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fissure sealing

Fissure sealing in children – The investment in healthy children’s teeth!

There is a meaningful and effective prevention in the fight against tooth decay – especially for kids and teenagers, but also for adults. Fissures are small clefts, furrows, dimples or incisions in the chewing surfaces of molars. In these grooves, which are up to 1 mm deep and 0.05 mm narrow, food particles and bacteria accumulate which are difficult to remove, even with excellent oral hygiene. Especially in the back of the mouth a sufficient cleaning of the teeth is almost impossible and the caries risk above average. In order to avoid an irreversible damage of the permanent teeth by caries, we recommend you and your family a simple but useful precaution namely the fissure seal for children.

Children’s teeth, which have been sealed, are much less likely to develop tooth decay and are also much easier to clean. Already in childhood, shortly after the eruption of permanent molars and in healthy, caries-free teeth of adults, this provision is a worthwhile investment in their health.

Under certain conditions, the sealing of fissures is a benefit that is also supported by the statutory health insurance. We, the dental specialists of KU64, advise and accompany you competently: from the selection of the optimal dental measure for the protection of your teeth (or the teeth of your children) up to the professional implementation and responsible follow-up we stand by your side.

Technique and materials for fissure sealing for children

The work processes and the materials used in the fissure sealing of permanent teeth are considered mature and very reliable. The specialist team of KU64 uses the latest developments and research results of dentistry in this context. The filling material today usually consists of a high-quality, low-viscosity plastic, which is cured with light and fluoride is added to the tooth to strengthen it. Only occasionally does the sealing of fissures use a special cement from dentistry which, although it has good fluoride release properties, is less durable.

For the application of the sealing material a thoroughly cleaned and dry tooth is generally necessary. For optimum adhesion of the seal, the tooth fissures are conditioned with a special acid, cleaned again and dried, and then precisely filled. The curing of the filling is carried out with a matched to the respective plastic UV-like light, which is directed selectively to the treated tooth. For the entire treatment, which is completely painless, 15 to 30 minutes are needed. From this point on the problematic dimples in the chewing surfaces are filled. The chewing surface and the tooth are thus smoother, more resistant and easier to clean with the toothbrush.

30 minutes fissure sealing for years without toothache

Fissure sealing for children, which reduces the risk of tooth decay, especially for molars, is one of the services that require no invasive treatment and are completely painless.

The tooth substance is not damaged in a fissure seal. In order to relieve your child of the fear of properly sealing the fissures and to make it easier for them to go to the dentist in the future, the KU64 team is committed to child-friendliness in all areas. Already the waiting room is like a nursery.

Here, the joy of trying instead of the usual boredom widens and ensures distraction and relaxation. The use of nitrous oxide for anxiety-free treatment under partial anesthesia provokes a feeling of lightness and security in troubled and nervous patients, guaranteed to create a big smile on the face and thus reduces the fear of the next visit to the pediatric dentist. Because this is after the fissure sealing of great importance. The sealed fissures last about 7-10 years and must be continuously checked for their integrity. The repair of a damaged filling is simple and, like the entire treatment, free of side effects. Good dental care, however, contributes significantly to the durability of a fissure seal!

Please contact us! Our pediatric dentists and prophylaxis assistants are happy to advise you on fissure sealing and all other pediatric dentistry services!

Text: KU64, Dentist in Berlin-Charlottenburg
As of April 2014

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