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An overview of the 10 best winter footmuffs.

So that your child does not freeze even in winter temperatures, it is often not enough to pack it in warm clothes before going out. A warm footmuff provides additional comfort in the stroller, car seat or buggy and also protects against moisture.

Choose one from our test or comparison table non-slip footmuff, so that everything stays in place in the buggy while driving.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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mixed stand

up to 40 ° C
up to 40 ° C
up to 30 ° C
up to 30 ° C
up to 40 ° C
up to 40 ° C
up to 30 ° C
Hand wash at 30 ° C

e.g. Aqua, red
e.g. Navy / sand, red / black
e.g. Beige, navy
e.g. Brown, kiwi
e.g. Sand, red
Brown Green
e.g. Navy, sand
z. B. Gray, Navy
z. B. Blue, Red

Footmuff comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Kaiser – Igloo Thermo Fleece Zamboo winter footmuff Heitmann polar bear Altabebe AL2203 Kaiser Thermo Promotion Kaiser footmuff "Sheepy" Bambiniwelt winter footmuff Emperor Natura Babylux lambswool footmuff TecTake winter footmuff
customer review 1171 reviews 126 reviews 247 reviews 291 reviews 350 ratings 177 ratings 78 reviews 195 reviews 408 reviews 254 reviews
Dimensions (LxWxH) 56 x 44 x 8 cm 100 x 45 x 7 cm 64 x 45.2 x 11.4 cm 90 x 45 x 5 cm 100 x 45 x 8 cm 105 x 48 x 10 cm 110 x 45 x 10 cm 90 x 45 x 10 cm 90 x 40 x 12 cm 97 x 47 x 10 cm
season winter winter winter winter winter winter Womter winter winter winter
uppers polyester polyester Polyester / Fleece polyester polyester polyester polyester polyamide polyester polyester
Lining fleece fleece fleece fleece fleece lambskin lamb’s-wool lambskin lamb’s-wool fleece
For 3 and 5 point belt system
"Anti-slip" move
Drawstring on the head area
Removable foot section
Machine washable
Additional colors
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Yes No No No Yes Yes No Yes No No
  • water and wind resistant
  • can be opened completely
  • fits most stroller models
  • water and wind resistant
  • can be opened completely
  • water and wind resistant
  • reflector strips
  • can be opened completely with three zippers
  • water resistant
  • reflector strips
  • can be opened completely
  • water and wind resistant
  • reflector strips
  • water and wind resistant
  • removable lambskin insert can also be used separately
  • can be opened completely
  • water-repellent and durable
  • Length can be shortened to 90 cm
  • noble look
  • good workmanship despite special material
  • water and wind resistant
  • The front part can be removed
  • water and wind resistant
  • can be opened completely
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Kaiser – Igloo Thermo Fleece Questions and answers about Zamboo winter footmuff Questions and answers about Heitmann polar bears Questions and answers about Altabebe AL2203 Questions and answers about Kaiser Thermo Promotion Questions and answers about Kaiser Fußsack "Sheepy" Questions and answers about Bambiniwelt winter footmuff Questions and answers about Kaiser Natura Questions and answers about Babylux Lambswool Footmuff Questions and answers about TecTake winter footmuff
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
Available at *

  • approx. 56 € To the offer »
  • approx. 45 € To the offer »
  • approx. 43 € To the offer »
  • approx. 53 € To the offer »
  • approx. 60 € To the offer »
  • approx. 45 € To the offer »
  • approx. 52 € To the offer »
  • approx. 41 € To the offer »
  • approx. 60 € To the offer »

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  • The footmuff is a cloth sack for babies and toddlers to protect them from the cold, wet and wind. While blankets are simply kicked off in the stroller, buggy or in the baby seat, the baby footmuff stays warm around the child.
  • Different mechanics make a footmuff usable individually: zippers, cords and flaps ensure optimal adjustment options to regulate heat and wind. As a result, it can also be used for the child seat in the car and is even vital.
  • Footmuffs are divided into the winter footmuff and summer footmuff. The winter footmuff warms particularly well with polyester fleece, while the summer footmuff with cotton is particularly breathable. The 2in1 footmuff works as a winter footmuff and summer footmuff, because, depending on the side, the fabrics are different. The multifunctional bag can be broken down into many parts and adapts to the desired size.

