Flying cheater cars terrorize cod warzone – “i can’t believe what i’m seeing”

The free battle royale call of duty: warzone attracts cheaters like a warm light attracts scurrying insects. Again and again, therefore, absurd gameplay scenes occur in the game. The latest cheater trend is flying cars.

This is the situation:

  • Big, free shooters attract many cheaters – so does call of duty: warzone
  • A new anti-cheat system has been developed and introduced – RICOCHET
  • Nevertheless, there are still cheaters and some of them are now flying over the map with vehicles
  • Meinmmo shows you clips of the flying fortresses and explains why cheaters can pull something like this despite RICOCHET

One bird, one plane? No, a super-cheater!

Actually, planes are reserved for the vanguard modes of warzone. But that can not stop cheaters. They also jet through the normal battle royale with their special "homebuilt" aircraft models.

We are including 2 clips from twitter on this:

At this point you will find external content from twitter that supplements the article.

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What happens there? you can see 2 different views of the same situation. A squad of cheaters flying over caldera and taking full advantage of their "high ground.

"the car flies and there is a cheater on top of it!" – shouts it in the chat. Both players in the clip have no chance against the flying car, which leisurely makes its rounds over the pacific island. By the way, there were also flying cheaters in verdansk before.

What do the players say about it? The comments on the clip on twitter are actually rather mild, almost serene. Basically there are 3 directions:

  • People declaring that warzone will soon be dead exactly because of such actions
  • Players who find this incredibly funny and draw comparisons to "harry potter" or "back to the future"
  • jokers who now link "xbox" or "bill gates" after the announced takeover of activision by microsoft

All in all the mood is quite good, because the clip itself is quite funny. The slow flying car along with the streamer’s screaming "WTF" voice makes many laugh:

    : "i can’t even tell if i would be mad if this happened to me. I would probably laugh my ass off" : "a crossover with harry potter that no one asked for xd" : "sorry, but this is really so funny lmaooo" : "i can’t believe what i’m looking at. "

But not everyone is so happy. Many also ask how such a thing is possible with the new anti-cheat system.

RICOCHET is an analysis tool, not a ban machine

Why are there still cheaters in warzone? The battle royale relies on RICOCHET, a kernel driver on the PC that uses high system privileges to examine interactions between cod programs and other software.

However, the developers have explained that this driver is an analysis tool.

This driver is not officially designed to actively ban players. the program examines cheater pcs, determines the software interactions and the detected processes on a pc from a caught cheater can help to detect other cheaters.

However, the developers do not let themselves look completely into anti-cheat maps. Any detailed info about how the system works, in turn, helps cheaters to somehow circumvent the measures after all.

More questions and answers about the anti-cheat RICOCHET can be found here:

More about warzone on meinmmo:

cheaters unfortunately remain a problem of the warzone. Many players recognize an improvement compared to the time before the new anti-cheat system. Others say there has been little or no improvement.

The developers write that the system is getting better every day. it learns more about cheating software with every cheater caught and also helps to catch brazen cheaters in flying vehicles.

The expectations for the system were high and unfortunately the new approaches to anti-cheat were not always convincing. Whether RICOCHET can finally solve the cheater problem remains to be seen in the coming months.

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