Footmuff test – comparison 2019 – the best models in comparison

Footmuff test & Comparison – The best footmuffs 2018

A footmuff for the stroller is a win at any time of the year, it keeps the kids nice and warm in the winter and protects them from too much sunshine in the summer and keeps away the annoying mosquitoes. In the stroller, a blanket is not appropriate, the baby could be trampling and is thus exposed to the weather. However, the footmuff in the stroller encloses the child and the right temperature is always guaranteed. By the way, you can also use the footmuff for your buggy for the child seat in the car, it is very versatile. The footmuff for the stroller is available for winter and summer, the winter footmuff warms particularly well and the summer footmuff is particularly breathable thanks to the cotton. However, the baby can not yet tell, especially in the stroller is completely unclear whether the baby is now sweating or freezing. A stroller footmuff can be quickly remedied, he should not be missing in any stroller. The footmuff for the stroller is made especially for babies, the blankets are now a thing of the past. Together with the footmuff, the baby is placed in the stroller, stroller or car seat and it is always well tempered.

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Our current footmuff recommendations

# preview product price
1 Kaiser natural skins 6570825 – Footmuff "Igloo Thermo Fleece", Color: Black look at
2 Kaiser 6570625 – Footmuff "Thermo action", Color: Black look at
3 Universal winter footmuff for stroller, sports car & Buggy | with anti-slip protection, softer. look at
4 BABYLUX footmuff LAMWOOL winter footmuff stroller baby footmuff (55. LEIN Grau) look at
5 ABC design footmuff, "Mountain" look at
6 Zamboo footmuff for infant carrier (fits Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Recaro) – winter footmuff with soft. look at
7 Lambskin Footmuff Natura, anthracite melange look at
8th Maxi-Cosi 8735243110 Footmuff Nomad, blue look at
9 Altabebe AL2203 – 03 Winter footmuff, black look at
10 Thule Footmuff Sport Kids Footmuff, black, for stroller and jogger look at

Footmuff Test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Footmuff test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Footmuff test found? "9 footmuffs for prams in the test"

To the test

Review report issue 01/2016

The winter footmuff for the stroller

When temperatures drop and severe cold gets worse, Thermo is used to keep the baby warm, whether in a stroller, buggy, or sled in the snow. The winter footmuff repels water and, thanks to a warm fleece lining, it is particularly warm and hypoallergenic. It can be closed with zipper or a drawstring, in wind and weather the baby is always protected. The reflectors, which can be found on many models, offer particular safety.

The summer footmuff for the stroller

Especially in the transitional period, the temperatures vary, it is not really cold, but it is very unpleasant weather. Now the summer footmuff for the stroller is used, the inner lining is not quite as thick, so it is ideal for the transitional period. Some models can also be turned into a blanket, just perfect for the summer.

The combination footmuff for every season

These models are not so common, but they exist. They combine a winter and summer footmuff, in summer cotton is announced and a warm fleece lining provides warmth on cold days. All models are available in many colors and with child-friendly motifs. For the summer, more playful fabrics are selected, while for the winter gray, brown or black prevail.

You should pay attention to this when buying a footmuff

Of course, it should be for the stroller of excellent quality and it must be perfectly processed. The handling is very simple, put the child in, close the zipper, and you’re done. Always think of the season, a winter footmuff for the stroller you can not use in the summer and vice versa, it is not. Most of the time you need two models.

The material

For the winter, the stroller can be lined with lambskin, with warming fleece or with synthetic fabrics, they do their job, they are supposed to warm the baby. Which food you choose is relatively unimportant, one of them focuses on nature, the other on the other hand copes well with synthetic fibers. Of course, when the baby is in the stroller, the product for the stroller must not slip, many models are therefore equipped with knobs at the back or they have special straps that can be attached. If the footmuff is intended only for the stroller, that is of course not necessary, but also your baby gets bigger.

The dimensions

Pay attention to the dimensions, the product for the stroller must be the size of your child. The manufacturers always give the measurements, the footmuff for the stroller is very flexible, but he should not stand out too much from the car seat. The footmuff for the stroller may not be too short either, otherwise the baby will not be able to stretch his legs anymore.