The responsibility increases with the pregnancy and birth of your own child, because this small, weak living being fully relies on its parents. It shakes its arms and legs, smiles, cries or screams until its head turns bright red. For a long time, a baby cannot tell what exactly it wants. "Mom, I’m cold" or "Dad, I’m warm" shows itself in crocodile tears and shouts that can correspond to the decibels of a jet plane. In the stroller and pushchair in particular, it is difficult to assess with the tangle of clothing and excess blanket: is it freezing? Does it sweat Or both?! A practical footmuff can help with targeted heat regulation and protects your child from suffocation and you from hearing loss. If you want to know more about the footmuff, what makes the best footmuff and who is our footmuff comparison winner 2019/2020, then read on in our footmuff comparison.

1. What is a footmuff and how does it work?

The term footmuff initially sounds much more like a soft cloth sack, in which the cold feet can be warmed. But this is a foot warmer. A footmuff is designed for the smallest of us: babies and toddlers. Instead of one or more blankets, the child is put in a miniature sleeping bag that can be adjusted using various mechanisms. The child is placed together with the footmuff in a stroller, buggy, child seat or a baby seat and stays at a good temperature indoors, even when on the go.

The footmuff in action:

problem solution
  • Cord on the head area pulls the footmuff together and protects against cold and wind
  • Zippers and flaps close the footmuff up to the head (mummy shape)
  • soft inner lining protects against heat and absorbs sweat
  • Envelopes are folded away to clear the upper body
  • Zippers can be opened in different areas
  • some footmuffs can be completely converted into a blanket
  • the foot section is made of material, which is easy to clean
  • the foot section can often be removed so that dirty feet or shoes cannot touch the fabric
There is also that Hybrid 2in1 footmuff, that has a summer side and a winter side. Depending on the temperature, the footmuff is turned and the attached fabric warms or is particularly breathable.

2. What types of footmuff are there??

Some footmuffs can be converted into a playmat. Will this be your footmuff comparison winner?

The temperature – the season – is the decisive factor for a classification between footmuffs (e.g. Odenwälder, Bugaboo). However, the difficulty of the names is limited: The Winterfußsack is for the winter and the summer footmuff is intended for summer. Easy, isn’t it? If a footmuff can be used both in summer and in winter, it will be used as 2in1 footmuff designated. Only the Multifunction bag falls out of the role – it is just something special. Find out more in the 2019/2020 footmuff comparison.

2.1. Winterfußsack

If the temperatures drop rapidly and the year draws to a close, the (e.g. thermal) winter footmuff is used. Whether in a stroller, buggy, baby seat or in the snow on a suitable sled, the footmuff keeps your child warm and dry. Not only blankets, hats, gloves and crawling shoes can provide protection and warmth.

Special features of the winter footmuff:

  • often water-repellent
  • soft and warm fleece lining
  • often reflectors attached
  • Head and foot sections are adjustable with a cord and zip

2.2. summer footmuff

During the transition period and in summer, temperatures and weather tend to fluctuate. Nevertheless, it is not freezing cold – and this is exactly where the summer footmuff works well. The balance between heat and cold, sweating and trembling is not easy. With less lining and material, the summer footmuff is definitely not enough for the cold winter days, but ideal for transition temperatures. Some models can be converted into ceilings and offer even more options in summer. Practical: first sleep wrapped up and then picnic on your own sleeping bag.

Colours: There is a baby footmuff in a lot of Colors per model. For the summer footmuff in particular, it is worth choosing playful patterns. The colors gray and black are often used for the colder days and as a unisex version.

2.3. 2in1 footmuff (hybrid)

Rarely there are also footmuffs that take on the task of both winter and summer footmuffs. A very special application of different materials, such as cotton and fleece on each side of the footmuff, make it so flexible.

  • suitable for winter and summer
  • many additional functions because it has to be flexible
  • can often be converted into a blanket
  • problematic in the transition period

2.4. Multifunction footmuff

Must not be found in any footmuff test: summer footmuffs! These can often be used as a normal blanket in the house.

With many zippers and buttons, the multifunction footmuff can be broken down into several parts and thus be long or short. So it fits for babies in small baby car seats, but also as a cozy sack in a stroller.

3. Buying advice for the footmuff: you have to pay attention to that

Handling is easy: put the child in. But what if the child is too big or small for the footmuff? Or if the footmuff is too big or too small for the vehicle? Imagine you have to replace the winter footmuff from the stroller the same winter because your baby has already grown out. Even though you only own the stroller footmuff for 3 months. The footmuff comparison explains how you can avoid such problems.

3.1. Fußsack type

Think about the season. You cannot use a summer footmuff for winter, otherwise your baby will quickly become too cold. Conversely, a "winter sack baby" suffers a heat shock in summer.

3.2. material

If he lambskin Footmuff, the Thermo Footmuff or the plastic Footmuff, all models do their job. One relies on natural warmth, the other on warmth through artificial but specially developed fabrics. If the footmuff lies in the buggy, effective slip protection is much more important. Be it pimples on the back or additional straps, a slipping footmuff can be nerve-wracking. A pure stroller footmuff, however, is less affected. Your baby will also leave the stroller at some point.

