Food for feeding the dog

Healthy food for the dog

Every dog ​​needs food that suits him. Whether it’s bar food, dry food or canned dog food – here you will find tips for healthy nutrition for dogs.

BARF for dogs – how it works!

It takes a lot of patience and a knack for numbers to put together a barefoot BARF ration for the dog. The risk of nutrients being undersupplied or oversupplied is great if the nutritional plan is not tailored to the needs of the dog. Read here what has to be considered at the barfen. , more

Barfen beim Hund: Pros and Cons

The diet of dogs is a big topic. BARF is a method that is intended to mimic the original diet of wolves and enjoys more and more popularity among dog owners. But as simple as it sounds, this type of feeding is not. We show the advantages and disadvantages of raw feeding in dogs. , more

My dog ​​does not eat – what to do?

There are many reasons why dogs do not eat. From pain in the mouth to mental problems, dogs can spoil much of their appetite. As with humans, certain medications and treatments can cause the dog to stop eating properly. Here you can read what can lead to loss of appetite in dogs and what treatment options exist. , more

Wet food for dogs

Wet food for dogs is available today in a variety of flavors and packaging. But not every dog ​​tolerates wet food and not every food is good. What to look for when feeding wet food, you can find out here. , more

Wet food, dry food & Co. – which dog food is the best?

Dog food can be fed in various forms: dry food, wet food or homemade. All types of feed have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered according to the needs of the dog. Learn which feed is best for your dog and how best to rearrange your dog’s diet when needed. , more

How to find the right food for your dog

Dog nutrition is very complex and often a controversial topic. Whether ready-made food or do it yourself – you should consider certain aspects, so that the dog stays healthy for a long time. Learn all about proper feeding and different feeds. , more

Dog feeding in everyday life – when, how often, how much?

The right feeding practice in dog nutrition often raises questions. When and how often should you feed a dog and how do I know how much food my dog ​​needs? Learn everything about feeding practices in dogs and what to look for when changing your diet. , more

Dry food for dogs – what should be noted?

The dog food shelf nowadays has a large selection. Dry food for dogs is available in different flavors, with special properties, for example, for beautiful coat and healthy teeth, or in vegetarian and grain-free form. What you need to look out for when buying dry food and what you will recognize good dry food, you can find out here. , more

What is poisonous for dogs

Obvious poisons such as rat poison or slug pellets pose a major threat to dogs. However, a variety of foods and plants can be toxic to the dog. Find out here about the most important hazards of toxic substances for the dog. You will also learn how to spot poisoning and how best to act in this case. , more

Which foods are toxic to dogs

As you know, with the best friend you share everything. However, with your dog you should make an exception. Because many things that are safe for us or taste delicious are poisonous for our four-legged friends. , more

What nutrients does a dog need??

Dogs take certain nutrients through the diet. These are important for metabolic processes in the body and the energy supply of the dog. Find out what the six basic nutrients are, what functions they have for the dog and what a lack or an oversupply of nutrients can lead to. , more

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