From 4 years: britta teckentrup – moon

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From 4 years: Britta Teckentrup – moon. A journey through the night

The moon shines at night. What happens to the animals at night? Why do turtles need the moon? What does the moon have to do with the sea? Travel through the night with the moon and marvel at the wonders of nature!

Britta Teckentrups size The strength as a children’s book author is the artistic picture book. With strong picture scenes and rhymes, she manages to empathize with the children about natural phenomena, indeed the wonders of nature. After the bees, she now has the picture book at arsEdition "Moon. A journey through the night" submitted, which is recommended for children from 4 years. The title says it all. The children travel through the night with the moon, as it stands on the cover image in the classic semicircle. Do all animals sleep? No, because the foxes, the eagle owl and the deer already prove the opposite on the cover. The children travel to the desert and feel the hoped-for coolness of the night. You see scorpions glowing blue. You travel to the north and discover the northern lights. You travel to the sea and find out what the moon has to do with the enormous amount of water. You travel to the penguins, to the turtles, you see a rainbow in the moon Jungle and even more. It is a fantastic trip around the world, in all areas and regions. Teckentrup shows how lively the night is, how many animals need the moon to survive. It shows its radiant power. And at the very end she shows the way full of love for the child what it should do at night.
Even if the moon is in the center of the book, it is about the night with its vitality. Teckentrup shows the miracle of the night in a strong artistic and emotional way. She encourages the children to observe nature with curiosity, to look behind the visible of the day. She attaches great importance to correctly presenting natural phenomena to the children. It does not go through detailed factual information, on the contrary, with a rhymed two-line and large-format picture scenes, it shows the natural wonder objectively correct, but full of artistic power. This way she reaches the children on an emotional, curious level.
As always, Teckentrup works with her typical style of collage work and the abstract representation of animals and nature. The moon is central to the illustrations. With the peephole technique he shines through the pages, first increases, then it is a full moon, suddenly becomes a new moon (here the structure of the book is completely illogical) and then decreases. It literally shines in its bright, yellowish sheen and acts like a magnet, which it is also in nature. He also gives light to the rest of the scene. Despite the tendency towards abstraction, Teckentrup worked very precisely here: the glowing blue scorpion, the turtles, the aurora, the rainbow of the moon, the fireflies on the new moon night – everything seems realistic. You see a lot of details, you see the liveliness of the night.
With her artistic picture book "Moon. A journey through the night" Britta Teckentrup invites children on a fantastic journey into nature. She shows the wonders of the night with affection, she touches, she amazes, she sharpens the observation. Very well done!

Britta Teckentrup – moon. A journey through the night
Verlag arsEdition, Munich 2018
ISBN: 978-3845818917
Illustration: Britta Teckentrup
Features: 32 pages, hardcover
Price: 15 €
Reading age recommended by the publisher: from 4 years

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