Also pay attention to the belt slots, because too few slots (e.g. only 3) make the footmuff for a car seat with the 5-point system belt incompatible.

3.3. Dimensions

A baby footmuff is shorter than footmuffs for toddlers – logical. But the baby shell footmuff or the one for the car seat is shorter than the footmuff for the stroller. Always pay attention to the dimensions so that the footmuff does not hang too far out of shells or seats. The reverse also applies, of course: if you can still gather a footmuff that is too large, a model that is too small is usually useless or can only be used as a foot warmer.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Dry your footmuff!

The footmuff must be completely dry after washing! The cold weather and moisture can lead to hypothermia in your child. Babies, in particular, become hypothermic very quickly. Therefore, always pay attention to whether your child’s skin changes color.

If your child stretches out their arms in the buggy to get the water bottle, then you know exactly: It will be a dirty affair! Either it is playing around too much and spitting or spilling on the footmuff, or a peasant is decorating the pretty fabric. Do not worry. Footmuffs are washable at 30 ° C or 40 ° C and also dry well. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

But should that be footboard Getting dirty, since toddlers don’t just want to lie in their strollers and like to explore the world on foot, is often also problem-free. Many manufacturers (e.g. Kaiser, Altabebe) have attached special material to the foot section so that it can be cleaned quickly even without a washing machine. Many brands have even made provisions so far that the foot section can be removed to allow dirty shoes to dangle directly.

5. Footmuff tests at the Stiftung Warentest and ÖKO-TEST

Always think of a child seat, this is required by law.

The Stiftung Warentest has dealt with the warmth of babies in child seats, more precisely car seats (12/2010). In addition to heated seats for child seats, it has also advertised footmuffs and lambskin bags as suitable. Jackets, according to the Stiftung Warentest, should be removed by car before starting because they reduce accident protection. The seat belts are much too loose over the thick anoraks or ski suits if there is an accident. Since the baby footmuff leaves space for the straps to strap the baby or child under the warming cover, the footmuff is an investment in your child’s safety.

ECO TEST has carried out a footmuff test with regard to possible chemicals (2014). ÖKO-TEST repeatedly discovers products that contain the plasticizer diethylhexyl phthalate and therefore do not meet the legal requirements for baby articles. Especially since babies like to suck on the footmuff and its material.

6. Questions and answers about the topic of a footmuff

Before you buy a new footmuff, we have summarized some other important questions and answers below.

6.1. Fits every footmuff in a baby seat?

Winter footmuff, summer footmuff, stroller, buggy or baby seat? What is used when and in what is really not easy. Footmuffs vary in size from a few 30 cm to over 100 cm in length. In the first year of life, a baby doubles its own body length with similar length dimensions. For this reason, you have to choose a short footmuff so that it does not hang too much out of the baby seat and the baby cannot disappear in it without a trace. If you don’t want to buy a new model every few months, maybe one multifunction Footmuff worth considering:

6.2. There are advantages if the footmuff has lambskin?

If the footmuff has lambskin, it is made of more natural material than most other footmuffs. Lambskin looks warm, soft and elegant – an eye-catcher. However, it brings lambskin instead of many advantages, rather disadvantages: the hair ends up in the clothes, the smell of sheep is initially quite strong and crumbs get caught in it. The lambskin footmuff is only recommended if you insist on natural fabrics and if you do not find the smell disturbing.

Thermoregulation: Furs have the property of quickly warming up when they come into contact with the body. Today’s materials and techniques are so advanced that they surpass this natural effect.

6.3. Which manufacturers are there besides the Kaiser footmuff??

Whether Kaiser footmuff, JOOLZ footmuff, Odenwald footmuff (e.g. the Mucki footmuff) or Maxi Cosi footmuff, many manufacturers bring various practical footmuffs onto the market:

  • Emperor
  • Maxi Cosi
  • Odenwald
  • Bugaboo
  • asmi
  • Altabebe
  • ByBUM
  • Heitmann
  • whiff
  • smile baby

6.4. Is a footmuff stroller or is the footmuff buggy suitable?

Almost all footmuffs are suitable for the stroller. An anti-slip coating is not even necessary here and the footmuff cannot be too long. It looks a little different with the children’s buggy, because the baby footmuff should not slide here. The straps must also be compatible with the footmuff, which is why many manufacturers list suitable buggy models. Long story short: Depending on the category and model, a footmuff is suitable for many things – strollers, strollers, baby seats and child seats (car seats).


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