For all those who have something more in mind

Just a few steps to the long-awaited car, the new living room or the next vacation. The installment loan with attractive interest rates, individual loan amount and quick credit decision.

Tested service

Test winner installment loan DtGV

Financial freedom at the touch of a button

your advantages at a glance

  • 2.500-50.000€ net loan amount
  • 24-84 months runtime
  • Fixed interest rate over the entire term
  • Immediate decision
  • unscheduled repayments and early redemption possible
  • Fast application processing and payment
  • You will find out your personal conditions in the application process

Hanseatic Bank offers the direct loan at special conditions in cooperation with SWK Bank. A possible loan agreement is concluded between SWK bank and the borrower.

hanseatic bank refers you to SWK bank and you agree with the forwarding.

Do you still have questions about the direct loan?

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you here.

The direct loan is an inexpensive installment loan with a free purpose, which you can apply for quickly and easily online.

A few basic requirements must be met by you:

  • You are of age
  • Your main place of residence is germany
  • your employer is based in germany
  • You have already been working for your current employer for at least six months, or. The probationary period is over. Your employment relationship is open-ended and you are neither self-employed nor a partner or shareholder
  • You act on your own account and in your own name. You can do this for others as well, but you have to indicate this as well.
  • You do not have a negative SCHUFA, infoscore entry
  • You do not work for a temporary employment agency
  • Unfortunately, direct loans cannot be made available to the self-employed, freelancers, the unemployed, trainees, students and schoolchildren

The interest rate is fixed for the entire term of the loan. You know from the outset what the financing will cost you, without any interest rate risk.

You repay the loan in constant monthly installments. Depending on the selected term, this is between 24 and 84 installments.

Hanseatic Bank offers the direct loan at special conditions in cooperation with SWK Bank. A possible loan agreement is only concluded between SWK bank and the borrower. SWK bank was founded in 1959 and specializes in offering loans via the Internet.

Hanseatic Bank Questions and Answers

For questions, requests or a non-binding offer, the staff from our credit department will be happy to talk to you personally.

Just call: 040 600 096 430 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except public holidays)

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