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When pediatricians tell a family, that you Child from now on and who will have severe kidney disease for life breaks one for this family world together. Suddenly nothing is as it was yesterday. Future plans have to be abandoned from one day to the next. Dialysis treatment can save life and the prospect of a transplant makes Hope, but first many dreams burst.

We want with your support Help families in this difficult time and help the child, their parents and siblings.

That is why we got together in 1990. We help families whose children are on dialysis in Münster. We do this quickly, purposefully and unbureaucratically.

You will receive one on the next pages small insight into the work done by the association and a range of medical information. In particular, we provide the Work of the psychosocial staff child dialysis and our flagship project Family leisure in front.

We would be very happy if you help with your one-time or annual donation to continue our work.

The Münster Children’s Dialysis Center

Family leisure will not take place in Norderney this year. Financing is still uncertain for next year.
Your small donation – also a bigger one – helps ten families to endure the often long time of waiting for the transplant a little easier.

She judged for the eleventh time Citizens for Münster Foundation in front of the castle citizens Brunch out. A sum of donations came from € 2053 conditions. We thank all donors and also all those who were involved in the participation of this event!

The Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
donates us an amount of 1500, – €. We thank you very much for that.

The Police Presidium in Münster and the club AFAQ e.V. supports us with a donation of 1000, – € . A big thank you.

16 prospective legal clerks at the Hansa College in Münster donated to us € 900 . We thank everyone very much for their commitment!

The Citizens for Münster Foundation would like our association with the Citizens’ brunch on September 15th in front of the castle in Münster, support through donations collected there. We are very grateful for this funding. In advance: Thanks to all donors.

The city’s youth foundation and housing donated 5,000 euros for our work. Thank you! Thank you very much!

EV Münsterland GmbH Engel & Völkers supports our association with 5000, – €. We thank you very much.


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