Are you planning your canada road trip right now?? In this blog post we have tested our canada road trip costs and also give you tips on how you can save a penny or two during your trip.

We have spent a total of nine months in canada with our working holiday visa. During this time we worked almost seven months in the canadian winter in banff (alberta). if you would like to know more about our work in canada, please have a look here. in the middle of june we left our job in banff and drove across the rocky mountains to vancouver island. the most beautiful sights along the icefield parkway you can find in this article.

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Sono motors, one of the most unusual competitors of classic car manufacturers, relies on solar power, battery electricity – and moss. A first test drive.

Rolling solar collector. The electric Sion from Sono Motors is scheduled for market launch in early 2023 and will use built-in solar cells to produce its own electricity for extra kilometers. Photo: Stefan Schutz/Sono Motors GmbH/dpa-tmn

the clouds in berlin’s sky can do little to harm the sion. The solar modules embedded in the body of the black electric car soak up the remaining solar energy. The power of the integrated photovoltaic system can be read immediately on the display of the on-board computer. A rolling solar collector that charges the battery: the car from manufacturer sono motors can travel up to 35 kilometers on pure solar energy – without a charging station and, of course, without gasoline.

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Great, you have found the right car with us. now you get the leasing offer from the salesman of the desired manufacturer. You will receive the offer via e-mail, so please check your inbox daily. We also ask you to check the spam folder.

If you agree to the detailed offer, the seller needs for the next step a fully completed and signed self-disclosure from you for the credit check at the bank. you will also receive these from the seller via mail.

after the seller has received the complete documents via mail from you, they will be forwarded to the bank for verification by the responsible car dealer. Experience has shown that the subsequent credit and document check takes 1-3 days (depending on the manufacturer).

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Informal Sales Contract

An informal business contract is an agreement between two parties with the intent to enter into a formal contract without the seal of a governmental authority or a witness. In other words, it was a mutual decision between two parties that was not officially documented by an agency or a witness – informal sales contract. You can find the template below.

Important components of a contract

To be legally binding, a contract must consist of mutual consent, offer and acceptance, and consideration. In summary, a legally binding contract requires both parties to understand the agreement as well as the terms of the contract so that it can be confirmed in court.

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security for the whole family – fulfill your small and big wishes with a secure feeling.

Flexible repayment

repay your sparkassen personal loan early – free of charge.

special repayments

special repayments are possible at any time.


annual percentage rate of charge from 2.78% to 9.93% p.A. – depending on your creditworthiness
target interest rate from 2,74 % to 9,49 % p.A. – fixed for the entire term
net loan amount flexible: from 3.000 euro up to 50.000 euro – payment in one sum directly to your current account at your savings bank
processing price no processing fees
account management 0.00 euro
term and installment you have the choice: from 12 to 84 months
monthly rate from 39,81 euro to 4.789,20 euro
total amount from 3.047,96 euro to 68.028.29 euro (interest and repayment)
early repayment basically possible – talk to your advisor
credit protection optimal protection for you and your family against unemployment, disability and/or death

*you will receive the application for signature in your electronic mailbox and after signing it you will hand it in at one of our branches. mailing is possible, but will extend the time until your loan is disbursed.

applying for a savings bank personal loan – it’s that easy

  1. calculate your personal loan online.
  2. fill out the application form and send it to us online. We will check the information and send you your loan agreement with all other documents within three calendar days by mail or in the electronic mailbox.
  3. please submit the signed application to your branch afterwards.
  4. The money will now be transferred to your account.

By the way: if you are not yet a Sparkasse customer, you can easily prove your identity by video, at the branch or by using the postident procedure. you can then easily apply for your loan online.

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With a net loan amount of 10.000,00€ and a term of 60 months, two-thirds of all customers receive an effective annual interest rate of 2.69% (59 monthly installmentsà 178,20€, 1 final installmentà 176,18€, bound target interest rate: 2.66 p.A., interest amount 689,98€, total: 10.689,98€). creditworthiness provided, an offer of the Sud-west-kreditbank finanzierung gmbh, am ockenheimer graben 52, 55411 bingen am rhein.

You will profit from it:
your advantages with SWK bank car loan

Secure and verified application process


Car loan with or without final installment and without mileage limit

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Are there still discounts by cash payment when buying a car?

© andreypopov/ istock/getty images

There are still recommendations on the web for consumers to pay cash for their next used car – because of the cash rebate. Time to dispel this myth.

  • car dealers receive a commission for mediated car financing, which is why there is a lot of interest in this payment method.
  • If you pay cash, there is no commission for the dealer.
  • In the event of financing, the conditions should be compared in order to save money.

Cash buyers do not get a higher discount

Dealers first grant discounts on used cars regardless of how the car is paid for. Cash payers should say goodbye to being granted particularly generous discounts. Why? We will explain this with an example:

Used car: cash payment versus car loan

you want to buy a used car that would sell at the dealer for 9.999 euro is offered. The purchase price of the dealer was 7.000 euros, so its margin is 2.999 euro. With every euro he gives you discount, his margin shrinks and he also has the expense of taking the cash to the bank and depositing it in his account.

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Pop culture.De can if necessary. Receive a commission when you buy through links on our site. More info.

Britney Spears

Britney spears is rich, beautiful and one of the most famous singers in the world. According to forbes, the singer has to date amassed a fortune of 215 million US dollars deserves. So far spears has sold over 100 million albums internationally and her success is never ending.

How does britney spear’s fortune come about??

Currently, britney spears earns several million dollars a year with the show "britney: piece of me" in las vegas. In 2017 alone, it is expected to generate 29 million euros have earned and their performances are always sold out. According to the forbes list, she is still one of the ten highest-earning singers in the world.

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Getting car financing without a SCHUFA check is very difficult

It is very difficult to obtain car financing without a SCHUFA check.

A car is usually an expensive purchase, even if it is a used car. If you would like to buy a new vehicle, you will certainly think about it, to be financed. Only stupidly sees their SCHUFA rating anything but rosy. If a bank now checks your creditworthiness, it might refrain from giving you a loan.

Is there under circumstances the possibility, to get a car loan without having to submit a SCHUFA report? And why is the credit check so important for lenders anyway?? We answer these and other questions in the following guide.

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We are here for you!

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Car loan

Our interest ratefairtalk

Our interest rates are calculated independently of creditworthiness – every customer receives the same fixed interest rate for the selected combination of term and loan amount. That means, with us you will find out your actual, final interest rate directly in the credit offer. Without any additional costs.

Green competence

We are the experts in green money and sustainable environmental projects.

Favorable fixed interest rate

Secure an interest rate independent of creditworthiness for your ecological project.

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