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Get out of the comfort zone and live from Hartz IV for three weeks. RTL2 transplants three supposedly wealthy couples into a subsistence life. Does this self-experiment increase understanding of the social fringes? Not with these celebrities. But they also experience that there are worse things than little money.

Three couples face the RTL2 social experiment. "Life of Hartz IV: How are people who are used to living in luxury and for whom money does not matter?" Worries the broadcaster. Life in poverty shouldn’t be that unusual for the selected RTL 2 celebrities. Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein, for example, grew up in a social hotspot in Regensburg as a child, at that time as Karl-Heinz Böswirth. The trained insurance agent was ennobled by adoption. He is part of “Celebrities on Hartz IV” for the second time, this time with new friend Sylwia. Even the second nobleman on Hartz IV is not blue-blooded by birth. Prince Mario-Max zu Schaumburg-Lippe regularly makes his relatives foam. This has been trying for some time to prohibit him from using the family name. With the third couple in the set, Matthias Fella-born Mangiapane lived in the RTL jungle camp in 2018. In comparison, the Hartz IV rule set offers a life in rush.

The fellas blaspheme about helpful neighbors

If only there were not the unusual prefabricated building in Berlin-Hellersdorf. And the gay couple has to do everything on foot. "Hubert’s diabetes doesn’t do that," Matthias regrets his partner, who is stretching out on the mattress. Challenge of the week: The two have to write a resume – and that without their own computer. It’s a good thing that they met a couple in the “Klabautermann” pub who liked to gamble on the computer – and readily provided their hardware to the glamor couple. The Hartz rehearsal visits a real Hartz IV life: three rooms, three televisions and an unfulfilled desire for children. As soon as the fellas have drawn their résumés on the borrowed stick, the false friends blaspheme. "I think it’s bad that they want to have a child. Does that make a Hartz IV apprenticeship? ”Matthias says. And Hubert adds: “They laugh about families who go to work and only one TV to have."

The greatest plague for Prince Heinz: foster children visiting

In the noble social case of Heinz Fürst Sayn zu Wittgenstein, the friends of the girlfriend come to visit the camping site. The fat prince has to sleep in the tent, the teenage brat sits down on his camping chair and teaches him in broken German: "Family is for sharing." When shopping, Prince Heinz rediscovers his heart for children. "Too much, too big," his Polish business manager warns time and time again. "For the children," Prince Heinz says. Purchasing promptly exceeded budget – and was no fun. "First you have to look at the money, then you buy the cheapest and then I have to drag it along," the Prince complains. And no butler far and wide. In order not to forget his actual status, the 65-year-old wears an XXXL T-shirt with a crown and the print Prince Heinz SW. This is how it goes to work in agriculture. Weed plucking in the beet field at 35 Degree in the shade. Hartzer have a hard time. The prince does not find. “People are motivated to do nothing. You have to verbally kick your ass. It will now after Give a show a shit storm – I don’t care, ”says Ihro Durchblick. Because he has a really hard time as foster father. "Do you have children?" He asks the stunned saleswoman. "It’s nice that I’m not the only fellow sufferer."

Worse than little money: the roommates

Noble number two has an even bigger problem than money worries in his flat share in Bremerhaven: Dauerzoff with “Love Island” TV star Natascha. The prince doesn’t want to clean, the Prince scolds as he, scrubbing ahead, wipes the stairs from top to bottom. On the tour of Lehe with Hartz IV recipient Jenny, the flat share problems seem ridiculous. Jenny’s daughter’s kindergarten: burned down. At the next corner: brutally attacked. At home: fire in the neighboring apartment. "I can’t go on," says Jenny. The prince shakes his head at the fire ruin. Natascha has consolation ready and holds her tattooed arm in front of the desperate. "Here it says: ‘Hope dies last’. You shouldn’t give up. ”Somehow something went wrong in the social experiment.

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