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Power women work for the fashion revolution

What do power women have to do with the fashion revolution and why stress seems to be a German invention you will learn in this post. […]

Ecological knitting dolls with hypoallergenic filling material

In development: handmade knit dolls made of cuddly organic cotton and hypoallergenic filling material. Chill n Feel will soon introduce dolls that are unique in the market. […]

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Welcome to

Our Mama Ocllo becomes self-employed – between packing bags and the last preparations for Chill n Feel is at the start. Welcome, bienvenidos! […]

Mama Ocllo turns Chill n Feel

Today a certificate from the Patent and Trademark Office has reached us. A reason to let the glasses sound. Chill n Feel is legally protected and a cute sloth will soon be […]

Our material: Fair traded baby alpaca wool

Baby alpaca is one of the most valuable and most appreciated wool types worldwide. The warm, extra fine woolen fleece of the dainty Lama relatives has a naturally silky shine like Pima cotton and becomes […]

Wedding photography in Rosenheim | Mom, show me some pictures

This post is a tribute to our great photographer Kathrin Pitsch, who accompanies us with her camera since our first shoot. In addition to baby clothes, Kathrin photographs weddings in and around Rosenheim. […]

Nostalgic raffle for the beginning of school

On Instagram, our Nostalgia Give Away will start soon, where you can win one of three high-quality sets for your ABC shooters. Have a look today, from 20 o’clock on […]

TwinkleK > August 12, 2018 | Martina

Crash, boom, bang … far too quickly children are overlooked in traffic, especially in low light conditions. TwinkleKid provides with reflective caps and backpacks for more safety on the road. […]

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Barefoot boots by Wildling Shoes

So tiny, so fragile, so worth protecting are the little baby feet that are slowly being prepared for their responsible job of carrying the weight of a full-grown human for a lifetime. […]

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“Help me to do it myself!” | Development work in the Andes

You wonder what the guiding principle of Montessori education has to do with development work? I’ll tell you the example of our work in Peru, where I see the connection. […]

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