From missed flights and bursting dreams

From missed flights and broken travel dreams

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The trip to the UK is planned, you look forward to it for weeks – and then you get sick. It does not help, the trip has to be canceled. Are you familiar with that? Anyway, this has happened to me a few times already and unfortunately at a time when I was still thoughtless, I probably would not need travel cancellation insurance. From missed concerts, burst island dreams and why a travel cancellation insurance just worth it.

Not only since I have this Great Britain blog, I visit the UK several times a year. Some trips I make relatively spontaneously – such as when I hear of any event in which I absolutely want to be there, such as the London Pizza Run. Yes, it really exists! I will report on it. I book other trips for months in advance because I’m pretty sure I want to be in the UK on certain dates.

Lessons learned: self-care instead of travel at any price

But whoever travels knows too: you have to be fit for that. At least that’s how I feel, because I never want to be sick in a plane or tied to a bed in a hotel room while the bear is sitting outside. When I’m sick, I need my couch, my hot water bottle and my usual environment.

While I bravely took every trip bravely in recent years, I do not do that anymore. Keyword: self-care. Or even: “I’m too old for the Sch ***.” That’s why it can happen that I drop a planned trip to the UK, if I’m not in good health. That may be a pity at the moment, but in the long run it’s just smart. As you get older you become wiser!

Because I get annoyed about the missed trip, I do not want to mourn the nice money that I threw out to the window. The solution of the problem? The wonderful invention called travel cancellation insurance. For just a few euros, I can just secure myself against high cancellation costs. How exactly I do this with my partner CosmosDirekt, I explain to you in this article.

But now I want to let you participate in my remarkable collection of missed trips to the UK and elsewhere.

Missed Travel: my unaccompanied trips

Mind you, these trips did not take place, and that was an era when I did not have travel cancellation insurance. I could just get excited about my naivety back then … but no matter, may I proudly present:

Missed Journey # 1: Isle of Wight

At some point I received a message from Instagram about a follower, whose great pictures of the Isle of Wight I had often commented on. She told me that a while ago she had moved from Berlin to the small island off England’s southern coast. To my great joy, she offered to visit her there once.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too first, but when I realized that she was a pretty good friend of a very nice friend, I accepted the invitation with thanks.

The Isle of Wight, as the name implies, is an island. And because it can often be quite foggy in February, the ferry or the hovercraft boat does not fall out so often. That’s why I also booked two nights in London. Just to have a secure buffer.

Shortly before the flight from Berlin to London-Gatwick it had caught me – and really. What first felt “only” after a fever with slackness and indefinable pain at the level of my flanks, turned out to be washed out pyelonephritis. I barely made it from the bed to the shower. Not even in the dream in this condition was to think of a flight, let alone a trip by ferry to an English island.

I had to cancel the trip to the Isle of Wight with a heavy heart, in the short term, which is why I did not get a single penny refund from either the unaccompanied flight or the canceled hotel booking. The only good thing was that during the time of the illness I looked at the entire four seasons of “Coupling”, like the British version of “Friends”.

2nd missed trip # 2: London

Okay, London is really only a few hours flight from Berlin, and actually it is not a drama if you miss a trip there. Can you catch up, or?

You just can not. At least not the occasion of the trip, because the reason for the trip was the very last concert of a band, which should then dissolve forever. The band is the legendary Carter USM and I got one of the coveted tickets for the “last ever show” at the Brixton Academy. Not even a renal pelvic inflammation could stop me from watching this concert. “Okay,” thought my body, then we’ll choose something else, so that the good times shorter and makes a few days break. How about a herniated disc??

It took quite a while for me to listen to Carter USM again without becoming wistful. And now of course I hope for a reunion!

Two trips that never took place, and three times a sunk travel fund. Well, if I had a cancellation insurance at the time, I would not have had to worry so much about the financial loss. But we know: would have had, bicycle chain. From now on, I’ll just make it better and have provided in case of need (although I’m knocking three times on wood because it will soon be back to a half marathon, this time in Hastings).

Advantages of a travel cancellation insurance

The benefits of a travel cancellation insurance are obvious: If there are certain reasons, such as an injury through an accident or a sudden, serious illness, then the cost will be refunded in case of cancellation.

Because with booked travel, hotel accommodation and flights, things are like this: The tour operator, the airline or the accommodation determines what the conditions for a refund are. Mostly the time of the resignation is decisive. If you cancel early, you’ll be lucky enough to get back up to 100% of the cost. But it is seldom known so far in advance whether one will be ill at the time of the journey and can not compete. Anyone who, like me, suddenly has a herniated disc, has to cancel the trip at short notice and then, without travel cancellation insurance, may only get back half of the travel price – and in the worst case, nothing at all.

What does the travel cancellation insurance cover??

Incidentally, travel cancellation insurance covers not only package holidays but also parts of an individually arranged trip. For example, the flight, ship / ferry or train ticket can be reimbursed. The hotel accommodation and booked rental cars or leisure activities also covers the travel cancellation insurance.

Which trip cancellation insurance is right for me and you?

Before you decide on a travel cancellation insurance, you should compare. Various factors play a role, such as whether you prefer a tariff with or without deductible prefer. Just as important is the travel region – whether and how long Britain will remain part of the EU and whether other conditions apply in the case of a Brexit remains to be seen.

Personally, I opted for a year-long policy because I travel a lot and do not want to make a decision every time I travel. With the travel cancellation insurance of CosmosDirekt there is no limit on the duration of the annual travel insurance or the number of trips, which is very convenient for spontaneous travelers like me.

By the way: Even if you become ill after the trip and you have to stop the trip because of a sudden illness, you are on the safe side with CosmosDirekt. The travel interruption insurance is included as a supplement in the travel cancellation insurance.

Stay healthy!

All I can do now is to wish you good health – so that all your travel plans come true! And I would like to know if you have ever missed a trip because of illness – and if you have made up for it at some point. Because, one thing is for sure: The Isle of Wight will definitely get to see me!

Transparency: This article is a cooperation with CosmosDirekt.

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