Frequently asked questions about the free baby app – faq, babyplaces

Frequently asked questions about the free baby app - faq, babyplaces

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

What is BabyPlaces??

From the changing room to the playground to the nearest pediatrician: all important places for children have a place on BabyPlaces. Parents, grandparents, childminders and fathers, in short, all those who are traveling with babies or toddlers, can use BabyPlaces to quickly and easily find out about important places near them or on the move – on the Web or via their smartphones. In addition, new seats can be actively added, which will be unlocked after a brief editorial review by the BabyPlaces team.

How can I use BabyPlaces??

With BabyPlaces you can easily search the web for places. In addition, there is also an app for the iPhone, iPad, all Android smartphones and the Windows Phone.

Who can I contact for technical problems??

For technical questions Marisa and Stevie are available by phone on 040/2841 756 12 or by email [email protected] and [email protected]!

Where can I find places everywhere??

BabyPlaces works worldwide. So far most Places and Germany and Europe are registered. But you also find first places in the USA.

How can I recommend places??

Places can easily be shared with other parents via Babyplaces. Simply fill out the form with the most important data and the space will be unlocked after a short editorial review. In the app, the recommender is intuitive, but only works if you have enabled the tracking service of the phone. In addition to the automatic marking on the map, contact details such as a telephone number and a comment can be entered.

How much does BabyPlaces cost??

Our app and our service on the web is completely free and will remain so.

Who is behind BabyPlaces??

The idea for BabyPlaces came from the Hamburg-based agency melting elements around the agency owners Tino Schulze and Steffen Kneist.

How did this idea come about??

The idea has been haunting Tino Schulze for quite some time. He and Steffen Kneist have made their own experiences as fathers with the concerns and needs of young parents. Tino Schulze: “My wife Laura and I stood on the Hamburg Rathausmarkt and urgently needed a changing place for our daughter. It was February and we had the typical bad weather in Hamburg. It was just too cold to wrap in a stroller. There began the hectic search for a suitable changing place. That can not be true, we thought. That’s how the idea for BabyPlaces came about. “In autumn 2011, the development started.

What is the core value of BabyPlaces?

“We had many ideas about what BabyPlaces should or should be able to do,” says creative director Boris Juhl. “After all, we opted for a clear function. Users should find places with BabyPlaces and share them with other parents. “First, there are existing data that users can access. Many pediatricians and cafés are already established at BabyPlaces. On the other hand, we rely on swarm intelligence: parents can create, comment, rate and share places themselves. BabyPlaces thrives on its users and gets better every day. The many small beautiful shops and cafes, which you only recognize when you drive past it with the stroller, are our true heart. The evaluation function plays a central role.

How is BabyPlaces structured??

BabyPlaces displays relevant points on a map of the environment using various self-explanatory symbols. We have designed almost 50 different icons, each category has its own icon. For this we have designed a harmonious color scheme. This is not only nice to look at, but also has a purpose: on the map, the different pins have different colors – depending on which category they belong. This makes them easily distinguishable.

What technology is behind it?

The search function should be easy to control. Our database is based on the blogging software WordPress. Every single place is a separate article. The locations can be maintained completely via the backend. Even the individual comments to the Places appear there and you can answer directly.

How many seats can already be found at BabyPlaces?

So far, around 100,000 BabyPlaces have been registered. There are more daily.

Where does the information for BabyPlaces come from??

We have many places are researched on the net or on site. On the other hand, this was often a diligent night-time phone call – for example, public transport companies, chain stores, district offices, etc. Most places come directly from our users.

Who updates the information on BabyPlaces?

To keep BabyPlaces up-to-date, the information is regularly reviewed. New entries are also verified by melting elements gmbh before they go online.

Does BabyPlaces use my data??

No! We at BabyPlaces have no interest whatsoever in transferring any private user data, as we provide you with the most important data for BabyPlaces: great kid-friendly places in your area.

But to make our app as easy as possible, it needs access to a few basic features of your device, but never on your private data:

1) Location data: In order for BabyPlaces to display your current location on the map, the app needs access to the GPS data. The GPS data is used exclusively on your device to suggest you kid-friendly places near you. Of course, these requests are never stored on our server.

2) Telephone function: For places where a phone number is stored, you can call directly to the place by a tap on the number. For this, BabyPlaces must be able to transfer the phone number to the built-in phone function.

3) E-Mail: Likewise, you can also directly send an e-mail to a place – again, only the e-mail address of the place will be forwarded to your e-mail program – nothing else.

4) Maps / Google Maps: With a tap on the address in the place detail view you can also calculate a route to the place: This will then take over the built-in Google Maps app on your Android or the map app on the iPhone. Again, just the destination address and your current location is passed to the other app within the phone so that they can calculate the route.

5) User data / Facebook: If you are just looking for or rating places, you will not be betting on a BabyPlaces account. To create new places, you have to sign up. For this you can either create a BabyPlaces account, where we only need an e-mail address and a nickname of you, or you sign up via Facebook – again, we read only your name and your Facebook email address – no further private data. In case of doubt, we do this in order to be able to allocate created places to a user – for example, a highway-street-line has already been entered – then we must be able to contact or block this user.
If you’ve signed in with Facebook, you can also post the places you like most on your timeline. This never happens automatically, but only if you explicitly tap the button “Share place on Facebook”.
Furthermore, there will be great new features in BabyPlaces in the future where you can do more than search, rate and create places.

We will never read your private data without your knowledge – we have no interest in that. Also we will be yours Never pass credentials to third parties, they serve ONLY the identification within the app and the possibility that we can contact you with important things by E-Mail.

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