For a day in the enchanting glencoe

For a day in the enchanting Glencoe

Hardly any place in Scotland is associated with so many myths and gruesome narratives as the lonely Glencoe Valley. The “Valley of Tears” in western Scotland, which became the scene of a cruel massacre in 1692, is now a hikers’ paradise with numerous waterfalls and lonesome untouched nature. A day at Glencoe is enough to see the valley and some very nice spots. However, it is not enough for long walks.

Arrival | So you come to Glencoe

Glencoe is located in western Scotland, about 3 hours northwest of Edinburgh. A popular starting point for a day trip to Glencoe is Fort William. It is a 30-minute drive from Glencoe. The A82 leads directly through the valley. Very worthwhile are all detours in often nameless Stichstrassen, such. For example, according to Glen Etive.

Buachaille Etive Mòr

One of the most beautiful photo opportunities in Glencoe is the waterfall in front of the mountain massif Buachaille Etive Mòr. Especially the Stob Dearg is one of the most photographed peaks in the Glencoe, because the waterfalls pour down to the valley in the picture. From the A82 from Fort William, turn right towards Glen Etive. Do not be surprised that this is a dead end, because after 20km Gualachulain is over with the road. But more about that right now.

After a few hundred meters on the road you cross a small bridge. Directly in front of or behind you can park your car in small parking bays (these are indeed parking bays and not just alternative bays on the single track road). Follow the path to the right and you will reach the famous waterfalls after a few meters. But everywhere along the foot are great photo opportunities.

Three sisters

The landmark of Glencoe is just off the A82. The three peaks of the Three Sisters watch over the valley and are a great hiking area. Unlike in many places in Scotland, there is even a trail to be recognized that leads below the road through the valley.

Lonely Glencoe to Gualachulain

Along the A82 you can cross Glencoe. You can really get to know it on the lonely single track road to Gualachulain. A place as inexpressible as lonely at the end of a 20 km long road. Follow the A82 off the junction for Glen Etive and enjoy! The road offers beautiful views of seemingly untouched nature and left and right of the road water meanders narrower times wider to small and larger waterfalls. On the single track road, you are slow, so plan on spending enough time on this tour. We spent on the 20 km to Gualachulain and back a total of 2.5 hours.

eat & Sleep in the Glencoe

The Cuilcheanna Guest House in Onich (about 15 minutes drive from Glencoe) is run by Kirstie and her mum Mary. A typical Scottish B&B, where you will receive with warmth and warmth. The rooms are all on the upper floor, breakfast is in the guest room downstairs. The location is fantastically beautiful, the large garden and Loch Linnhe behind it provide a great backdrop.

You can eat really well in the Lochleven Seafood Café, at the same named hole. Reserve here or be there when the door opens. Even if the situation could hardly be lonelier: Here it is really delicious and therefore often crunching full.

Have you ever visited Glencoe? Then tell us about your tour in the comments below. We are especially happy about a few hiking tips, as it was not enough for our visit.

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