For children

for children

Pack of 2: The rainforest ants

Smilingu > Ordinary ants – with a particularly good connection to God! From 4 years.

64 pages in total, punched, bound, 21 x 27 cm, order no. 662594

2-pack: Wimm books

Gripping stories with a strong message. For children from 8 years.

a total of approx. 240 pages, hard cover, order no. 662024

6-pack: radio plays for children from the Old and New Testaments

With accompanying words from Dagmar Berghoff

Professionally recorded radio plays from the Bible for children.

a total of approx. 420 min, 6 x 2 audio CDs, 6 booklets, order no. 662593

Biola and the secret of the old mill

An exciting mouse adventure about hate, prejudice and reconciliation. For children from 8 to 12 years old.

231 pages, hard cover, order no. 662417

Dave and Neta Jackson

Book package: Adventurer of God

Exciting stories about great men and women of God

For boys and girls from 10 years.

1056 pages, paperbacks, order no. 256081

The book of Jesus

The real life and love story of man and his creator. A great comic with wonderful pictures.

271 pages, hard cover, order no. 662465

The great story book on biblical history

Who does not know the biblical stories of Noah and the ark, of Abraham, Moses and the people of Israel, of Samson or David and Goliath? And the stories about Jesus and his disciples, about the crucifixion and resurrection? You can find them all in this children’s bible, but also many less well-known texts such as those by Hagar and Ismael or by Debora. This classic has been translated into over 30 languages.

mp3 CD, order no. 255993

The great story book on biblical history

Anne de Vries (1904 – 1964) knows how to tell the stories of the Old and New Testaments in a very vivid and exciting way. Not only children, also adults are fascinated by his way of telling.

736 pages, hardcover, order no. 255648

Bound, order no. 662156

The best friends

Together with some best friends from the Lindenhof boarding school, Hanni and Nanni go on a school trip to Mallorca. Of course they have a lot of fun on the Spanish island in the Mediterranean. But immediately after their arrival, something exciting happens .

Bound, order no. 662540

The Bible for children

The most famous stories from the Old and New Testaments can be found in this children’s Bible.

319 pages, hardcover, order no. 662323

This article is le >

the Christmas story

Box with 8 characters and a story book with short texts and pictures for your own Christmas crib

10 pages, cardboard picture book, order no. 661699

dragon fear & heroism

Theo has no friends at school anymore. Ironically, with the dangerous classmate Ben, he has to work together in a class project. Together they should get to the bottom of the riddled dragon saga. Can it go well?

240 pages, hard cover, order no. 662184

Jungle Doctor – 12 volumes in one package

All 12 volumes of the popular "Jungle Doctor" series by Paul White as a package – exciting stories from the African mission and animal fables. For children and adults

a total of 1,472 pages, paperbacks, order no. 255092

Happy days for Hanni and Nanni

Bored at boarding school Lindenhof? There will never be! No wonder, because the twins Hanni and Nanni always think of something that will bring a breath of fresh air into boarding school life. And once again, one event chases the other .

Bound, order no. 662542

Hanni and Nanni – The runaway

The cat Minka has given birth! Hanni and Nanni look for them in the shed. But when they climb onto the old floor, they are terrified: a strange girl is crouched in a corner. It is called Cindy and is fully booked from home. What just happened The twins develop a daring plan: they want to hide Cindy in Lindenhof .

Bound, order no. 662547

Hanni and Nanni – luck on four paws

Hanni and Nanni and their friends make a dramatic discovery at the bus stop: three small puppies of dogs! Exposed! When they hand over this heavy heart in the animal shelter, the pupils immediately recognize that an embellishment campaign urgently needs to be started. They collect donations for this at the village festival. The plan works, but where to put the animals while their home is being cleaned up? Lindenhof becomes a dog sanctuary for a short time, but the adventure doesn’t end there. Hanni and Nanni track down an irresponsible breeder. Did he leave the puppies to themselves? And can you actually convict him??

Bound, order no. 662546

Hanni and Nanni find a treasure

The new half-year begins with a lot of hustle and bustle for the twins Hanni and Nanni. At night and in fog, five new arrivals arrive at the boarding school. But they don’t want to reveal what leads the spirited sisters to Lindenhof! And then suddenly a mysterious rumor keeps the whole school in suspense: a treasure is said to be buried in the park. Instead of the expected gold, the friends find something completely unexpected. and one thing becomes crystal clear to them: friendship is the greatest treasure.

Bound, order no. 662545

Hanni and Nanni have a party

It’s a shame to have a birthday like Hanni and Nanni during the holidays. Ade, you beautiful midnight party! But this year the twins came up with something special for the time at the Lindenhof boarding school: a party in the green, together with their friends. Of course, this is not without surprises .

Bound, order no. 662548

Hanni and Nanni are coming out big

Hanni and Nanni have become Head Girls at Lindenhof boarding school. Together with others from their class, they look after younger students. They entrust their worries and needs to them. Hanni and Nanni are appalled when the details of these discussions come to the public. But it soon becomes clear who has revealed the secrets .

Bound, order no. 662543

Hanni and Nanni save the girl’s honor

In the Ravenstein boys’ boarding school, the classrooms have to be renovated after a fire. But where to go with all the students? Ms. Theobald offers her help: A bus should take her to Lindenhof every day. When the Lindenhof girls learn the news, they are not enthusiastic – lessons with boys? That can be cheerful! Hanni and Nanni and their friends are fed up with the cheeky nature of the new ones. A plan to save the honor of girls is needed! But then everything goes very differently than expected .

Bound, order no. 662544

Hanni and Nanni are great

The boarding school students are completely thrilled with excitement. That can not be true! Again Hanni has thrown a goal for the sports team of Lindenhof in handball. But none of the spectators suspect that there is a secret to this competition .

Bound, order no. 662541

Hanni and Nanni and their guests

Ms. Roberts is missing from the Lindenhof boarding school. Hooray, geography now fails! But then comes the big surprise: the teacher has inherited an old holiday home from her aunt, the Fuchsenmühle. And now she is looking for helpers. Hanni and Nanni are enthusiastic and want to take part immediately. Exciting holidays await them.

Bound, order no. 662549

John Bunyan’s pilgrimage in pictures

Edition for children

For 300 years, John Bunyan’s "Pilgrimage to Eternal Beatitude" has been one of the best-known books in world literature. In this book this old story about the path of the Christian to the goal for children and adults is shown and explained in pictures. A good help for Sunday schools and children’s lessons.

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