Ford ka: equipment for child seat assembly – isofix – safety – ford ka operating instructions

The vehicle is specially equipped for the assembly of the universal child seat Isofix, a new European standardized system for the transportation of children.

A mixed installation of normal and Isofix child seats is possible. A child seat is shown in Fig. 9 as a pure example. The Isofix Universale child seat covers weight group 1. The other weight groups are covered by the special Isofix child seat, which may only be used if it has been specially designed, tested and approved for this vehicle (the list of vehicles is included with the child seat).

Due to the different latching system, the child seat must pass through the corresponding metal rings A-Fig. 10 are attached, which are located between the backrest and the rear seat cushion. After that is the upper belt (available together with the child seat) after the Remove the parcel shelf on the corresponding ring B-Fig. 11 between the back of the back seat and the carpet of the

To attach the trunk. Do not use ring B to fasten other objects.

It is recalled that in the case of Isofix Universal child seats, all with the lettering ECE R44 (R44 / 03 or newer) "Isofix Universal" approved seats can be used.

The Lineaccessori Ford offers the Isofix universal child seat "Duo Plus" on.

For all further details on installing and / or using the child seat, please refer to the "instructions", which comes with the child seat.

    Only mount the child seat when the vehicle is stationary.

The seat is properly anchored in the holders when you hear an audible click. In any case, consider the instructions for assembly, disassembly and positioning that the manufacturer of the child seat is obliged to deliver with it.

  • If a universal Isofix child seat is not correctly fastened with all three anchors, the child is not properly protected. In the event of an impact, the child is at risk of serious and fatal injuries.
    • Suitability of the passenger seats for the use of the isofix child seats
    • Instructions for the safe transport of children
    Suitability of the passenger seats for the use of universal child seats
    Suitability of the passenger seats for the use of the isofix child seats
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