Find the right childcare

Reading time: 2 minutes Nowadays it is no longer a matter of course that a parent stays at home with the children as a housewife or husband. Working parents are particularly challenged. Above all, they have to find suitable childcare so that everyone involved feels comfortable in this situation. We will introduce you to the most important forms of care and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Find the right childcare

Some childcare considerations in advance

The topic of working parents has not been the subject of heated discussion since Eva Hermann’s book “The Eva Principle”. Supporters and opponents often fight with violent polemics. Don’t let unsubstantiated claims unsettle you and even less push you into a role you don’t like.

If you want to return to work, your partner should support you. If he does not stand by your decision, you will face major problems. Proper childcare is another important aspect. Think carefully about which option best suits you and your household.

Childcare in the crèche

Children up to 3 years old can be accommodated in crèches or daycare centers. They are offered by different sponsors, in some cases they are also organized by private initiatives. Some day nurseries work excellently and the children receive better support than in some parental homes.

Since children of this age cannot communicate, it is important to critically question the quality of the crèche. Large, comfortable rooms are just as important as an excellent educational concept. Anyone who places their child in the crèche must constantly seek dialogue with the educators. The biggest disadvantage of a good crèche: the few free places are quickly filled and there are long waiting times.

Childcare in kindergarten

Since 1996, children aged 3 to 6 have been legally entitled to a place in a kindergarten. Whereas in the past kindergartens only took in children until noon, many institutions now also offer lunch or afternoon care. A good kindergarten is based on a balanced pedagogical concept.

In contrast to the crèche, the group sizes are much larger. The children’s milieu differences are also noticeable. All in all, kindergarten time is often very stressful for children and parents. The many children are unpredictable and there can be very different problems. If possible, do not take on any demanding professional projects during this time.

Childcare in the daycare center

Elementary school students can be looked after in all-day schools or daycare centers. You get a reasonable lunch after school. Good homework help is important. Too many children are often accommodated in one room. Restlessness and troublemakers affect concentration more sensitively student.

A good crèche is characterized by small groups, generous retreats for the pupils and a varied range of afternoons. Overall, the day care center promotes the development of social skills and the independence of the children.

Childcare provided by a childminder

The childminder comes to the family or accommodates the child in the time to be looked after. She can also take in more children. The great advantage of a childminder is the flexibility in terms of time and the individual form of care. Young mothers in particular prefer to entrust their young child to a childminder. The youth welfare office helps in the search for a suitable specialist with a nursing permit.

With young children, however, parents have to be prepared for a close relationship between child and childminder. There jealousy can creep in.

Childcare provided by grandparents

Parents enthusiastically agree when grandparents take care of their grandchildren. This often works fine, but it also carries some risks. There are often different opinions about the Raising the little ones, and grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren. Only clear agreements that both sides adhere to will help here.

Older grandparents often put too much effort into childcare and are physically overwhelmed with the energy-bursting temperament bundle. If children spend a lot of time with adults, they can easily become old-fashioned. It is important that you regularly play with other children.

Literature on childcare

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