Free braces

Dentists specializing in free braces

Dentists specializing in free braces

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How do I get free braces?

For most children, dentists today can identify tooth and jaw misalignments very early, and therefore one free free braces recommend at the right time in order to quickly bring visible crooked teeth into their correct positions. To help children and adolescents regain a straight and symmetrical smile, dentists have a wide range of orthodontic devices at their disposal, including devices made of metal, white ceramic, or even transparent, almost invisible plastic.

Once a patient has opted for dental braces, he or she draws up an individual therapy plan with the dentist that usually includes the following steps:

Diagnosis and planning – Taking photos and dental impressions in order to create custom-made braces and a detailed treatment plan with software support

Braces handover – An approximately one-hour appointment to precisely adjust the finished braces and, in the case of a stuck device, to attach them carefully to the bit

follow-up appointments – Check-out visits are necessary every 6 to 8 weeks for removable braces, while check-ups at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks are advisable for fixed braces

retention – In order to obtain the final result of the braces treatment, patients receive customized retention splints, which you should wear regularly over the long term

When do I need braces?

Generally, orthodontic treatments take place in children between the ages of 10 and 13 when either the dentist or the child’s parents notice abnormal tooth or jaw misalignments. In very severe and clear cases, early treatment between the ages of 6 and 7 may be necessary. The exact point in time at which treatment begins depends directly on the degree of hardness of the misaligned teeth and must be set much earlier in the case of misaligned jaws than for pure misaligned teeth. Whether a dentist prescribes a removable or a fixed brace for a patient depends entirely on the extent of the required tooth movement – in general, the more teeth need to be moved, the more advisable a fixed brace becomes. The treatment time is also heavily dependent on the necessary orthodontic measures and can range from a few months for minimal malpositions to 3 full years with significant tooth and jaw misalignments.

When is braces free??

Austrian health insurance companies cover the entire cost of braces for children with massive misalignment of teeth. Children can do this so-called free braces, or free braces, get if the following requirements are met:

  • The treating dentist is a contract partner for orthodontics
  • The patient is under 18 at the start of treatment
  • Massive misalignment of teeth (grade IOTN 4 or 5)
  • The clasps used are not cosmetic (no “white brackets”)

Even those who have already started orthodontic treatment can switch to free braces if the above requirements are met at the time of the change.

It is important to know that braces are only free of charge for contracted dentists – health insurance companies have been covering 80% of the treatment costs for adolescents with severe misaligned teeth up to the age of 18 since 2015 (and the remaining 20% ​​if treatment is successful). If a patient seeks treatment from an elective doctor or private doctor, a full reimbursement of costs is not guaranteed and the health insurance companies then pay in accordance with the applicable contractual tariffs.

Should a brace break, up to two repairs are free of charge. From the third time, all further repairs must then be approved by the health insurance company responsible.

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