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The Froggy BCS01 is a long-term car seat that grows with groups I, II and III. In the following we took a closer look at the model.

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1. Equipment and special features

The Froggy child seat is from an age from about nine months to the age of 12 usable (9 – 36 kg). In addition to the car seat, the scope of delivery also includes the German Froggy BCS01 instructions, in which the individual setting options are explained in detail.

The others characteristics of the Froggy BCS01 at a glance:

  • seat belt system individually adjustable
  • Side impact protection through extra padding
  • upholstery in the head and seat area, on the armrests and sides
  • individually adjustable headrest
  • tested according to ECE R44 / 04 (EU safety regulation)
  • approx. 35 cm wide seat, Dimensions approx. 49 x 51 x 67 cm
  • Attachment with belt system, not isofix capable.

2. Processing

The processing of the seat is rather compared to higher-priced seats mittelwertig. In some reviews, therefore, criticism of the, according to the experience of some buyers, comes partially somewhat thin padding on. On the other hand, that’s positive low weight of the seat and the associated simple change from car to car.

The Polyester covers are robust and hard-wearing. They can be easily cleaned at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle and can even be used on both sides.

Buyers particularly like that sporty design of the seat and the bright colors. At Amazon you can choose between the following six color alternatives choose: blue, brown, gray, pink, red and black.

3. Result & quality

When manufacturing the seat, Froggy took care to produce a seat at an unbeatable price. Neither security nor comfort should suffer. In addition to the convenience, the buyer also tests the missing Isofix function faulted. Many customers therefore recommend the Froggy BCS01 as a second seat to buy. Due to its weight, it is easy to take with you even on air travel.

However, it is also very common to read that the BCS01 is used as a permanent headquarters. According to the experience of many customers, it is absolute sufficient for the daily short distances.

4. Conclusion: Unbeatable in price

With a price of 49.99 euros is the Froggy car seat BCS01 one of the cheapest on the market. On unbeatable price, where you can’t go wrong. After all, the Froggy BCS01 complies with all safety requirements. The Accordingly, the price-performance ratio is very good.

The majority of the 430 customers on Amazon agree on the ratings of the Froggy BCS01 and rate the seat with an average of 3.9 out of five possible stars.

price comparison

€ 49.99 free shipping To offer "
€ 45.99 free shipping To offer "

Technical details

model Froggy BCS01
to offer To offer "
on Amazon
430 ratings
Standard group The standard groups are defined by the test standards ECE-R 44/03 and ECE-R 44/04 fixed and based on body weight.

since 2013 there is the new test standard ECE-R 129, i-size, which determines the suitability of the seats according to body size.

I / II / III
9 to 36 kg i-Size approval i-Size (UN ECE-Reg. 129) is a new child seat approval for the Norm groups 0, 0+ and I.

From September 2017 new child seats are only approved according to this standard.

Children must be in i-size seats up to 15 months backwards sit.

Important innovation: Seats according to the i-size standard are selected according to the size of the child. The division into weight classes is omitted.


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