies! Impatiently we wait for the big day until we can finally embrace our little sweetheart. The clinic bag is packed, the birth announcement in the hospital is scheduled for the day after tomorrow and I feel that the baby is moving towards the exit.

Wonder nature

Often, I wake up and reflexively reach for my stomach first, to see if I’m actually carrying a new life or just a dream.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I constantly had to remember that a baby is growing up in me. For neither nausea, nor strange desires or other complaints helped my memory on the jumps. It was not until I could feel the first kicks that it was easier for me to believe that a little human grew up in me. An indescribably beautiful feeling! Suddenly, someone is always with someone you can talk to, who listens to you (whether he likes it or not :)) and who loves you. Not that I would miss this in my life, fortunately I am able to be surrounded by many loving people. But the feeling is different. Many of you may know the feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling a strange emptiness in you. You suddenly feel so alone and everything seems pointless. This discomfort quickly vanishes when tasks and challenges shift attention in another direction. But still, the feeling comes / came again and again and out of the blue. This fear, depressive mood or whatever you call it, has disappeared since I saw a crumb of life on the first ultrasound scan.

search for meaning

What is the meaning in life? What do we live for? Everyone tries to answer this question in his own personal way. Some seek their sense in religion, in a good life, which ultimately opens the door of heaven for them or enables them to enter nirvana. Others find their purpose in one professional challenge, others in social activities.

For me, the meaning of life lay and lies, quite banally, in reproduction. For what to learn so much, what to fight for, if you can not pass on all the acquired treasures (especially the knowledge)? Of course, it makes sense and is also a great asset to do good during your lifetime, to try to make other beings happy, but in the end, we best contribute to a positive evolution of humanity as we bring the fruits of our personal development into a new generation can carry.

A puzzle fits together

The fruits that I was allowed to harvest as a child were v.a. those that my mother has given me: a positive outlook on life and the firm conviction that everything in life fits in the right time, that new doors open and that the many pieces of the puzzle sooner or later become one To put together the whole. The only thing we need to do is go through the world with open eyes and ears, see opportunities as opportunities, and seize opportunities. It may be surprising that a literary scholar recommends an esoteric-inspired adventure novel at this point, but James Redfield’s book “The Prophecies of Celestine” illustrates very well what I’m trying to express with my words. By the way, the scene is Peru!

More than fifteen years ago, I read this book that was already on Peru. During my studies, I gave a presentation on the Inca founder legend. This in turn opened the way for me to a special research project in which I was allowed to write my master’s thesis, and then surprisingly opened up the possibility to travel to Peru in the form of two semesters abroad. Also, I was fortunate to do an internship at Amnesty International as well as at a large quinoa exporter in Peru. All experiences that brought me into direct contact with Mama Ocllo, either directly or indirectly. Because that’s how I learned the country, the people who know traces from the past, and Mama Ocllo became more and more a reality for me.

last but not least, I was fortunate enough to get to know the love of my life in this wonderful country. And thus the way to independence, the beginning of Mama Ocllo and now our common baby, which will put together this huge puzzle to a whole.

Yes, and those who now believe that I live in a dream world are allowed to. But do not we all do that? Dreams are there for you to realize. That the way there is often very rocky, can be associated with many disappointments and tears is beyond question, but we have time and as our management consultant once said “It is no shame once on the nose to fall. It’s just a shame if you do not gets up again. “

souvenir photos

The dear Kathrin harbor (D’Buidlmacherin), Thanks to our Mama Ocllo photographer, we have beautiful baby belly photos that will always remind us of the last few months. In a few years, we will be able to show our little one the pictures and say, “Look, that was 9 months your home!” Are looking forward to how he will react.

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