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The 3 best flip flops at a glance.

When the temperatures rise in summer, the time for sweating begins again. Last but not least, this can feel uncomfortable on the feet when they are held in socks and sturdy shoes.

If you like it a bit airier, you should use flip-flops! These are often rather sporty in appearance, but more elegant variants can also be found on the market. If you like it comfortable despite little material, you should not do without cushioning and padding. Find the right pair of flip-flops for summer in our test and comparison table!

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Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * ESPRIT Glitter Thongs Roxy Cabo Havaianas flip-flops
at Amazon *
53 reviews 35 reviews 238 reviews
style fashionable, elegant fashionable, elegant athletic
colour black black black
Additional colors beige White, orange, pink et al White, yellow, blue, purple
Upper EVA is a foamed plastic that can be produced very inexpensively and is relatively durable. Textile
Adjustable strap length No No No
Water repellent No Yes Yes
muted No No No
Washable No Yes Yes
breathable No No No
Padded No Yes No
  • high wearing comfort
  • Sizes are normal
  • very appealing look
  • good workmanship
  • noble look
  • soft sole
  • good workmanship
  • Colors as in the picture
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about ESPRIT Glitter Thongs Questions and answers about Roxy Cabo Questions and answers about Havaiana’s flip flops
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • In addition to sandals, flip-flops are one of the most popular summer shoes in Germany and are slowly becoming socially acceptable.
  • They have no stabilizing effect on the foot, so the area of ​​application should be limited to the beach, the swimming pool and level asphalted surface.
  • In addition to the simple sporty flip-flop, there are also fashionably elegant models for women and men that can be worn to work in the office.

Summer is approaching, the holiday season is approaching and many people are driving to the beach. In addition to the right sunscreen, the right swimsuit and the right swimming trunks, the right shoes are of course also included. No matter if woman or man – in the end the shoes have to be as airy and comfortable as possible. Therefore, flip-flops are particularly suitable for visiting the beach. They are very light, water-repellent and mostly also breathable. If you do not necessarily choose the cheap flip-flops from the discounter, the flip-flops can now be elegant enough even for everyday use or in the office. What you are looking for when buying high quality toe separators respect, think highly of our flip-flops comparison 2019/2020 should show you. In the end, we also want to clarify whether you can drive a car with flip-flops.

1. What are flip-flops?

Flip-flops are fashionable bathing sandals with a thong and diagonal strap fastening. They belong to the category of thong sandals that have been around for millennia. Thong sandals already existed in different types and types in ancient Egypt. In Japan they are known as Zori and are considered classic and traditional footwear there.

The flip-flops or flip-flops have been on the rise for several decades. At first, however, they were available under the name Dianette or bathing sandals. Nowadays, they are also casually called slippers or slippers. The term toe thong is also common in the youth language. Ultimately, however, it is the same type of sandal without straps and only with a toe bar.

Flip-flops have been a registered trademark in Germany since 1997. The triathlete Stefanie Schulze had them protected by the trademark and patent office as toe shoes made of rubber or plastic. Thong sandals made of leather (e.g. from O’Neill or Birkenstock) or made of cork (Birkenstock) are incorrectly referred to as flip-flops. Strictly speaking, however, the flip-flops are a subspecies of the thong sandals, which are made of plastic and are supposed to offer protection from moisture, too hot sand on the beach and athlete’s foot in swimming pools. By the way: Do you also want your dog in summer? B. protect against too hot asphalt, there are also special dog shoes.

2. Buying advice for flip-flops: you have to pay attention to this

More fashion and footwear comparisons from us:

Since there are now various manufacturers of flip-flops, you should consider the flip-flop to buy get advice from our comparison. You can then choose and buy your very own flip-flops comparison winner. You should not be influenced by brand names such as Adidas, Birkenstock, Puma, Nike, Venkon, Esprit, Puma, Teva, Betula, O’Neill, Cressi Swim, Havaianas, Rieker, Ipanema, Tommy Hilfinger or Crocs. Sometimes the no-name manufacturers are fine.

2.1. style

Nowadays flip-flops are no longer restricted to the bathing hall. There are now high-quality toe separators for women and men, which can be used as leisure, work and elegant go-out shoes.

Especially for women, there are no limits to fashion, as the toe separators are decorated with glitter and pearls. The men can of course also choose from sporty-modern to classic-elegant. In our flip-flops comparison, the Havaianas were particularly convincing as a striking accessory. If you are still unsatisfied with the look of your thong, this video can show you how to improve the look with the simplest of means.

2.2. material

In the common flip-flops tests, a distinction is made between three materials that are used in the manufacture. No flip-flop comparison winner can do without them. The following table illustrates the individual advantages and disadvantages of the toe separators made of leather, textile and plastic or EVA.

leather Textile Plastic / rubber / EVA
  • high quality and robust material
  • very soft bridge
  • no pollution from plasticizers
  • good grip in wet conditions
  • noble look
  • high purchase price
  • dry rather slowly
  • soft bridge
  • no pollution from plasticizers
  • good grip in wet conditions
  • low purchase price
  • not very robust material
  • thin sole
  • very low purchase price
  • very soft material
  • very water-resistant material
  • Pollution from plasticizers
  • very thin sole, almost all stones can be felt

2.3. shutter

Simple and fashionable flip-flops from Puma.

The best flip-flops of course have a buckle with which you can change the fit of the toe separators. Especially the high-quality flip-flops from O’Neill, Birkenstock or sometimes Esprit can have such a feature. The simple flip-flops from Puma, Nike, Riecker, Puma, Betula, Teva, Betula, Ipanema, Tommy Hilfinger and Adidas cannot keep up here. Nevertheless, the models can be among your best personal flip-flops, because your own taste is particularly important in fashion.

3. Questions and answers about flip-flops

3.1. Flip-flops are prohibited in the car?

In a report in the 06/2012 issue, the Stiftung Warentest cleared up errors made by drivers. Flips-flops are not prohibited when driving. Those who drive barefoot or with flip-flops do not have to pay a fine. According to the Stiftung Warentest, however against violate the duty of care because flip-flops can easily slip off the gas. In addition, the straps on the accelerator pedal can get tangled. If there is an accident, a fine is payable. Incidentally, the foundation has not yet carried out a flip-flop test and, accordingly, has not appointed a flip-flop comparison winner.

3.2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of flip-flops?

  • very comfortable and airy
  • very practical on the beach
  • noble look
  • rather thin footbed that hardly protects the sole of the foot
  • no stabilization of the foot
  • nothing for everyday use

3.3. Why is the flip-flop called flip-flop?

Good flip-flop from Havaianas.

The name flip-flop (or sometimes flip-flop) is an onomatopoetic term that is supposed to represent the sound when walking. First comes the flip and then the flop, so it’s a flip-flop.

3.4. Who invented the flip-flops?

Toe sandals have been around for several millennia and the oldest evidence comes from ancient Egypt. The name flip-flop has been protected as a trademark in Germany since 1997 and refers to plastic or EVA flip flops. Flip-flops were primarily intended as simple bathing shoes, today they are more of a fashion accessory. They are already available for children. The Brazilian manufacturer Havaianas has particularly distinguished itself with small sizes in a flip-flops comparison. The difference to the sandals is the open cut at the back without straps or straps. Due to their airy design, they can convince as good summer shoes.


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