The cleaning

Most models can also get into the washing machine, because it will certainly be dirty. Babies are spattering and seldom does the bottle end up directly in the mouth. Maybe your baby is making a burgee and of course the ugly spot needs to be eliminated. Do not panic, almost all models can be washed at 30 degrees and they dry very fast. However, always choose a branded product, renowned manufacturers are: Kaiser, Joolz, Odenwälder, Maxi Cosi, Hauck and many more. You can trust these manufacturers, it is just branded goods and therefore the quality and workmanship is good.

The footmuff is very flexible

You can also use it for the stroller in the buggy and even in a car seat he has his place. Better buy it a bit bigger, your baby is growing rapidly and in no time at all is too small. Of course, you can buy a footmuff with lambskin; it looks soft, warm and the lambskin looks classy.
Unfortunately, lambskin does not pass the practical test, the biscuit crumbs are caught in it and you have to like the smell of sheep. However, if you insist on nature and do not necessarily feel the smell disturbing, lambskin is certainly the right choice. However, they can now also use synthetic fabrics, thanks to the latest technology, they are so advanced that they even exceed natural substances.

Footmuff Purchase recommendations for the stroller

Everywhere you have a huge selection. For example, the thermal footmuff of Kaiser is highly recommended. “Shinny” is available with a beautiful star application and the foot can be completely removed. It is durable and can be used for up to 36 months.

“Monzana” also has a winter footmuff in the program, it is suitable for any stroller, buggy or child car seat. It is waterproof and for small baby utensils, an extra large bag was attached.

“Babylux” offers a winter footmuff with lambskin, here a five-point harness provides security. Transport in the stroller is possible in any weather, the headboard can be formed into a hood and the child is protected from wind and weather.

No matter which footmuff you choose, it’s a welcome aid when traveling with a baby. Whether summer or winter, the baby is always well taken care of and the models look really lovely. Whether uni or child-friendly motifs, a footmuff for the stroller is always an eye-catcher.

The optimal footmuff

The baby should be out into the fresh air every day if possible. Unfortunately, the weather is not always right. The ideal footmuff, however, allows the exit even in bad or cold weather. However, it is indispensable, because thanks to the product, the baby is nicely wrapped cuddly and does not freeze. Whether in a buggy or stroller, it can be used anywhere. The little ones can not move that way, so they freeze easily. It protects the baby from the cold. There are differences in this category. Every footmuff with quality features warms and protects perfectly.

The footmuff is designed not only for babies, but older children who are in the buggy also need a footmuff to keep warm. The exterior of the footmuff is usually made of certain functional fabric with appropriate coating, which is resistant to weathering. There are different models for every season on the market. In many variants, the food can be removed from the footmuff, so that in winter the cuddly food can be used, while it is used without food in the summer. When buying it is recommended to pay attention to whether the footmuff is washable. The footmuff was actually developed as an “accessory” for the stroller. Over time, this accessory is a must. Squeezing the baby into a snowsuit and putting it in the stroller is a stressful affair. How much easier is the use of an appropriate model footmuff. A cheap product with the addition of appropriate blankets is still more practical and keeps the baby warm. Optimal is of course the version with the lambskin inner part, but that is not affordable for every buyer. For smaller children, the footmuff can be closed to the shoulders to protect the hands from the cold at the same time.

Optimal manufacturer material for prams

Some products are padded with down. The high quality footmuff must have the prerequisite that it is not only wind and water repellent, but also breathable. The lambskin footmuff is ideal because lambskin is breathable and thus regulates the heat surrounding the child. The moisture content is automatically regulated. Lambskin is suitable for the whole year, because in the winter it keeps warm, and in the summer the lambskin cools and prevents the sweating of the child. The footmuff made of lambskin is of course washable, but not in the washing machine.

Manufacturer of footmuffs with high quality

Recommended is the manufacturer Kaiser. Sheepskin footmuffs are superb, as is the All Season stroller, which is 100% cotton. Kaiser himself offers this as a top seller. The multifunctional footmuff of Kaiser is optimal, because it is not needed with each growth spurt a new one. Baby’s Only not only presents the footmuff, but the range of products ranges from children’s furniture to carpets and lamps, all for the child. The supplier Altabebe, headquartered in Flörsheim, is among the TOP 10 with its product, Fußsack.


