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You would like to become an educator and are looking for a part-time apprenticeship? Welcome to the FRÖBEL Academy!

We offer you – whether you are a career changer* or are looking for initial vocational training – the opportunity of a three-year part-time course of study with a degree as a state-approved educator, combined with part-time employment in one of our day-care centres.

We’re a school on the move.

We pursue a new learning culture, diverse learning formats and an appreciative attitude and build on trust, appreciation, relationship, responsibility and meaning.

From the very beginning we have been certified as a “school on the move”. Since 2016, it has been a change agent and network partner in the World Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) of UNESCO and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The special thing about it: theory and practice are in one hand. FRÖBEL brings many years of expertise in early childhood education to the programme. The learning locations of school and practice are optimally intertwined. Learning content, curricular development as well as the supervision and support of our students are closely coordinated by specialists in school and practice.

At our newly founded vocational school you will acquire your specialist knowledge, which you can directly apply and test in your professional activity in one of our day care centres. Part-time studies at the FRÖBEL Academy enable our students to achieve a healthy balance between their professional activities and learning phases.

Once you have successfully completed your studies, simply stay with FRÖBEL – if you like.

Start your extra-occupational technical college studies now to become a state-approved educator.

About the FRÖBEL Academy

Learning venues School and practice in close coordination

With the founding of a technical college for social pedagogy, FRÖBEL brings its expertise to the technical college studies of prospective educators. The learning locations of school and practice are optimally coordinated with each other.

Learning content, curricular development and the supervision and support of our students are jointly concerted by experts from both learning locations from the outset. A study place at the FRÖBEL Academy is therefore associated with a training place at a FRÖBEL institution – a prerequisite for the close connection of both learning locations.

FRÖBEL is thus fulfilling its responsibility towards the students and specialists of tomorrow in another respect: in the form of an overall study plan that allows students to achieve a healthy balance between work input and learning phases.

We at the FRÖBEL Akademie feel particularly committed to the guiding principle of developing potential and personality through the promotion of independence, willingness to take responsibility, resilience, teamwork and creativity.

Learning with FRÖBEL

Space for independent, self-responsible and social learning

In our classrooms there are neither desks nor rigid tables, but flexible learning islands that can be designed according to the situation. They should give us space to learn alone, in pairs or in groups. Tablets as learning aids support us in our joint work on projects and help us to share our knowledge. Above all, however, we want to feel comfortable in our classrooms.

Space for living learning

First and foremost, our classrooms are the starting point for learning through experience: project assignments, even during attendance times, make it possible to experience the expertise in the FRÖBEL facilities as an integral part and let us learn from the diversity lived in the FRÖBEL facilities. In addition, each semester learning and study groups meet regularly in practice to work together on a topic of their choice, which they then present to a review board.

Space for individual learning

With digital portfolio work, everyone can learn at their own pace.

Space for virtual learning

We meet at regular intervals in virtual classrooms during the dual phases in order to reflect on the experience gained in practice and to deepen our specialist knowledge.

Course of studies and profile

Design of the technical college studies

The technical college study begins with a five-week block phase in the school. The rest of the curriculum provides for an average of one one-week attendance phase per month at the school. In the remaining weeks the students are given practical training at the learning location or individual days are dedicated to the study groups, individual learning and learning in the virtual classroom. The overall study plan is compatible with a job size of 50% (20 h) to 60% (24 h).

Focus and profile teaching

FRÖBEL already takes into account special focal points in its studies at technical colleges. In addition to working with children under the age of three as a cross-disciplinary task across all fields of learning, these are also special focuses of FRÖBEL: Language promotion as well as media and nature education as profile lessons. Health maintenance through meditation, mindfulness exercises, yoga and nutrition is practised as a core competence right from the start.

The subject-specific learning fields are:

  • “Further development of professional identity and professional perspectives” (160 UE)
  • “Shaping pedagogical relationships and working pedagogically with groups” (240 UE)
  • “Perceiving, Understanding and Promoting Inclusion in Living Environments and Diversity” (240 units) with the Learning Area Communication and Language (120 units)
  • “Professionally design social pedagogical educational work in the educational areas” (600 units) with the learning areas “Aesthetic area” (120 units) and “Natural science and technology area” (120 units)
  • “Shaping educational partnerships with parents and caregivers and supporting transitions” (160 UE)
  • “Develop institution, team and quality and cooperate in networks” (160 UE)
  • Profile teaching language promotion (100 UE)
  • Profile lessons (400 lessons)

(Total: 2400 teaching units)

The FRÖBEL-Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik trains according to the legal requirements of the state of Berlin.

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