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0% car financing

you are looking for cheap new car vario financing offers? Here you can get the best vario financing with new vehicles. many providers offer unique special conditions for selected models with the online financing offers. With vario financing, you always remain flexible. use the financing calculator now and receive free vario financing offers by e-mail.

variofinancing is a modern form of car financing that combines the advantages of traditional financing with the advantages of leasing. At the end, you can decide for yourself whether to return your car or to pay a pre-determined purchase price.

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Company car: leasing or financing?

From the optimization of the profit and loss account.

Company car leasing

The financing of a company car can have a major impact on the liquidity and the profit and loss account of a company. The decisive factor is how a company finances. For a purchase or. With financing the car is purchased and becomes the property of the buyer. With leasing, you rent the car for a fixed period of time and can buy it at the end of this period minus the leasing payments already made, but you don’t have to. Which variant is the better one for a company?? In this article, we present the most important points and, above all, the tax aspects of a residual value lease company car financing and a company car leasing compared to.

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you would like to finance a car, but your financing has been rejected by the lender? Now you are looking for car financing without schufa information? Then you are right here, because we are of the opinion that there is a financing without schufa information very rarely or not at all! Find out here what this is all about and what possible reasons there are for refusing car financing.

Possible reasons for refusing car financing

Financing Rejected

lenders are concerned about getting their money back safely. Therefore, strict rules apply to the granting of a loan for car financing. A possible reason for rejection may be the nature of a contract its. If this exists only in the probationary period or is temporary, then this is considered a risk of loss of earnings and thus a threat to the repayment of the car loan. Even a too low an income in a permanent employment contract after the probationary period is risky. The applicant could be subject to special charges that make repayment of the car financing temporarily or permanently impossible. The following are considered grounds for refusal in any case chargebacks, even if this appears only once on the account statements of the last three months. These are possible reasons for not obtaining car financing if the applicant can otherwise demonstrate "orderly financial circumstances.

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A sales contract is a contract that obligates the seller in particular to provide the buyer with the object of purchase to hand over and transfer ownership of the vehicle and the buyer is obligated to purchase price to pay and to accept the object of purchase (§ 433 BGB)

A written contract of sale is necessary for the effectiveness of the contract of sale (z.B. car, winter tires, bicycle, built-in kitchen, flat screen television, jackrussel terrier) although in principle not required, so that it can then also be concluded orally. For evidentiary purposes, however, it is strongly recommended, to conclude a written purchase contract, especially in case of a higher purchase price or the possible risk of defects or. A liability, because then it is easier to prove in any legal proceedings what rights and obligations the buyer and seller have.

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make a non-binding request in a few minutes and get the credit decision within 48h.

Request your desired credit online. Without much effort. Without unnecessary documents.

benefit from corporate loans with flexible terms, free early repayment and fixed target interest rate.

"from our decision for lendico to the disbursement of the loan less than a week has passed."

Vierfreunde gmbh | 2 credits | € 400.000

What are the requirements?

  • Your company is located in germany.
  • The turnover of the last fiscal year was at least 50.000 €.
  • your company has been operating for more than two years.

What we need from you?

  • Financial statements for the last two fiscal years (2020 and 2021). If there are no final documents for 2021, please send us your business analysis with a list of totals and balances.
  • bank statements of the last 90 days.

Frequently asked questions

We would like to keep the effort for you as low as possible, therefore we do not require the submission of securities for most legal forms. For the gmbh and gmbh& co. KG we need a security in the form of a global cession.

We require the following documents to process your loan application:

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When the red light on the fuel gauge lights up, joy seldom arises. The latest is that the trip to the cash register has recently become much more unpleasant, as the prices for gasoline and diesel at german gas stations have recently climbed again significantly.

Good that there are far cheaper alternatives. With a natural gas vehicle, you don’t just save money at the gas station. The nearest gas pump can also be found quickly thanks to the well-developed network of filling stations, and with our renewable bio natural gas you are making a significant contribution to protecting our environment and to the energy transition.

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With our car loan calculator you will find the best credit offer matching your personal financial situation.

Buying a car usually means spending a lot of money. If you do not have all the money available, you have the option of financing the new vehicle. In addition to offers for payment in installments directly from the dealer, you can also car loans a good financing option.

The advantage of a loan is the possibility of a substantial discount. Because if you pay the total cost in full right at the beginning, you can usually cash discount profit.

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The city of Eschborn bought a fire truck that weighs too much to use. 240,000 euros were lost. Now it is to be clarified who is to blame for the embarrassing breakdown

  • Manfred becht

Weighty problem: new fire engine costs a lot of money – and is completely useless

the city of eschborn orders a fire truck with a big weight problem. Now it will be known how much money was burned in the purchase.

Eschborn – 240.000 euro it cost the eschborn taxpayers for the city to order a fire truck that they can’t use and therefore had to return it at a discount of this amount. This figure is taken from the final report submitted by the file inspection committee to the city councillors on the failed car purchase.

The report was presented at the city council meeting. The written version, so it is needed, is not published. However, it did not escape the attentive listener that the politicians relied too much on the administration and the fire department.

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"buy now, pay later": this is how dangerous it is to buy in installments and on account with paypal, klarna and co.

More and more people are using the "buy now, pay later" payment method to pay off ordered online products in installments.

Experts criticize that creditworthiness is lost if the amounts involved are small.

"for people who are short of money anyway, ‘buy now, pay later’ can be an entry into the debt trap," warns katharina lawrence from the consumer advice center in hesse.

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New sneakers, a bag, two pairs of jeans to choose from and a new winter jacket wouldn’t be bad either. lying on the sofa with their smartphone, customers can select and order everything with a few clicks and a little thumb wiping via app. Fast, convenient, simple. But one thing usually bothers: the price. At the same time, paying 100 euros at zalando, 250 euros at media markt and 150 euros at otto is something that few consumers can or want to afford. Especially if you order a part in several sizes and you know that some parts will be returned.

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The carbon dioxide emissions of pets © Andrew S

I love animals! I have always been a fan of the city, and I can be a fan of almost any animal. Big, small, hairy, feathery, scaly; each has its own unique charm. and when my cat looks at me in love, i melt and it does my soul so much good.

M y love of animals goes so far that I have been a vegetarian for decades and I don’t like the distinction that society makes between domestic and farm animals, to put it mildly. The supposedly highly developed human species still causes so much animal suffering in food production that I can only describe it as inhumane.

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