Foreign health insurance for your baby

If you are traveling with a baby, reliable international health insurance is particularly important. Because toddlers are more sensitive to climatic changes, travel stress, strange food or unknown germs than adults. Shows your baby first Symptoms of illness, go directly to the doctor. If your baby gets sick on vacation, you naturally want the best possible treatment – and don’t worry about high treatment or medication costs. Our international health insurance for families effectively covers you and your toddler for all eventualities when traveling. It also includes the real-time emergency card, with which we pay the costs for doctors and medicines for you directly on site – without you having to advance a cent

Foreign health insurance baby: Our offers for you

International health insurance reimburses your medical and hospital expenses when you travel.

With incoming insurance we secure foreign visitors in Germany and the EU / Schengen area.

We protect expats from high medical and hospital costs for the duration of their long-term stay abroad.

Travel protection for all those who travel longer than three months and want to enjoy comprehensive travel protection.

Our partner MAWISTA offers international health protection for students, language students and interns.

The only travel insurance that pays on the spot in the event of damage. Fast and without advance payment.

Insure the baby abroad with our family travel insurance

With Allianz Travel, an insurance policy is enough to insure you, your partner and your baby abroad. If you take out our travel insurance for families, in the event of illness we will cover the costs of the doctor and medication and the repatriation of the sick for each family member if this makes medical sense.

With our family travel insurance, there are two (also unmarried) adults plus any number of their own children up to and including 20 years as well as a maximum of six non-own children up to and including the age of 20. So you can enjoy your holiday with your baby fully insured.

This is how extensive family and baby are insured abroad

If your baby needs inpatient treatment while on vacation, it is important that the parents can be there – both for you and for the child. Our international health insurance therefore offers you a rooming-in service. So parents can spend the night in their baby’s room and stand by their side. In addition, during your stay abroad, we will cover the costs of …

  • inpatient treatments and operations
  • outpatient medical treatment and surgery
  • Medicinal treatments and medicines, if they are medically necessary
  • transport to the doctor or to hospital and back to the accommodation if necessary
  • a medically sensible, not first of all an absolutely necessary repatriation
  • analgesic dental treatment and repair of dentures

A big advantage: thanks to the real-time emergency card, which is also included in our travel health insurance, you don’t have to spend a cent. One call to our 24-hour assistance is all it takes to load the required amount onto your card – you can conveniently pay without making any advance payments.

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