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The 10 best foosball tables at a glance.

One of the most popular pub sports is increasingly finding its way into our home: the foosball table. What works in the bar with beer prices of three to four euros works at home with much cheaper self-sufficiency – that’s how it is Acquisition price of often 100 to 200 euros quickly saved again!

If you don’t have a lot of space in your own four walls, we recommend a foldable kicker that takes up little space when not in use. Practical: table football with lots of balls. So is this Play smoother and the loss of a ball is not tragic. Which tables can keep up at pub level? Convince yourself with the help of our test and product table!

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001



Table football comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Tuniro Basic Maxstore "Leeds" Carromco Tucana-XT Izzy 11Kicker Maxstore "Manchester" Maxtore Glasgow S2 Hudora Glasgow Grüm 71451 Grafica Ma.Ro SRL TOP CLASS Dema kicker Maxstore Mini Kicker Dundee
at Amazon *
78 reviews 510 reviews not yet 17 reviews 110 reviews 418 reviews 16 reviews 2 reviews 43 reviews not yet
Dimensions 137 x 120 x 93 cm 140 x 73 x 87 cm 121 x 61 x 83 cm 137 x 75 x 87 cm 128 x 62 x 87 cm 121 x 101 x 79 cm 119 x 61.5 x 79 cm 140 x 88 x 77 cm 121 x 78 x 61 cm 51 x 8 x 31 cm
Weight A high weight benefits stability. 75 kg 60 kg 19.5 kg 45 kg 27 kg 22 kg 20.5 kg 60 km 21 kg 2.6 kg
adjustable height Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Non-slip feet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
foldable No No No No No No No No No No
Raised corners This means a special design that avoids annoying edges.

In addition, the ball rolls out of the corners back onto the playing field.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Score counter
Incl. ball
  • stable
  • many spare parts available
  • good feel
  • stable
  • noble look
  • Poles run very well
  • incl. cup holder
  • easy assembly
  • stable
  • understandable instructions
  • high quality workmanship
  • stable
  • understandable instructions
  • easy assembly
  • good feel
  • easy assembly
  • stable
  • attractive design
  • very easy
  • good height for children
  • attractive design
  • noble look
  • with cup holder
  • good feel
  • easy assembly
  • high quality workmanship
  • good feel
  • small, space-saving foosball table
  • also available in black, dark brown and with soccer motif
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Tuniro Basic Questions and answers about Maxstore "Leeds" Questions and answers about Carromco Tucana-XT Questions and answers about Izzy 11Kicker Questions and answers about Maxstore "Manchester" Questions and answers about Maxtore Glasgow S2 Questions and answers about Hudora Glasgow Grüm 71451 Questions and answers about Grafica Ma.Ro SRL TOP CLASS Questions and answers about Dema Kicker Questions and answers about Maxstore Mini-Kicker Dundee
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  • Table football is the indoor version of football. The associated sport table football is played here on a football table. So you’re not standing on the green yourself, you’re playing with a team of figures. All in all a weather-independent hobby against boredom and fun for young and old.
  • The most important criteria for buying a football table are the size and weight of the table. The higher the weight of the kicker, the less it can be moved while playing and the more stable it is. The correct height of the foosball tables is important in order to protect your back even with long table football units.
  • Table football has a long history. Today there are both foosball tournaments such as an EM and World Cup as well as a table football world association.

Tell you the labels Krökeln, Wuzzeln, Töggelä, Hackersche or crack something? No? Then we would be happy to explain the meaning of the mysterious words to you here. They are different dialectal expressions for one and the same thing: table football. And that will definitely tell you something. At least if you have been to a pub before and have taken a closer look at the facilities there. But not only in addition to poker cases and dartboards, but also in private households, the kickers are particularly good. On rainy days, in winter, when spending time with friends in your free time or in the home of football fans, who may not necessarily shine as a professional on the soccer field, but who are top scorers at the football table.

