Football Fairy Lights: an easy-peasy-do-it-yourself recipe

Football Fairy Lights: a simple do-it-yourself guide

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Football Christmas Lights

Just in time for the start of the Football World Cup, many young and old football fans will surely sit in front of the screens and cheer on their national teams. Today I have a DIY soccer light chain for you for the perfect decoration. It’s easy to make, so your kids can help too. For toddlers, crafting is not yet suitable because of the small parts that can be swallowed; but for larger kindergartners and schoolchildren, it is a great job to pass the time until it starts to work out in a meaningful and fun way.

The fairy lights are made in just a few steps and will bring the eyes of football fans to the atmosphere as an atmospheric decoration. The fairy lights are also wonderful as birthday decorations. For years she has been hanging on the bedstead of our boys and as a subtle night light she spreads a warm and soft light while falling asleep. Lamp paper is now available in many different colors and with different designs. Thus, the fairy lights are also wonderful as a gift for little unicorn, princess or horse fans. Incidentally, I used the remnants of my paper roll to transform an ugly table lamp into a football lamp. You see, the crafting possibilities with the paper are very diverse.

Material you need for the football fairy lights:

  • 1 fairy lights with 10 light bulbs (of course you can also take bigger ones, then you have to calculate more material accordingly)
  • 1 roll of extra strong football tracing paper or lamp paper
  • 10 round head or sample bag clamps
  • 1 punch punch
  • if necessary a little Tesafilm, if the umbrellas need more support

I have linked the materials I used at the end of the article.

Instructions football fairy lights:

  • the amount of lampshades required depends on the number of bulbs in your string of lights (here’s 10)
  • cut out the lampshades heart-shaped (the template can be found at the end of the article)
  • best with a punch punch in the top of the screen (see mark / template) make two small holes; of course it works with a punch, but the holes are a bit bigger
  • Lay the holes in the lampshade on top of each other
  • Pass an unopened clamp from outside to inside through the overlapping holes
  • open the clip inside, i. bend the ends apart
  • put the other umbrellas together the same way
  • at the end put the bulbs through the opening of the lampshades
  • If necessary, fix the opening with a little Tesafilm
  • finished

In the same crafting action, I made a football watch for my boys. I used a watch that was printed with an unsightly logo. I opened the clock on the back, the pointer and the underlying logo removed and stuck with a correspondingly large football, which I had copied from the net. Then the hands came back on, the clock was locked and it was done.

What about your football passion?

Are you “die-hard” football fans or are you just watching the games of the German national team? I’m not a big football fan myself. My “men” are responsible for this budget: whether on two legs or on four paws, all are in football fever; it does not matter if with or without WM. However, if the World Cup is due, I let myself infected by the all-around football virus and fiebere with. This year, I’m really looking forward to warm football evenings with friends, a bit of decompression, delicious food, socializing and loud cheering.

To the balls, get set, go!

Who is now suffering from World Cup handicraft, gets this DIY recipe issued by me and should take it in sufficient dose. Have fun after crafting.

I wish you all a peaceful and exciting summer World Cup fairy tale.

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