Fresh wind from the north

Fresh wind from the north

For the first time in the history of the CDU, a Union-led state government has spoken out in favor of introducing gay marriage. However, the federal government is primarily responsible for the ie.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the CDU, Greens and FDP have approved the draft coalition agreement for a so-called Jamaica alliance. All 36 members of the grand bargaining session agreed on Friday.

This is the first time a CDU-led state government has explicitly advocated marriage for homosexual couples; however, this can only be decided at the federal level. The prospective Minister President Daniel Gunther (CDU) had already emphasized in May that he would support gay marriage within the CDU/CSU.

Innovations in sight

The coalition agreement, which has now been published, states: "The coalition is therefore consistently committed at the federal level to ensuring that civil marriage is also opened up to same-sex couples, which of course also means full equality under adoption law."

At the same time, the new state government wants to "work for the abolition of the outdated and discriminatory ban on blood donations for homosexual and bisexual men. We also want to counter discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals in youth work."The state action plan for acceptance of diverse sexual identities in Schleswig-Holstein should therefore be continued and further developed, they said. The coalition also wants to work together to reform the law on transsexuals and personal status at the federal level.

Topic to be discussed in Berlin

The homosexual Stuttgart CDU member of the Bundestag Stefan Kaufmann praised "the fresh wind, which blows from today on from the high north into our republic". The fact that Daniel Gunther, a designated CDU minister president, is spearheading the movement for marriage for all is actually overdue, he said. The majority of the population had long been in favor of complete equality.

"I ame that this means that future coalition negotiations at the federal level will no longer be able to avoid this ie," said Kaufmann, who is counted among the "wild 13" fighting for equality in the CDU.

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