Since table football from the The division of pure hobby sports has resolved and has set out to become a recognized competitive sport, the manufacturers of table football are also increasingly recognizing the potential of the sport. And so there are countless foosball tables with accessories on the market today, of which we present a selection in our table football comparison 2019/2020. Here you will find the best foosball tables at a glance. There is additional information on the subject in the following guide to table football comparison.

1. How does a foosball table work??

The dimensions of a foosball field according to the standard of the German Table Football Association (DTFB).

Kickers, like the models from the table football comparison 2019/2020, are used to practice the sport of table football. In table football, two to four players usually compete against each other. As with normal game on the field, the following also applies here: the round must be square. More specifically, the ball must be defended against the opponent and you should try to score as many goals as possible.

Are you wondering exactly what the foosball table structure looks like? We tell you. First of all, to put it simply, the foosball table is a box that stands on four legs. The box itself is lined with a green play area on the inside, which is delimited by the sides of the box. On the two long sides there are holes in the box walls through which the play rods are pushed. There are usually four bars on each side, but today there are kickers that are designed for more people and therefore have more bars on each side. The figures are on the poles. If you look at a kicker from above, you can see very clearly that it was modeled on a normal soccer field.

And here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of table football:

  • usable regardless of the weather
  • similar to board games good against boredom
  • community experience
  • unexpectedly a lot of movement
  • Quality products expensive
  • high weight
  • A lot of space is required if the table cannot be folded

2. What types of foosball are there??

Although very similar at first glance, different types of foosball can be distinguished in most foosball tests. For this reason, in the table football comparison we give you an overview of the individual categories.

Type of foosball table information
professional foosball / tournament tables This variant is often found in pubs or in the very high-quality models also at tournaments. The cost of a professional foosball table is around 800 to 2,000 euros. The tables are characterized by their great durability, high quality and the observed tournament standards. Quality products are available from the manufacturers Leonhart and Ullrich. They are particularly suitable for people who play table football as a serious sport and not just as a hobby.
training tables Training tables are very similar to tournament tables. A big difference here is that they are lighter in weight than this. They are unbeatable for practicing table football performance and preparing for tournaments.
Hobby tables This table type is suitable for occasional table football games in private households. If you want to buy a Tisckicker cheaply, this is the place for you. The prices are usually between 400 to 800 euros. Of course there are also cheaper models. These are more recommended as table football toys for children. There are also models that are equipped with various accessories such as air hockey or other games and sports.

3. Purchase criteria for foosball: you have to pay attention to this

As with any other product you buy, there are a few things to consider when buying Tisckicker. We tell you in the table football comparison what you have to pay special attention to to find the best table football. When looking for your personal foosball comparison winner, please pay attention to the following two things: foosball size and the Weight.

3.1. The size (table height)

The International – a foosball table by Dema.

With the size we start our table football purchase advice. And here is a clear recommendation: If you are larger than 1.70 meters, then the table should not be less than 91 centimeters high. If he does so and they play frequently and for a long time, your back will become noticeable at some point. So remember when buying: 91 centimeters from the floor to the top of the table should be at least. The tables under 90 centimeters are of course cheaper, but still made for children. If the table is to function as a family property, you should buy a table football that is adjustable in height. So it can be used by young and old.

3.2. Stability and weight

Tip: The heavier the better.

Because, the heavier a table is, the less it can be moved even in the hottest parts. We therefore recommend a table with a weight of at least 80 kg. Also make sure that the table legs are made of metal or at least some other solid material. This indicates a particularly high quality and good workmanship.

3.3. The warehouse

We know you will find many models with a ball bearing in your search. And you will probably consider buying such a table. Unfortunately, it is the case with ball bearings that they frequently jam and the rods then slide poorly during the game. Unfortunately, the figures remain angled with difficulty and the midfield and storm poles cannot be raised. So you stand in the way of yourself when attacking. The motto here is plain bearings.

