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If you are a vehicle owner who is considering selling your beloved vehicle and looking for a new one, you often lack a sense of realistic vehicle values. When valuing a vehicle, it is important to take into account not only vehicle-specific aspects, but also changes in market prices and differences in vehicle type and equipment. The car dealer or buyer is in turn guided by his own interests. But don’t worry, because as a member of the ACV you can get a free vehicle valuation for your used car on request. This gives you a stronger basis for price negotiations and provides you with a realistic value, for example, for arranging the trade-in or determining the financing requirements for the new vehicle.
We will be happy to explain to you in the next paragraph how the vehicle valuation is carried out by the ACV and which steps are necessary for this.

Vehicle valuation as one of many benefits for ACV members

The vehicle evaluation is only available to members. As a logged-in member, you can fill in your data directly in an online form and send it to the ACV.

Vehicle valuation free of charge and professional – ACV members benefit from comprehensive comparative values and market data

When selling a car, hard facts essentially play a decisive role. However, it takes expertise and knowledge to determine a realistic value that can be achieved on the market. Benefit from the many years of experience of the ACV automobil-club verkehr within the framework of a free vehicle valuation. Exclusively and only for members, you will receive a reliable assessment of the vehicle’s value in order to determine the best possible price for your used vehicle.

  • Obtain reliable values that can actually be achieved on the market in order to shape the price negotiations in your favor.
  • As a member of the ACV, you will receive a vehicle valuation free of charge and on the basis of comprehensive data materials, which will give you the current dealer purchase value.
  • Plan the sale of the used car and the new purchase of the desired vehicle realistically and in a timely manner in order to evaluate final payments or to consider a trade-in.

The best: to benefit from the free vehicle assessment, all you need to do is look at the relevant vehicle registration document. We require selected vehicle data for reliable information in order to provide you with a dealer purchase value in line with the market price. Simple, fast and guaranteed free of charge – the vehicle evaluation of the ACV exclusively for our members.

Become a member and enjoy the benefits of a vehicle evaluation

Become a member of ACV now and benefit directly from countless preferential conditions, special comfort benefits and extensive service and breakdown services. Whether it’s the first free vehicle assessment, solid route planning or competent help in an emergency – you can always rely on our expertise!

Further tips on vehicle valuation when buying a used car

Buying and selling a car is considered a matter of trust, but the pitfalls are usually in the details and can be difficult for the layman to recognize. In such cases, it is advisable to avoid unpleasant surprises and to take heed of practical tips. The free vehicle evaluation by the ACV offers you the advantage of receiving an initial, reliable set of criteria that are important for the sale of your vehicle. We offer a price range based on first registration, mileage and equipment that you can use in your negotiations. this vehicle evaluation, which is completely free of charge for you, is based on the current dealer purchase values. Benefit from the wide range of services offered by the ACV.

Alternatively: as a member of the ACV, you can benefit from exclusive discounts with ACV partners, such as TuV rheinland. By presenting your ACV club card, you will receive a 25 percent discount and a solid ACTUAL analysis of your vehicle for only 112.50 euros (regular price: 150.00 euros). Have two-wheelers and cars with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons inspected independently in Berlin, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland.

Still questions? Get to know the benefits of your ACV better and learn more about the wide range of comfort and service benefits, such as the europe-wide roadside assistance or the bicycle protection letter, which you can take advantage of as a member. We are your mobility partner for everything to do with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and motor homes! Contact us now for your individual consultation.

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