The purchase on the Internet should be considered. The customer can calmly choose the appropriate footmuff and then perform the comparison using the portals. This can be done in the evening, opening hours and overstrained sellers are no longer an issue. If you are not sure, you can sleep one more night and look at everything worth knowing the next day. The footmuff should not be larger than 75 to 85 cm so that it is ready for the stroller. The zipper over the entire length of the footmuff allows you to put it in and out. The lining or lining should be removable at any rate. The care instructions are very important for the mother, because some products can not be washed in the washing machine. For lambskin products a special fur detergent is used. Please note the following points:
• The footmuff must be washable in any case, whether by hand or with a washing machine.
• A two-piece footmuff has advantages in that the blanket can be removed and replaced when needed. The cold and heat can be better regulated.
• There should be several slots for the straps on the stroller to fit properly.
• The size must be chosen before buying, because the products offered are very different in size, also in the category there are size differences.
In the online trade, special footmuffs are offered for the summer. However, the products presented for the winter can also be used excellently in the summer, simply by taking out the lining. Wind and water repellent materials include:
• Techno / structural nylon,
• polyester,
• fleece.

In winter lambskin products are very popular. Some models are made of synthetic, but have a fleece inside or similar inlay. Mothers of babies who have allergy symptoms should prefer to use synthetic fiber balls as filler material when buying. If the material is made of synthetic materials, additional blankets or warm clothing must be used. What is the customer service from the manufacturer? An essential question, because in case of any ambiguity should be given the possibility of a helpful and fast response without waiting minutes on the phone or days of answering the e-mails.

Information provided by comparison portals

When buying online, it is essential to observe the comparison portals and tests regarding footmuffs. The products are rated on the basis of quality characteristics, and ultimately the price-performance ratio is also scrutinized. In the comparison portals, only quality products are assessed. The evaluation criteria are technical data, customer opinions, sales figures, price comparisons and the quality. When buying, the customer should be clear which criterion is decisive, value for money, design or quality. According to these criteria, the comparison portals can filter the right providers. The buyer should consider these issues before making the comparison:
• how much money can be spent?
• Type of material processing.
• Does the expensive footmuff differ greatly in terms of low cost?
• The chosen product is practical or better alternatives?
• Consider customer opinions about the product selected by the customer,
• What is the customer support from the provider.

advantages different versions footmuff
No matter what type and make, it has many advantages:
• warms perfectly,
• protects against cutting wind,
• Rain or wet hardly noticed the baby,
• “growing” models can be used for longer periods,
• Zippers make it easier to remove the child,
• thin fabric footbags have a moisture protection,
• Removable foot parts save time as the child can be put down with shoes.
• Adjustable width.
• Corresponding straps prevent the footmuff from slipping.

There are with every product, including the footmuff:
• Lambskin styles can only be washed by hand,
• Non-adjustable versions (ie not growing) can only be used for a relatively short time,
• bulky product, it is not designed for storage.
• In summer, the heat accumulates in thermo versions.

Arrangement of the zippers

Experts are of the opinion that side zips are ideal because the top of the footmuff is completely open. The baby can be put in without having to stop the footmuff. However, bear in mind that more clothing is being put on the baby, so the zipper may not be completely closed and the cold air can drag into the footmuff. The zipper in the middle ensures that if the zipper is not fully closed, a scarf or blanket can be pulled over the child. However, the disadvantage of the central closure is also to be considered, since the footmuff can not be fully opened and you have to take the footmuff on its side to put the child in it. Experts recommend that the front zipper has an additional closure at the bottom of the footmuff that can be opened on the feet. Dirty shoes do not come into contact with the footmuff.

The “Mitwachsvariante” should not go unmentioned. Universal footmuffs are recommended, because this footmuff fits every stroller, sports car, stroller and can be used everywhere. The multifunction footmuff can be adjusted in length so that you do not have to buy a new footmuff at short intervals. There are versions with a push button system, which makes the threading and unthreading of the seat belts unnecessary. The goal of each mother is that the child is protected against cold and also against strong heat. Four different models, depending on the season need not be purchased. There are countless alternatives that are wonderfully explained on the internet. The customer can choose the appropriate model with the help of appropriate “guides”, usually it is the multifunction footmuff.

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