3.4. The playing field

The "home game" model from Live Kicker.

Also take a close look at the foosball table when purchasing. This must not be too smooth and importance should also be attached to the dimensional stability. So the field does not lose its shape after the first games. The following applies to the thickness of the field plate: at least 16 mm.

3.5. The goal counter

With the goal counter you can choose between the electrical or the mechanical variant. The electrical variant with light barrier and digital display is more practical. Because if you are completely honest, you forget to count more often than you admit during the game.

3.6. The accessories

You can buy a lot of different table football accessories in the trade. The table football balls are of course important here. They should be round and without any bumps. Grip tapes for the table football handles prevent slipping, especially with a long table football game. An alternative to this are finger cots or gloves. These also offer important protection against bubbles.

4. Major manufacturers and brands

To complete the information regarding the table football purchase, we would like to introduce you to the most well-known manufacturers. Names like Garlando and Hudora are sure to tell you something.

  • Smoby
  • Bandito
  • Garlando
  • Schmidt Sportsworld
  • Tipp-Kick
  • Dema
  • hudora
  • Tuniro
  • Carromco
  • Heiku
  • Small foot design
  • Ullrich

5. Table football rules

A wooden table football game from Out of the Blue.

If you have bought a product, of course you want to use it. Unfortunately we cannot explain all the rules to you. These are often very different. But here are the basic rules to get you started:

  • At the start of the game, the ball is thrown through one of the ball throw holes.
  • Both hands are on the handle during a shot.
  • Spinning the game pieces is generally prohibited. You turn a maximum of 360 °.
  • A goal also counts when the ball bounces back onto the field, i.e. once it has crossed the goal line.
  • Most games are played until one of the teams has scored 6 goals (however, the number of goals can also be set individually).
  • After a goal, the ball is thrown at the middle row on the side of the team that previously collected the goal. It can also be thrown in from the corner there.

6. Table football as a sport

Table football is well on the way to becoming a recognized sport these days. In Germany, however, there has been a table football association for a long time. The so-called DTFB was founded in 1969. A short time later, in 1976, a European umbrella organization was founded. Its foundation also created the opportunity to hold a European championship. Since 2002 there has even been a global association. And in 2006 the first world championship in this sport was held.

7. Questions and answers about table football

7.1. Foosball table – what ball?

Table football balls come in very different sizes. You can choose between materials such as cork, wood or plastic. The professional balls are made of cork. As a result, they are very soft, have better grip and jump less on the field plate. They are also very quiet. Plastic is suitable for beginners, but also for the more experienced, since the ball is faster and lighter here. The situation is similar with balls with a roughened surface. In general, the degree of hardness, weight, grip and diameter of the ball should always be tailored to your personal playing habits.

Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest has le >Tests by Stiftung Warentest found what they were looking for.

7.2. Foosball table – which game poles?

The playing rods are put under a lot of stress during the game. Therefore, they should be made of a robust material. You can choose between hollow bars, telescopic bars and solid bars in different diameters. The most important thing is that the poles are robust and stable. Solid bars are generally more stable than hollow bars. Telescopic poles are particularly suitable for children because they are very safe and offer a low risk of injury.

7.3. Where to buy foosball?

Table football from our table football comparison are available both in stores and on the Internet. In retail you have the advantage that you can try out the products straight away. The Internet, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to buy a foosball table cheaply. The delivery and a customer rating are also included here. There is also a lot to be found on the net under the search term "foosball table needed".

7.4. Who invented the foosball table??

It is often heard that the foosball table was invented by the Frenchman Lucien Rosengart. Alexandre de Fisterra was granted a patent for this in 1937. The sport then boomed and became well known in the 1960s with the increasing popularity of professional football.

7.5. Table football tips?

Table football tips there are many. Especially for the different shot variants. Dispenser, wrist shot, gang shots or the 2-3-1 Volleypass – the list is long. So why not ask a professional:


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