Foundation stones »what prices are usual?

Foundation stones – what prices do you have to expect?

Foundation stones have far more uses than you would expect at first glance. Which prices you have to expect for foundation stones and what price differences there may be revealed in detail by the cost check expert in the interview.

Question: What do you need foundation stones for??

Cost check-Expert: For a base substructure, for example, support timber is laid on foundation stones. They are held securely there, the stone then stabilizes the foundation, while he himself lies in a gravel or gravel layer.

Foundation stones are a fast and good solution here that is stable but can be quickly removed. Such substructures and foundations are very often used in the construction of wooden terraces. In addition, smaller garden sheds and wood sheds are often placed on this type of foundation.

Foundation stones are often used in terrace construction In many cases, such foundation stones can also be used for other foundation applications, for example for basement construction, for example as formwork for a strip foundation or as a circumferential edge in the casting of reinforced concrete floors. For this reason, they are often found under the term “shuttering stones”.

For the concreting of a Drempels in the roof area, the stones, just as in the Kellerbau, simply provided with reinforcements and filled with concrete.

Question: What do foundation stones cost in general??

Cost check-Expert: The prices can vary and depend on the stone itself and its execution.

For simple concrete blocks for a Holzbalkenauflagage in a fairly common size of 22 x 17 cm you can of prices from around 6 EUR per stone go out.

With higher quality and special designs, however, the prices generally increase significantly.

For pure shuttering stones, the prices start at around 2.50 EUR for stone formats of 50 x 25 cm and a height of around 20 cm.

stone price
Foundation stone for terraced construction 5,99 EUR
Foundation stone 50 x 25 x 17.5 cm 2,69 EUR
Foundation stone round for assembly method, diameter 20 cm 19,20 EUR
Foundation stone round for assembly method, diameter 25 cm 33,72 EUR

Depending on the type of use, other stones are used The table overview already shows that you always have to pay close attention to what kind of stones you need or can use. For larger quantities you often have to reckon on the prices for delivery and shipping costs – this can often make a purchase much more expensive, depending on where you order.

Question: What are the basic prices for the foundation stone??

Cost check-Expert: Well, first of all, for what purpose they are intended. In addition, the following points also play a role:

  • the size of the stones
  • the concrete quality of the stone
  • the execution of the stone (normal stone, endstone, etc.)
  • the ordered quantity

Question: To what extent does the size of the stones influence the price??

Cost check-Expert: As with all concrete blocks larger stone formats can often increase the price quite quickly.

This is also reflected in our table above: an increase in diameter from 20 cm to 25 cm – so 20% more expensive the price to almost double. In our example, the price increase is 75% with an increase in size of only 20%.

The motto here is many: use as small formats as possible.

Question: How far does the quality of concrete play a role in the price??

Cost check-Expert: In some cases, high-quality stones are needed, which also have a guaranteed, high strength. This is also important in foundation construction.

The quality of the concrete has a major impact on the price Higher, tested qualities – such as C25 concrete bricks – are usually more expensive than bricks with lower concrete quality. Such stones are often found under the term “Schalstein”. The concrete quality of these stones is important for the load-bearing capacity. If a foundation is built with it, the load-carrying capacity of the stones is also included – that’s why it has to fit exactly. In general, however, the construction planner or the structural engineer prescribes the type of stones in these cases anyway.

Question: Are the stones also differently expensive depending on their execution?

Cost check-Expert: Yes, there are slight price differences again and again. But they are not serious. Nevertheless, the so-called normal stones or middle stones usually cost slightly less than, for example, an end stone.

Question: What effect does the order quantity have on the price??

Cost check-Expert: A very high – it makes a significant difference in price, whether you buy a single stone or a whole range.

Price differences can be quite significant here. In many cases, offered prices are only valid if you actually take off an entire pallet (this is often the case even for individual DIY stores, for example)..

Tips & tricks

Always pay attention to the delivery conditions when you order building material online. Shipping costs can sometimes be very high, in some cases, the shipping costs for small order quantities would even exceed the value of goods.

As a rule, however, you can no longer return an order made by you due to excessive or disproportionate shipping costs – so make sure you pay close attention in advance to what the online retailer charges for shipping costs. In our example, the formwork block can only be ordered as a pallet quantity – the shipping costs in this case are 99 EUR. Of course, this has a significant effect on the price.

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