Free baby samples, free toddler samples, free product samples for pregnant women and mothers

Gummy bears in the test – 100 product testers per month

Denis 12.01.2020 available

We like to eat gummy bears! After all, these softies are really cute. Now you have the chance to become a gummy bear tester. All you have to do is register as a prospect and keep your fingers crossed. 100 test packages are sent to gummy bear testers per month. Participation in the test campaign is of course free of charge and non-binding.

Free cuddly soft and cute comforter from Sigik > by

Denis 08.01.2020 available

As a small welcome gift for your registration with Aptawelt, you will receive a cuddly soft and cute comforter from Sigikid. In addition to exciting newsletters, you can look forward to product samples and coupons. Participation is free and non-binding.

Pampers product samples for free + coupons

Denis 06.01.2020 available

With the Pampers program, pregnant women and young parents can secure numerous advantages. This is how you get Pampers product samples, take part in competitions, receive a voucher worth 50 euros and receive a free T-shirt for the birth of your baby. An annual supply of Pampes diapers is raffled off among all new registrations.

Baby welcome gift for free

Tanja 01/01/2020 available

Voucher + surprise will be given to all members of the SPIELE MAX baby club. As a member you will also receive valuable Information and Checklists for pregnancy and afterwards. Register for free and secure the welcome gift for your baby! You will of course receive the free gift appropriate to the age of your baby / child.

Product testers wanted for diapers

Denis 22.12.2019 available

In this product test campaign you can try out and test the new Wunder diaper for free. Simply click on "to offer", register for free and apply for this test campaign. Of course, this offer is aimed exclusively at young parents or parents-to-be. The selected testers receive a free package full of diapers.

Nestle Babyclub – welcome pack with product samples

Denis 20.12.2019 available

Those who register at the Nestle Babyclub can look forward to a welcome package with valuable product packages and discount coupons. Membership is completely free. You also take part in the regular sweepstakes, in which a baby outfit worth € 100 is raffled off every month. In addition, you will receive newsletters with useful information for the age of your baby.

Test baby products for free

Denis available on December 19, 2019

As a new parent, you know how expensive Pampers quality products are. So this test may be just right for you. Because here you can try out the latest baby products for free. Please fill out the participation form completely. With a little luck, you will soon receive a free trial package sent home.

Globus Babyclub: welcome gift + birthday surprise

Denis 16.12.2019 available

Special offers and promotions for you and your child await you in the Globus Babyclub. You will also receive a welcome gift and a great surprise for the birthday of the first and second birthday. After the free registration you will receive an email with which you can pick up the surprise gift printed out in the Globus Markt.

Order your pocket-sized game book for free

Denis 12/12/2019 available

Order now the game and fun game book with numerous games on the website of On 67 pages you will find a lot of game instructions for ball games, running and perception games up to funny counting rhymes. Simply place the game book in the shopping cart and enter the shipping address. The game book will be sent to you free of charge and without shipping costs.

Free birthday gift from Vedes for children between 3 and 11 years

Denis 09.12.2019 available

Anyone who registers at the Vedes Birthday Club with their child between the ages of 3 and 11 will receive a free birthday gift every year in a Vedes toy store near you. There is always a choice of two Lego toy sets for a girl or boy.

User deals

Here you have the opportunity to post deals, product samples and offers yourself free of charge.


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Order SIM cards for free

♣ Free SIM cards for O2, Telekom and Vodafone with starting credit. Get an O2 free card, an Xtra prepaid card or a CallYa SIM cell phone card. Ordering and sending the SIM cards is generally free of charge. Compare the three major mobile operators on their services and costs.

Fill your own wallet with a market agent

♦ Earn money by filling out online questionnaires at Marketagent. Register for free, take surveys and fill your wallet. Serious market research – participation is completely free and can be ended at any time.

Become a test driver – arrange a test drive

Are you a passionate driver and like to test new car models? Then you will definitely find vehicles with which you would like to take a test drive. You have the choice between different models. The test drive is free and non-binding.

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