Fishing trip falls into the water

Fishing trip falls into the water

Symbol image raffle ticket/main prize/tombola © M. Schuppich (shutterstock)

Actually, she won the main prize – but she didn't get anything out of it: Because only men won, a woman in the USA was not allowed to redeem her prize. The congregation was afraid of "temptation".

The joy over the main prize at the annual church raffle of the "Bethel Baptist Church" in Uniontown in the US state of Pennsylvania did not last long: A pastor who drew the prize told the winner that unfortunately the fishing trip she had won would not take place.

Only woman among men

The reason? The 27-year-old would be the only woman among the six participants, including himself. Against the backdrop of numerous revelations about sexual assault in Baptist ranks, this seemed too sensitive for the man of God.

The church wanted to eliminate potentially "false accusations," the Baptist church said on its Facebook page, justifying the decision to avoid any temptation at all costs. As the Washington Post reported Thursday, the disinvited raffle winner declined the parish's offer to participate in a separate fishing trip with her father.

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