Food and drink accessories for babies, free from bpa

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Hug & Grow also offers environmentally friendly products in the food and drink sector.

If you give your child the independence Teach drinking want, are the Drinking cups from CamoCup the appropriate tools for this.

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Drinking cup: learn to drink independently on your own

The drinking cups are useful if the child is not yet able to use a normal glass. Although you could get your child used to a glass or a cup, you must expect that you should be immediately behind with towels, since it can always come back to drinking accidents. By drinking cups, this is exactly what is avoided, as the opening leads directly into the mouth. The material of the cups is usually plastic, so that the cup does not break even if it slips out of hand. A drinking cup is not necessary, but very useful.

Ecological lunchboxes

Anyone looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic lunchboxes will find it in the ecological stainless steel lunchboxes. Environmentally friendly lunchboxes are lead-free and made from food grade steel.

Food authenticity means that food-safe products are harmless to health due to their physical composition. This is checked in laboratories and items that meet these prescribed characteristics may be labeled as food safe.

Ecological children’s dishes

If you are looking for nice children‘s dishes that are also good for the environment, you will be well served with the products from Becothings. A feeding set consists of two different deep plates and a cup. They are available in different colors. The products are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. They consist of 80% vegetable fiber from bamboo and rice husks. In addition, the products can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and can also be recycled.

Drinking bottle instead of disposable bottle: Everything for sustainability

You can do something good for the environment if you simply cause less waste yourself. Although bottles are now recycled, this also consumes more energy than washing and reusing a bottle. Apart from that, today there are water bottles for every kind of drink. If you are physically active in the nature, need a lot to drink, we recommend the large bottle of food safe stainless steel by Klean Kanteen with a capacity of 500ml.

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