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Find your center in Portugal: From the luxury of the simple

Unwind in the Centro de Portugal

The terrorist refugees have long since reached the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and less suspicious destinations than Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.

No, I’m not talking about the civil war and terrorist attacks, but about the tourists, the eternal terror news have enough.

The people who want to spend their well deserved holidays without fear for life and limb. The fear in the neck is naturally not relaxing, after the holiday again recovered and rested to climb into the treadmill of the profession. And few are so thrill-affine that they still need (negative) stress on vacation.

Alone Mallorca become 14 to 15 million vacationers expected. A package holiday there costs twice as much with flights and comparable hotel as the Turkish Riviera (Jochen Temsch, 08.07.2016, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

It is advisable to have a mind game, as it could be, to meet only 10 (or less) instead of 100 (or 1,000) tourists per day. I do not necessarily speak of the Algarve, which is already known as an alternative destination.

I am thinking more of the Portuguese Alentejo, about which I have already reported. Or to the center of Portugal:

Centro de Portugal

The region starts just north of Lisbon, stretches along the coast until just south of Porto and then goes east to the border with Spain. Embedded are UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Pearls. However, that is not the case today, as I wrote in my travel book published in 1988: Portugal – Reise: Ratgeber für Wohnmobil und Caravan. High time, however, alongside the one presented in this post nature also the Culture to visit the “Centro”: names like Batalha, Alcobaca, Tomar and Coimbra, just to name a few attractions.

At the end of June 2016 I will have the opportunity to touch the spirit of the “Centro” on the fly (4 nights).

Arrival from Terminal 2 of the airport in Munich

Practically, if you hate nothing more than to stand in line, the baggage drop by machine.

Better too early than too late: Terminal 2 is not busy at the moment. The security check is friendly and fast, so I have 2 hours left before departure.

Energy for man and machine

… and of course free Wi-Fi, unlimited

Hot drinks and cool business and daily newspapers

Rest a little before the flight, which takes only 3 hours from MUC to LIS:

On the way, a warm pasta with dessert, with juice and red wine, on the way back much less

Already the coast near Lisbon is in sight:

In the background you can see the cloud layer, which will keep us out of the sun for at least 24 hours

Another 180 degree turn, then we fly over the Tagus:

My journey as a map

Start and end at Lisbon Airport (A + G)

Letter sequence according to the course of the journey

An hour after leaving Lisbon we are already, unfortunately, under a dense cloud cover, which has laid over the country diagonally north of the capital, again on the coast. In A dos Cunhados (north of Santa Cruz) is the hotel for one night, the

Areias do Seixo

The boutique hotel Areias do Seixo (bookable at, for example, Olimar *) has a good view of the sea and is characterized by its creative design using natural materials such as stone, glass and wood. In the restaurant, the chefs use the products from their own greenhouses and the garden.

Entrance to the spa with sauna, hammam and massage rooms

Request: Take a basket and fill it with the products from organic farming!

For sundowners we are invited to sit by the campfire to listen to the guitar sounds, or take a short walk through the fine sand down the slope to the beach, which can be reached in 10 minutes. Thanks to my disability, I prefer to stand on top of the hillside and let the red sunset glass in my hand set the peaceful sunset mood high above the sea.

Photographed by the smoke of the campfire: Magnificent scout mood

For dinner, we meet again at a blackboard, which is decorated like the whole boutique hotel with all sorts of trinkets. There is a choice tonight:

Freshly baked bread is served with olive oil, and a trilogy of butter from cow, sheep and goat is served on a stone. The animals all have a name for the food to come across more personally. A little impractical if you are to share the stone with your neighbor and you regularly roll the butter from the stone to the table &# 128521;

Speaking of naming: The octopus, which later comes to the table, has no name. Anyway, he is being consumed nameless. Just like the shrimp.

Conclusion: After a tasty little appetizer, the squid’s drag on tasteless risotto could not convince me. Much softer was the delicious dessert. The vegetarian among the companions was completely satisfied with his meal. Since you would like to have been vegetarian times &# 128521;

By the way, all dishes are prepared in an open “show” kitchen. Here is the view at breakfast:

The villas of the hotel. Not suitable for the disabled, since there are stairs to be made.

In the lounge on the ground floor of the villa you have unlimited free Wi-Fi. Of course in the other rooms of the hotel in the main building.

In the staircase of the villa

Ground level shower access, but no shelf for shampoo and nothing to hold on. Slipping!


Areias do Seixo
Praceta do Atlântico, Mexilhoeira, Povoa de Penafirme
2560-046 A-dos-Cunhados, Portugal
Tel .: +351 261 936 340
E-Mail: [email protected]

We continue to drive Peniche, where the following is on the program:

  • To the warehouse of the “Atadeiras” (fisher women mending the nets)
  • In the urban market hall to buy vegetables and fish
  • In the fishing district Bairro do Visconde, where we grill fish together with locals high above the sea and eat at a rustic picnic


Peniche is the meeting place of the most famous surfers in the world. Which causes the local tourism authority to print the “Supertube” on their business cards. That would not be very remarkable if we were not the local representative of the tourist office instead of a business card Can of sardines pressed into the hand. With the “Supertube”, the super wave on it. Because it shows what is important in Peniche, namely tourism and the sardine factory.

The coast of Portugal is in by the longest breaking waves in Europe Figuera de Foz become known – the monster waves of Nazaré are also part of it, and of course the Peniche Super Tubes. In Nazare succeeded Garret McNamara from Hawaii, to master a giant wave that is almost 24 meters high: November 1, 2011 has since been held in high esteem among surfers in Portugal.

We follow the small car of our local guide and arrive after the gate to the port to a free place, where a group of pensioners over a 100,000 Euro fishing net hermacht. Not for fun, but to obey the need: The net has holes and must be patched quickly, because such a cutter has only 1 network, and every day without use in the sea means a significant loss of earnings for the owner of the ship.

A place in the harbor had to be found, which is fairly level, big enough and obstacle-free, because the net should not hang after successful repair somewhere and tear again.

And so the ladies and gentlemen sit pensioners and earn a little next to the pension, in which they anchor the net in the toes and stretch with one hand, while the other, armed with a knife-like object, tries to stuff the holes. Here are some snapshots taken in a cloudy sky. But even for sunshine, the pensioner gang is prepared: umbrellas are right at hand.

But now in the urban market hall, where we buy vigorously

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