Flea market in kelkheim (taunus) and surroundings in 2020

Regardless of whether you want to sell or buy on the flea market, long journeys are annoying and also not necessary. Flea markets regularly take place in the city of Kelkheim and the surrounding area, so that you can get rid of old things right on the doorstep or buy used items at real bargain prices.

If you do not limit your search to Kelkheim, but consider a wider area, you can visit a flea market at least every weekend and let your junk passion run wild.

Flea market Kelkheim (Taunus) (Hessen)

Flea market Kelkheim today – dates for 2020/2021

All those who spontaneously fancy a bargain hunt at the flea market should look for a flea market in the city of Kelkheim today. On the other hand, if you want to sell, you have to plan longer-term and should deal with the upcoming dates for 2020/2021. Potential buyers are also well advised to plan something in order not to miss an opportunity.

Flea market registration and stand fee

While visitors to a flea market can act spontaneously, you have to plan the sale at the flea market. First you have to look for the dates and then register in time. On this occasion, a stand fee is typically also payable, which is usually based on the size of the stand.

Online flea market Kelkheim

Flea markets take place regularly in Kelkheim (Taunus) and the surrounding area, but it can’t hurt to look for an online flea market. Both sales and purchase are particularly convenient and flexible because everything happens from home. The effort is minimal while you do that Can reach maximum.

Flea market overview

Flea market overviews usually list the next dates from the area and thus provide information about when and where the next flea market takes place. That being said, one should also differentiate between the different types of flea markets. So you should differentiate the following flea market types:

    Children’s flea market Donation flea market Night flea market Street flea market Garage junk

Flea market in Kelkheim (Taunus) in the Main-Taunus-Kreis district

Anyone planning a flea market in Kelkheim, in the Main-Taunus-Kreis district or within a radius of 50 km should try to attract as much attention as possible to the event. This is also possible with the help of the internet.

Flohmarkt.info is, for example, a national online portal for all things junk. Here you can enter upcoming dates and draw attention to the next flea market in Kelkheim and the surrounding area.

Enter current flea market dates from Kelkheim (Taunus) on Flohmarkt.info

Passionate bargain hunters can find current flea market dates from the region here on Flohmarkt.info. You should also keep an eye on the bulletin boards in the supermarkets, posters on lanterns, advertisements in the weekly newspaper or flyers, because this is the only way to miss no worthwhile flea market.

Classifieds Kelkheim as an alternative to the flea market

To used things for the little one You don’t have to go to a flea market to buy or sell a price. Classified ads can be interesting alternatives and make it easy for everyone involved. Sellers and buyers come together in weekly newspapers, through notices or via online classified ads portals.

Assorted flea market with fixed prices

A flea market is usually characterized by the numerous stands behind which the sellers stand and offer a wide variety of things. However, there are exceptions. Assorted flea markets with fixed prices are very popular. Often everything revolves around the child, so that such junk markets often take place in kindergartens or schools. You hand over the things to be sold and then receive the proceeds minus a small fee. On the other hand, as a buyer you can almost feel like you are in a shop and help yourself on the shelves before you go to the checkout.


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