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Frequently asked questions about private liability insurance

Private liability insurance General

Is a private liability insurance mandatory?

No, the law requires only the conclusion of a motor vehicle liability. From our point of view, however, it should be a personal obligation for you to take out private liability insurance. Especially if you have a family with small children, private liability insurance is essential. That is the only way they can be yours secure financial existence, because in the event of personal injury, you can very quickly be held liable for amounts of several € 100,000. A private liability insurance for an individual already exists from 30, – € per year, so use our comparison calculator.

When does the liability insurance begin when I have chosen an offer?

Your selected liability insurance will examine your application and will apply for your liability insurance upon acceptance. When the insurance cover should start, determine yourself with the desired Date in your request. For example, liability insurance can begin at the time of application or even one month later. The only prerequisite for the entry into service is the timely payment of your liability contribution. In many Previous accidents it can happen that your Liability insurance request declined becomes. Therefore, you should look for different offers in time if you bring several previous damage.

Can I claim my private liability insurance for tax purposes?

Your liability contributions are among the other pension costs recorded. There, the contributions for your health insurance are already taken into account and the maximum amount for pension costs is around 1900, – €. In this respect, the tax claim of your private liability insurance is rather relative to see.

Private liability and my personal life situation

What should I take into account when thinking about private liability insurance??

First of all, your personal, individual life situation is important. Depending on which you need one:

Also consider what flat-rate coverage sums you want to complete. We recommend in any case € 10 million for persons and property damage. Also think about whether you want to arrange a deductible. This is always useful if you want to reduce the insurance premium and do not expect to report any minor damage to your private liability insurance.

Clarify which additional services could be important for your life situation:

  • Help friends relocate, should you complacency damage lock in
  • Do you have a hobby that also requires special liability insurance, such as a drone liability insurance
  • Do you have animals in the household
  • Do you live for rent and therefore want to hedge rent damages

If you have made notes on all these topics, you can conveniently use our Personal Liability Comparison to select the most suitable and cheapest offer for you.

Is my partner automatically insured in my liability insurance??

In our comparison calculator, when asking, who would you like to insure, please Cohabitation without children An, then only Some fares displayed. A couple fare is usually cheaper than two singletons. The only requirement is that you live with your partner in a common household. If you are currently in a common household, the younger liability insurance contract can always be terminated.

Services of private liability insurance

Personal injury, what is it?

A personal injury is always present when someone is injured and in his damaged physical health becomes. If you crash with your mountain bike lost in thought with a pedestrian who crashes and thereby breaks a vortex, so they have to pay as accident causer for all costs and consequential costs of this injury lifelong. These include the medical treatment costs, as well as the rehabilitation measures, the compensation for pain and possibly a handicapped equitable conversion of the house with lifelong pension payments.

Property damage, what exactly does that mean?

Property damage is always present if you damaging or destroying foreign property. An example might be the famous whizzing of their children, which can very quickly lead to greater damage to residential real estate. But it also means the overturned glass of red wine on your neighbor’s rug. Property damage is usually not life-threatening, but it is very helpful as part of a private liability insurance in the case of the case.

Property damage, what is that again??

Always when, out of their actions another person financial disadvantage arises, one speaks of a financial loss. There are two forms of financial damage:

False financial loss

This is a financial loss that has arisen as a result of personal injury or property damage. For example, if you injure a self-employed craftsman with a personal injury and can not perform a job, the lost payment is a fake financial loss.

Real financial loss

This is not preceded by personal injury or property damage. If, for example, you accidentally block the exit of an underground car park and the residents have to take a taxi to your important date, you will have to cover the taxi costs and cover this real financial loss.

Legal protection function in private liability insurance, what does that mean?

In case of damage your private liability insurance check whether the claim for damages against them is also justified. If this is not the case, their insurance will fend off the damages, up to a legal dispute. The court costs are taken over by their liability insurance and thus they have as additional services of private liability insurance the legal protection function in the liability.

What does best performance guarantee for me?

Some providers have a so-called in their contract terms market guarantee or Bestleistungsgarantie built-in. In doing so, they want to guarantee performance that goes beyond the benefits regulated in the terms of insurance. If you submit demonstrably better service conditions from another provider, your damage will be regulated under these terms. In other words, you always have the best market performance in the contract. We recommend a close examination of this warranty, because often stand in small print many restrictions, so we have to classify the best performance guarantee as a marketing promise.

Additional services in liability insurance, what do I have to pay attention to?

Depending on your life situation, there is additional services, which should include their chosen liability insurance:

Bad debt cover

These additional services you need in any case, because if you are harmed by another person who neither owns any liability insurance nor can pay for their damage from their private assets, you will be left without any loss of cover. With it as an included benefit, you will be regulated by your own private liability insurance as if you had caused the damage yourself. This happens far more often than expected, because about one third of Germans have no private liability insurance.

rented property

If you live for rent, you should in any case have included these additional benefits to cover possible damage to the property of the landlord. Accidentally scratch the parquet with split-splits in their winter shoes, that can already be a liability property damage.

key loss

Stay in a larger rental house and there is one central locking system, Thus, the loss of the central key can trigger a change of the entire locking system. This can go in the range of several 1000, – € and should then be covered in each case your private liability insurance.

Damage to borrowed or rented property

I like to do it hotel or in the Holiday apartment, so these benefits are advised. Even if you borrow your neighbor’s craft or digital cameras, they should be replaced by their liability insurance if they accidentally fall off. In our personal liability comparison you can see all these individual additional services at a glance in the product overview. Please click on the item scope of services! At the end of the overview you will find the detailed product information sheet and a clear comparison of the different tariffs of the liability provider.

In case of damage

How do I behave in case of damage?

Basically, we do not recommend to report any small damage immediately to their liability insurance, because then they run the risk that they will be terminated very quickly. in the case of damage is in fact both contractors, policyholders and insurance providers Special right to. You then find it increasingly difficult to find a new private liability insurance with a variety of previous damage. Without liability insurance is the worst of all solutions, especially if personal injury threatens your financial well-being.

If there is a damage that you want to report, please proceed as follows:

• Contact your liability insurance immediately (private liability damage)

• Make all the necessary information truthfully

• Under no circumstances make a confession of guilt and do not pay anything in advance.

When does my personal liability pay?

If the claim for damages is examined and justified, your liability takes over the compensation. at damage to property will the value, repair or replacement. personal injury depending on the damage found up to the amount of the agreed coverage regulated.

When does my private liability insurance not pay?

In the following circumstances your private liability insurance does not provide:


If you intentionally cause damage, such as wantonly demolishing a vending machine, you must pay the damage yourself. Intentionally always means that they are the Damage with knowledge and will have caused.

Claims of insured persons among themselves

All persons jointly protected in a contract can not sue each other for damages sustained by the liability insurance.

Participation in racing events

If you take part in a bicycle race and thereby cause personal injury to a passerby, you will not protect your liability insurance

Martial Arts

If you harm another person in the context of a martial arts competition, this personal injury will not be covered by your liability insurance.

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