From 2 years: gabi scherzer – how the snow got its color (for narration)

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From 2 years: Gabi Scherzer – How the snow got its color (for storytelling)

Why is the snow white? How did he get his color? Did the grass give it its color? Or the violet? Or the rose? This Macedonian fairy tale tells the story of colors, winter and parts.

In cooperation with Don Bosco Verlag, the artist and educator Gabi Scherzer developed the narrative track as a tool for free storytelling, as a form of paper theater that is widely used in kindergarten, primary school or in child and youth work.
Gabi Scherzer not only invented the narrative track as modern equipment of the narrative theater, but also developed numerous templates for narrative pieces such as the one to be discussed here: "How the snow got its color".
The fairy tale comes from Macedonia. The snow, invisible like the wind, is saddened by its colorlessness. On his journey he asks the grass if it shares its green color with it. It says no. Violets, roses and other flowers also react. Will the snow get another color? And what happens to the plants that didn’t give him anything?
The fairy tale fits wonderfully in the outgoing winter or spring. It is a quiet but haunting fairy tale. Sharing, empathy and consequences of behavior are treated as topics. It is also suitable as an introduction to the Color in Kindergarten project.
Gabi Scherzer does not only offer the fairy tale as a text template for the narrative track. No, there is much more in the brochure. She has prepared the fairy tale for the narrative track in a variety of ways. On the one hand you get the finished figure templates, on the other hand you also get blanks, which you yourself, for example, with tracing paper (from the children) shape can leave. Here the figures shine especially. It is a good occasion to talk to children about light, the use of light and how it works. It also addresses the end of winter and the beginning of spring: which flowers are blooming? Why do they bloom? What are they useful for? How does cold, ice, snow feel? These questions can be discussed with the children using the fairy tale.
Gabi Scherzer initially gives a brief introduction to what the narrative track can be used in the family, in kindergarten or at school: as an aid to free storytelling, as a play location, as a paper theater, as part of the season table. She illustrates the possible uses with photos. Then there is an introduction to the fairy tale for the adult narrator: a summary gives valuable information for the implementation and the mode of action when playing or the resonance with the children. Then she explains how the narrative track works from the narrator’s clothing, attitudes, rituals when narrating. Here it becomes clear that the narrative track, like Kamishibai, is a narrative theater. It is wanted and required for a good implementation to work with the voice, with the figures, possibly with sound, noises. This is here creative Potential to cast a spell over the audience. Finally there is the fairy tale with stage directions. Clear, clear photos show how to put the figures.
All steps are well thought out and clearly described. The photos help visually. Quickly recognizes you do that Potential of the narrative track or fairy tale for the topics of color, sharing and empathy. The many tips for playing and using the material booklet make the material helpful and valuable. The narrative track is not only used for adults as a tool to tell stories to children outside of reading the book. No, the children themselves also have a lot of creative potential, from their own figure design to their own performance, actively telling the story of "How the snow got its color" to tell. May the story line and this fairy tale be used in many kindergartens and schools!

Gabi Scherzer – How the snow got its color. A winter fairy tale with figures and backdrops to cut out for the narrative track
Don Bosco Verlag, Munich 2018
ISBN: 978-3769823844
Illustrations and photos: Gabi Scherzer
Features: 16 pages, double backdrop and figure template ready or for creative own design
Price: 10 €
Age recommended by the publisher: from 2 years

You can find a sample here.
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